Letter(s) from Victoria Alekseeva to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Perth!!!!!

For me it was very pleasant to receive your letter.
I am very glad that you have answered my message.
For me it was very unexpected because I did not think that you will become interested in me.
But at heart I with impatience waited for an opportunity to receive news from you.

And now I very much admired that we has an opportunity to find out each other better.
I hope that our dialogue shall be very interesting and cognitive for both of us.
I am very pleased that I have an opportunity to tell to you about me directly.

As you already know my name is Viktoriya.
I am 27 years old. I was born on June, 5, 1980.
My height 170 sm, weight 54 kg.
I have gray-green color of eyes.
I live in Russia in city Zelenodolsk.
Zelenodolsk is in republic Tatarstan.
I have been given birth in this city. It is very small and silent town.
My city is approximately on distance of 600 km from Moscow.

I have carried out all life in Zelenodolsk.
I did not leave city.

I work as seller in shop of flower.
My favourite flower is red roses.
I very much like my work because I very strongly love flowers.
On work I have an opportunity to show my individuality.
I very much like to make bouquets and to look after colors.
I think that my work very important and responsible.
Because when there is any holiday people go in shops to buy flowers.
I think that people give flowers that people close to them were pleased to holiday.
I think what to present flowers to girl it is very beautiful and romantic.

I live in own apartment which have got to my parents from my grandmother.
My parents is pensioners and live separately from me.
I one child in family also have no brothers or sisters.

I am lonely and not when was not married.
I spend healthy way of life.
I do not smoke and from alcoholic drinks I drink easy wine and only on holidays.
On days off I run on park for maintenance of health.

I very much like to visit cinema, theatre and to walk with girlfriends on park.
I cheerful, sociable, sincere and fair girl.
I try to despond never and with a smile to overcome all difficulties appearing in my life.
I have got used to speak always to people that I think of them and their acts.
I think what to tell lies to people it is very bad act.

It is my first time when I have dared to search for acquaintances on internet.
You are first person to which I has written.
On internet I want to find true love - person with which it is possible to build strong and sincere relations.
I hope that I have made correct choice concerning you and that at us can turn out to find out each other better.
I once again repeat that is very glad that you have answered me.

I like photos which you have sent me. Thank you for it.
It was very pleasant for me to see your photos.

I hope at you it is possible to answer some my questions:
How for a long time and what type of relations you search on internet???
Why at you has failed to build relations without internet???
It is very interesting to me, find out you wrote to other girls from Russia or other countries???
I hope that you will answer all my questions and that we thus can better find out each other.

Write to me about you in more detail. I very much want to find out about you and your way of life as much as possible.

I hope that you will answer me as soon as possible.
If you had questions to me do not hesitate and speak to me.
I shall be very glad to answer all your questions.


Letter 2

Hello Gavin!!!!!

I am very glad that you have decided to continue our correspondence and have written to me letter.
I am really glad that we have an opportunity to find out each other better.
Now I shall tell to you more about myself.

I live separately from parents approximately 3 years.
When at me has appeared opportunity to live separately from parents I was 24 years old.
But for my mum I always was and remain the little girl.
First time mine parents did not want to allow to me to live separately.
Because they considered that to me very much early to live separately from them.
I understand mum. To her it would be desirable that I have lived all life near to her.
But after several weeks my parents have allowed to try to live to me separately.

My mum thought that I shall not cope with contents of an apartment.
But I have put before myself the purpose to prove to the parents that I already independent girl.
First time was hard for me. I not skilfully to prepare for a meal and was necessary to keep constantly an apartment clean.
To all this I was still employed on work to pay independently all taxes for an apartment.

Since then I very much has learned.
Now I very much like to cook and my mum speaks that I cook even better to her.
I prefer Russian kitchen. My favorite food is Russian pelmeni.
When we in family have holidays I always try surprise visitors various dishes.
For me it is possible to erase hands things.
I three years work as the seller in shop of a flower and I very much like my work.
Certainly I earn a little but me for a life suffices.

From all seasons I most of all love spring.
Because I think that the spring is most beautiful of all seasons.
Because only in spring it is possible to see as arrive birds after wintering, as first flowers are dismissed, as starts to grow grass etc.
I think that it is possible to see in spring provisional picture as arose life on a planet.
I very much like to walk in the spring on park.
When you see this beauty of the nature you hear singing birds pleased to arrival of spring.
I think only then it is possible to understand as our life is closely interconnected to the nature surrounding us.

English language I know very well.
I have studied English language at school and have continued a curriculum in college.
Simultaneously I studied on rates of the profound studying of English language.
I very much love this language I think that it very beautiful language.
I hope that you understand all that I write to you?

