Letter(s) from Ekaterina Nozoeva to Tony (USA)

Letter 1

Good afternoon tony !!!
I am very glad, that you have written to me on mine email. It is very pleasant for me. I feel very well and my mood very good. Because you have not left me without the answer which I very strongly waited! How your day? I hope, that at you all is good. You do not pay attention, but now I not much, I worry. Because I am afraid at once it is not pleasant to you. I was born 1980, on December, 30 I live with my mum. We live in the house. Daddies at me are not present. As to me I not when was not for the husband and I do not have children. As I have what harmful habits, I do not smoke and I do not take alcoholic drinks. My character very simple, to all things I concern very well, and always I perceive them seriously. As I do not love the noisy companies. My growth 170, and weight 50. I try to hold always the figure because it is very important for my beauty. And I hope, that you understand me as the woman. I was taught perfectly and I have the red diploma. I was taught by a trade the manager. The ambassador the termination of university, I have gone to work in one not the big company and me very much it is pleasant to work by the trade. I as studied some languages at once it is English, Is French. Because presently it is very important to know these languages. What can you tell to me about yourself my friend tony ? I shall tell to you at once that I use a computer not houses, and I go to the Internet of cafe. And I can write to you only my letters, and at me was not present msn and other programs to correspond. But I hope, that we with you shall learn each other gradually. You at once have liked me, and I hope, that at us with you all to turn out. I hope, that you send to me the photo and tell about yourself. tony I shall wait for your letter.
Your friend from Russia Ekaterina.

Letter 2

Hi my friend tony !!!
Today at me really fine day. At me such feeling, that during today at me will manage to make all beautifully. Because at me good mood. I today very well slept. Weather in the street good. The sun shines and the strong wind blows not. At home at me everything is all right, my mum too today was in good mood. In the morning when we with it have woken up she has prepared for a breakfast. I drink tea and ate a sandwich. Then I have taken a shower. Then I have gone for work. tony tell to me as your day today began? How your mood? I would like to wish at once you successes for today and to wish good luck. I hope, that your day will pass well. It becomes valid to me to speak very pleasantly every day with you. I see, how you appreciate all that that I speak you, and I hope, that today, you will begin concerns to me and to our beginning attitudes more seriously. Because I do not want to break your heart, and I do not want, what you as have admitted. I would like to tell to you about my family and relatives. I shall start to speak you about my mum because it is the most dear in a life for me the person. My mum is called Natalia Nikolaevna, it with 48 years already. Its health very good. She works at confectionery factory, as 27 years. She works, as the main instructor. She with the great pleasure goes for the work because she very much is pleasant to it. I very much respect my mum because at any moment she can calm me, I can speak very openly with it, and I completely trust it, because I know, that at any moment she can support me. My mum for me the unique and unique person whom I shall always store because she has given me a life and has presented happiness. My mum has sister, she lives not far from city. Our family is considered very amicable because we always and everywhere go together. All this I can tell about mine family. tony tell to me, what you think of our family? As I would like that you too have told to me about the family because for me it is very important to know about your family. What do you like to do most of all in a life? You like your way of life which you live? tony I hope, that you will read my letter soon and as you learn about my family. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. The girlfriend Ekaterina.

Letter 3

Hi tony.
I am very glad to see your letter today. Today at me as well as always excellent mood because we with you develop our attitudes. At home at me everything is all right. Today at us weather cloudy. I do not love such weather, in such weather to me most of all is pleasant to sit an at home and to be engaged in domestic affairs!
Last night, when we with mum sat at supper we have started talking about me. I have told to mum, that I have met worthy the man it you tony with which it will be very good me. At my mum the smile on the person has appeared, and she has asked me that I to it have told about you. I have told to mum, what you the person in a life as you drive yourself and as you concern to me. It was very pleasant for my mum to listen to me. tony tell to me as your affairs and how your mood? Every day we with you go to open the friend before the friend, to be completely accessible the friend for the friend. And I hope, that you agree with me. We with you should when not that to hide from each other, we should speak always as is actually. This on much more pleasant for us with you. As I would like to tell to you that I have some good friends. When we gather we very well and beautifully carry out our rest. I like to carry out most of all this rest where be behind city. Because there very beautifully and there very fresh air. As with friends we sometimes go to theatre or at cinema. I very much like my way of life. But for happiness I do not have not enough present love, the man which will be with me a beside. tony and I hope, that we with you can really achieve that we want. It is very pleasant for me to learn about you new and to go further. As I would like that you have told about the friends and as you spend time!!! I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Your girlfriend Ekaterina.

