Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Jurkiv to Jorgen (Denmark)

Letter 1
Greetings my darling. I today have some money to see mail. Excuse, that I so long did not write to you. But, I at all did not have money even on meal. I have sold a ring, but to me have given very few money, as a breakage. My darling I now have no house the Internet. As I needed to pay repair of the Internet of 250 dollars. And 50 dollars in time lead on the Internet!!!! My darling, you do not think, that I do not try to get a job. I wrote to you in sms on your phone. I worked as all this time, but me have deceived and, have not paid for my work of money. I am very afflicted!!! I wished to help you, and it has appeared, that have not managed!!!!! I now again search for work, I check their documentation that me again have not deceived!!!! My darling, I very much ask you help me. I now do not have money for meal!!! My darling I need to pay even for study!!!!! My darling, I know, that I again to you address on the account of money. But my darling, me is not present to whom more to address!!!!! I on you very much miss!!! I shall try to find work, but it is very heavy!!!! I you the whole!!!
Letter 2
Greetings my darling!!! How your business? How you feel yourself??? How you have celebrated holidays??? How are your parents??? My darling, excuse, that to you to have to experience because of me!!! But, you that the man to which, I can address!!!! I hope you me understand. My darling, I wish to ask, how felt by your parents???? They casually are not ill???? Learn my darling, and write to me!!!! I shall wait!!!!! To me there came the girlfriend from America, it sent the regards to you!!!!! Also came Luda from Kiev, It has missed the husband, it has offended it, and has told to collect things!!!! Now it does not have either an apartment, or money, also work too is not present!!!! It forbade to it to work. It has remained one!!!! I spent holidays on work, but me have deceived, and have not paid money for my work!!!! My darling I try to borrow myself study, but to me is very heavy!!!! As I do not have money even on fine charges!!! My darling as at you weather??? At us now warmly 12 degrees of heat!!!!! My darling to me is time to run for study!!! I very much miss on you!!!!!
Letter 3
Greetings my darling the man!!! Thanks you for the help!!!! I am very glad, that I have such person, ?ae you. I can rely on you!!!! I am glad, that you understand me!!! I really wished to earn money to help our attitudes, to facilitate to you my darling a life!!!! But at me my darling it has not turned out because of my employers!!! Our laws do not protect, such citizens as I but if you have many money and am people who can help you. Only th! en the person, can defend the rights!!!! I am very afflicted because of laws, authorities, and nnoaia!!!! My darling, I do not know precisely when caeii?aouny my researches!!!! I learn, but spoke, that in it in year we shall longer study usual. Can even up to the end of July!!!! You, probably have not correctly understood me on the account of my girlfriend Lyudmila!!!! It has left the husband!!! It has forced it to collect things, and has expelled it on street. Lyudmila has remained one in the street without habitation, money, the child and the husband!!! It has remained one!!!! Absolutely one with the i?iaeaiaia on aaeia!!!! And its husband to be frozen from it. Such impression, that it for it absolutely another's person!!!! I ?aaeoaee feel well. At me any bad presentiments on the account of health of your parents!!! I am very glad, that your parents feel well!!! Ia?aaaaie sincere wishes from my name to the parents!!!! My da! rling at us very much have risen in price eiioiaeuiua servi ces for an apartment, also eaa?ieaoa. Now cost of an apartment has grown for 70 dollars!!! I now pay for an apartment of 330 dollars!!! My darling I shall go I shall pay for the credit for notbuk 200 euros. At me again not inoaieouny money on ?annoiau!!! But I to another cannot, as the percent for the credit increases!!! I then need to pay much more!!!! It is time to me to run on pairs in university!!! I you the whole!!!!
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