Letter 4

Good afternoon, road tony!
It is very pleasant for me to learn about your friends. Thanks that you have told to me. My day today began well. And my mood now very good. Thanks you, that you give me time every day to write letters. It is very pleasant for me. At home at me everything is all right. How your affairs, how your mood and how your day tony? It is very pleasant for me, that every day we with you become closer to each other. I really want, that between us there were serious and long attitudes, because it is my purpose in a life to construct family. And I have met you, and you very much like me. You are valid not usual the man because I see in you very beautiful qualities, likely at one men of them are not present. I can is valid tell with confidence, that I can trust you and I hope, that you too can support me in any situation. I wish to tell to you that to you I to concern as to the future husband and I wish To you to give birth to the beautiful child. My mum is very glad that we Have met. I have told to mum about that that I wish to arrive and be to you with You. My mum only is glad for me.
tony and you can on me will rely? What do you think of me? Please, you speak everything because for me it is very important to hear from you it. And as I would like to ask you, you trust me? Day after day passes also our hearts reflect that can take place that can not take place. I speak it to that I simply am afraid not much of the future because I do not want to suffer, I already once felt it and I any more do not want that so have repeated. I hope, that we shall go and not when does not hurry up with our attitudes. Because we have a lot of time to speak with each other. And I hope, that you agree with me tony. I do not want to stop our attitudes, I want, that we with you now began a new stage of our attitudes. I speak it to that we already as though have more in detail learned each other and we already can now speaks and certainly to tell that have not told yet each other. But all currents we should understand all already. I hope to hear from you everything, that at you is now to tell to me. It will be very pleasant for me to hear it from you tony. I shall look forward to your answer.
Your girlfriend Ekaterina.

Letter 5

Hi lovely mine tony!!!
It is very pleasant for me, that ours with you attitudes have passed that stage ours acquaintances. Certainly in the first letters we learned about each other in more more in detail, we now are familiar with you. And I very much like to speak with you every day. You for me are very expensive. Because I have already got used to you. And I realize, that we with you now do between us. My day today began well, and my mood too very good now because there is you at me tony.
Weather in the street good, shines the sun. Last night, I went to cinema with girlfriends, to us was very cheerful. Home I have returned already late. My mum in the order. Dear mine, how your day? How your affairs on work? I hope, that at you too all is good. Than you last night were engaged? tony it is very pleasant for me, that every day we with you approach and opened completely the friend before the friend. In ours attitudes the main thing to create trust and understanding, and other all will be good or itself will be gradually appear. And I hope, that you agree with me. I always am accessible to you, and you can speak with me on any theme. And in a life, for me not the main thing sex, and for me the main thing to create good and amicable family. I every night almost think of it when to me this beautiful idea will come, that day when I can embrace the beloved and to be with them on always number. Very big and I plan my dreams of that for earlier because time still is, and is simple can that be up to and to take place. I hope, you understand about what I to you I speak now. tony tell to me, that you now think what I to you have told? Your parents or friends know about ours with you attitudes? If yes, that they think of it? Dear it is simple for me very important as will be concerns to me your close friends or relatives. My mum of very good opinion on you, and she speaks and that we with you can achieve love between the friend the friend hopes. And I too in it believe. And you believe what at us with you all turns out as we with you want it? I AM READY TO LEAVE RUSSIA AND TO ARRIVE TO YOU TO AMERICA. I WISH TO BE WITH YOU In YOUR COUNTRY. My MUM ONLY WILL be glad FOR us THAT we TOGETHER.
I hope to you it was pleasant to learn that I at present think of ours with you of the attitude and as about you. And I as would like to hear it from you because it is very important. I wish you tony carries out good day today. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Your girlfriend Ekaterina.

Letter 6

Hi my dear tony!!!
My day today began that I when have woken up to me it was necessary to prepare for a breakfast as my mum today left earlier for work. But not that for it has not prevented me as well to prepare. As I spoke you, that I very well too am able to prepare on kitchen. But, when yesterday I went to bed, I thought of us with you about our attitudes. Because I really test fear that you copy in parallel to other women, and speak him too most, as me. Lovely mine, but have sat you you speak, that by it not so I shall trust you in words because my heart lays to you, and you already likely see mine attitudes to you. Lovely mine tony I wanted to learn from you, how your affairs, and how your mood? Dear mine I hope, that you will calm me words and will make so that at me simply should what ideas on it. Lovely mine I hope, that you not when do not admit to hurt me or to break my heart, I in any ways can prove, that I really real and my words not empty to you. And you should trust that I speak you tony. Dear I would like now really to discuss and start to think of the future because ours with you attitudes every day become more and more and more strong. And I very much get used to you. I really feel on much confident with you, and I understand, that you do all for our attitudes. You for me are very strongly expensive also I want when to lose you. I hope, that we with you shall not be to stop before anything and we shall achieve every day the best that with you it was good us together.
I wrote to you about that that I wish to arrive to you to America and to build with You of the attitude. I wish to give birth to you to beautiful children and to have with you Happy family.
Lovely mine tony I hope, that it is really possible to expect for you, that we with you shall not miss our future together, and I hope, that you me will support and divide with me the pleasure. I miss on you lovely tony. Your expensive girlfriend from Russia Ekaterina!

Letter 7

Hi my dear tony.
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter. In your words a lot of pleasure and hopes really disappears. Your letters bring a lot of love to me, you have simply won my heart yourself. My day passes well, and my mood too good. How your day dear? At you all is good?? tony loved, so it is pleasant for me to hear from you about your feelings to me, and it proves, that we with you are really worthy each other. I have very much got used to you and only before you I can open completely, I know, that you can trust, that is possible to rely on you, and I hope, that you can always support me. I am grateful to destiny, that she with you has presented us this moment in a life to find each other, and really to fall in love, then to create attitudes. tony I wish to arrive and be to you with you. I today to go in Travel agency and all to learn about a trip to you.
We with you always should make any decision together, road if you have what that questions to me that you ask, I certainly answer you. Because I want to make as it is possible better for us with you, and that you would know, that I want to be with you. For this time I have understood the feelings and I want that to hide from you because it is very important for me that you knew, that I think, that I want. I love you tony. Lovely, certainly I speak you it completely understanding our situation, that we with you far apart, but all currents, even so I can tell it to you so openly. As it is very pleasant for me, that every day we with you go to achieve this love that then will meet and to be together that in reality already all to prove each other. Simply and you understand probably, that through the Internet we with you cannot speak and prove all in words all this, and in a reality at us with you we shall be on much greater opportunities to change all this. And I hope, that you agree with me. tony I now was completely convinced that you with me want to construct the the further life. And we should not miss such chance with you, we should will grasp our future, and to go further. I love you tony. Dear you believe in our future? I shall think of you, I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Your girlfriend Ekaterina.

Letter 8

It is very pleasant for me to read your letter now. Dear I at me is very good news to you. I wanted to tell to you, that I learned the full information, about my trips to you. My mood today good, weather at us is simple so quickly varies. How your affairs tony? How is the weather at you? Lovely mine I already today was in the Internet of cafe to obtain your data. When I have read your letter, it was very pleasant for me to hear from you that you can really help me. And when I have gone to travel agency I was confident that I learn all. When I have come to them to agency I at once have found the operator. We have sat down a table to speak, I allowed to it your data which I knew. Me have there and then asked with what purpose I shall arrive to you I all have told, that I shall arrive to you what to be with you. To come to you in (USA), for me it will be necessary to make documents. Into documents enter - the international passport, the visa and the insurance. The visa will be given to me for 90 days from the date of his reception. As these documents will do during 2 - 3 weeks. So I can expect for your help, and we can be with you within 3 months together. It most of all pleases me. But as I need to pay for these services in agency 1650 $. The visa - 280 $, the international passport - 160 $ and the insurance - 80 $. And 2 tickets aboard the plane 1130 $ . And after I shall legalize my papers, to me I shall allow the information on my ticket. Lovely mine tony certainly very much now it is not convenient for me before you, but nevertheless, I do not have choice how to address for the help to you. Loved mine tell to me now precisely, you can make transfer of money to me in the sum 1650 $, for my documents? Simply, when I now shall go home, I shall learn the information as for you it will be better to make transfer of money to me. Well??? tony I hope, that you agree with me. Dear I hope, that you completely understand, that our meeting only in your hands. And I hope, that you will not leave me. And when we with you shall be together, we shall be very happy. Because I really want to divide with you all other life. I am very strong at strongly you I like and I miss on you my love! I hope, that as you receive my letter, you will write to me. Your loved Ekaterina!

Letter 9

Hi my the most favourite tony! I so am happy having received your letter and as to read your letter, for me always the big pleasure! How you have affairs, how your work and what at you mood road? I'm fine, because I frequently think about our meetings and these dreams to me cheer up! I now only try, that all to make for our meeting and that I to you have arrived without problems and is fast as the fly! You want, that I to you have arrived quickly as the fly lovely tony? I already all time grieve without you and is simple I can not, so it would be desirable on to arrive more likely to you and to be with you together! We with you shall be together simply happy also lives joyful! I as after your read letter, began the big pleasure because I have read all your letter attentively and as all has understood, that you have written to me in the letter! I so am now happy, that you to me will do the help and, that I with yours the help shall do to myself trip to arrive to you because without you I simply could not pay to myself and you likely it, too understand my dear tony! As I spoke you, that I shall go in bank to learn about the company of transfer of money to me to Russia, and I have made it. I descended in bank and all have learned, now I write to you the letter and I try to explain correctly to you all that you have sent money to me without problems and that I have received your money too without problems. I have come to bank which is not far from Internet - cafe and spoke with the manager about the company of transfer of money. It to me has named the company of transfer of money to Russia " the Western Union ".
You sometime heard about such company or know its loved tony? It as has explained all to me for this company as has shown all papers and documents of this company, that is the company works quickly and without problems. I was convinced of it and I have decided, that we with you shall use the company the Western Union. You not against? I want to tell to you, that I am serious and close to this have considered also all have checked up for this company well because I understand, that money not small and and sent that transfer of money should pass perfectly so I ask you that you have trusted in me of money through the Western Union my lovely tony! It is the company many years and as she is in each country, staff and city so you can work, do not worry at you too there is this company, and you should find simply her if you do not know where at you the company the Western Union. Well tony? As the manager of bank has explained to me, how to you to send money through the Western Union and just as to receive to me your money! I want to tell to you, that you should go in bank of the Western Union and take the form about transfers of money. In the form you should fill in the data and as my data. That to you to send money to me, you need to fill in my data:
1. A name - Ekaterina
2. A surname - Nazoeva
3. The country -Russia
4. City Yoshkar-Ola

All this my full nameplate data which you should fill in the form. As I want to tell to you, that you should fill in all data without mistakes and is close, because the manager has told, that if there will be what that not the big mistake I can not receive money so I very much ask you that you filled in the form very closely! Well loved tony? To receive your money correctly, also it is necessary for me to know all your full data which you will fill in the form for sending money through the Western Union. I need to know for reception of your money:
1. A full name
2. A full surname
3. The country
4. City from which you sent money
5. The full address
6. Post code
7. The exact sum of money which you have sent
8. Number of a remittance - MTCN You should send me all these exact data that I have filled in all without problems and without mistakes and have received your money! In sending money number of a remittance is very important, it refers to MTCN. MTCN will consist of 10 figures and to you should give this number of a remittance when you will send me because I shall receive your money on your data full and as under this number of translation MTCN. I hope, that you have understood all, that I have written to you and, that I have explained to you! I hope for you, that you will make all correctly and without problems my dear tony! I as want to explain to you, that we now should not postpone time because at me all for trip is ready, only it is necessary to me to pay all and as to receive everything, that it is necessary for me for trip. When I shall have all on hands for trip, I as without problems sit in the plane and I fly to you the fly that will meet you and to be with you beside. When you think of our meeting so it is pleasant that would not be desirable stop at all to speak about us and about our meeting! You agree with me tony? At us with you all will turn out and shortly we with you shall be near to the friend the friend and as we shall kiss and embrace each other! We with you shall be the happiest in a place because our love is strong and we will have with you a lot of happiness! Love has trusted in me! I stop to write the letter, and now I shall wait from you for a fast reply and as new news. I hope, that you will soon make transfer of money through the Western Union and as quickly to me you will inform about it and will write to me the information on receptions of your money! I am very strong on you I miss and is very strong at strongly you I like my love tony! I wish you fine day and as cheerful mood my lovely! With love your loved on always Ekaterina.

P.S: In our city there is a nation mari. This nation has tradition. To connect destiny of 2 loving hearts him it is necessary to make the following. The first in the house of the man should come the woman. She should get acquainted with His relatives. Only after that the man can come in the house of the woman and To get acquainted with its relatives and to look at its house where she grew. If The first in the house of the woman will come the man. About the woman will speak very much Poorly. On it will show all a finger and to speak poorly about family. From the woman its relatives can turn away even. Because we watch for Tradition. I think you of me understand.

Letter 10

Hi loved mine tony.
Dear every day I understand that we with you come further with ours of the attitude more and more. Certainly it is very pleasant for me, that you so well concern to me that you can really support me now. But you understand, that us with you we divide thousand kilometers between the friend the friend, and likely you conceive how all this to result in a reality. tony my affairs today go well. How your affairs? Lovely mine I started the letter from those words that you have paid attention, on that that now we should concerns more seriously because at the given stage of development of our attitudes we is solved with you the future, and much now depends on it very much. I hope, that you understand me. Loved tony I try now to you to tell, that we already with you have learned enough each other because I think, that through the Internet we with you do not learn the greater and we shall not see, and you should with me will agree now. Because I speak correctly. I spoke you about the tradition and my mum will be against that that you To me have arrived. Why you do not want that I to you have arrived????? Than More quickly you to me to help those we shall be faster we. You speak that it Dearly I have found the cheapest tourist package in the USA because were And is more dear. To me it will be very pleasant if you will help me also I to you with Pleasure has arrived.
And for me the main thing that you understood me at present in everything, from it depends our future. Tell to me please tony fairly how your close and native concern to our attitudes, and what they think of us with you? Lovely mine it is very important for me, that from your party of me very seriously would perceive, I do not want to do a love mistake in a life, and you should understand, that I do not want to suffer, and to remain without you. Our love with you is not limited also we should build it and create the future on real events, and on real actions. And not when it is not necessary to postpone time to make that be, and it is necessary to try all. tony tell to me please the opinion on it!!! My mum very much respects and appreciates you because I have shown you to the mum only from the good party and even if we with you do our meeting in your country my mum only will be glad for us with you because she understands, that if to do a meeting in Russia, it is very dangerous to us with you as I spoke you, that in Russia very much do not love foreigners. I ask you tony consider to that I speak you very seriously and think all. I hope, that I have not offended you not than in my letter, I want to make for us the best, most strong happiness between me and you. I very much want to hear your opinion. I love you tony. I shall miss also I shall think that you can tell to me about it. Whole it is gentle. Your loved Ekaterina.