I want to speak you why I have dared to search for love through internet.
I met many men but I did not accept their representation about relations.
All men in Russia very strongly imperous character.
They want that girls ran before them on back paws.
They do not reckon with opinion of girls and very much frequently humiliate them.
I think that man should be equal with girl.
I think when people will be equal only then they can construct strong relations.
Because of it I yet have not met true love.
I saw many programs on TV in which spoke that presently it is possible to find love through internet.
One month ago I tried to find true love on Russian sites of acquaintances.
I had correspondence with some men from different cities of Russia.
But all of them wanted only one to meet and sex with me.
Thus I could not find love in Russia.
And I have decided to try to find love abroad.
I heard that men abroad very good and that they concern to girls as to equal to.
After that I have found yours profile and have decided to write to you in hope that you will answer me.
I am very glad that I appeared rights when have chosen you.
And I hope to build relations with you.

I like a photo which you have sent me. Thank you for it.
It was very pleasant for me to see your photo.

On it I finish letter I hope that my letter was not boring and that it will help you to find out me better.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter and an opportunity that find out you better.
I wish you happy prodriving of day and good mood.


Letter 3

Hello Gavin!!!!!

How are you?

I am very pleased that you have answered my letter!!!
I with impatience waited for an opportunity to read your new letter.
You very interesting person.
I very much like to tell about myself and find out about you as much as possible.

I think that it will be interesting to you to hear a history about my last relations.
This history has taken place four years ago.
At this time to me there were 23 years. I finished last rate in college.
I very much liked to study and especially was fond of the English language.
I was very active girl.
I had many girlfriends and participated in all cultural actions of our rate.
All began when I have come per day a birth to the girlfriend.
She has acquainted me with one very nice boy. His name Alexander.
He was senior than me on one year and at once has very much liked me.
I probably too have attracted to him. Because he began to render to me all signs on attention.
There has come night and all have started to leave home.
But I would not like to leave and I have decided to remain with girlfriend.
After all have left we have remained alone with Alexander.
We sat on a sofa and in a window the moon with stars was seen. It was very romantic.
We have stayed with him all the night long and talked on different interesting themes.
He appeared elegant and very much the sincere person.
Most of all me has surprised that he never tried to offer me sex.

In the morning when I have come home I not as could not forget Alexander.
I have fallen in love with him.
But I have recollected that I have not left to him the phone number.
And I did not know as him is possible to find.

Next day I have gone on study.
In the street there was a rain and there was very awful weather.
I sad sat near window and dreamed to see once again Alexander.
After a while I have heard that someone shouts in the street.
I have looked out in a window and have seen that under a window stands wet Alexander.
He has got wet and held a bouquet of red roses in a hand.
I have there and then run out to him on street despite of very strong rain.
I have approached and have very strongly embraced him then have very passionately kissed.
I was very happy that minute.
I was sure that have found the true love for all life.

Our relations last one year.
It was the happiest year in my life.
He constantly spoke me beautiful words and compliments.
He considered that girls and men should be equal the friend before the friend.
All arranged me in him and his remarkable character.
We very romantically spent time together.
We floated by a boat, went together to bathe and sunbathe.
When we walked in park he read to me poems.
With him I was pleased to each day.

In eight months after our meeting he visit my parents.
And behind a celebratory table he has proposed marriage to me.
I very much very was delighted to his offer and have agreed.
All my family was happy this evening.
We have planned wedding in four months.
We have already started prepares for our wedding.
I with impatience waited when will pass these four months.

But I was waited the big disappointment.
Has passed two months. Already practically all was ready for wedding.
But here I find out that I Alexander was caught with police.
I have there and then run in branch of police where held my Alexander.

When I have come in police already chief of police waited me.
He has told that I did not worry and that already all behind.
He has told that my future husband was the marriage speculator.
Alexander married girls and then took them all property.
The policeman has told to me that behind him 5 similar crimes are registered.
I was lucky that have not had time to marry him.
Then at Alexander was court and him have sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

I for a long time could not believe that all that he spoke was lie.
I weeks sat at home and constantly cry.
I could not believe that he has broken my heart.
It was the biggest shock in my life.

But already all in the past. I continue to live and be pleased lives.
Within the last three years I did not try to fix serious relations.
I did not want again to bear failure and again to be deceived.
But we in Russia have expression " time treats ".
Therefore now I am ready to new relations and love.

I like photos which you have sent me. Thank you for it.
It was very pleasant for me to see your photos.

What do you think of a history of my love???????
How you estimate Alexander act??????
How you concern to to tell lies and such swindlers?????

I the fair girl and shall never deceive anybody.
The most awful When close people deceive each other.
Relations should be generated on honesty, love and trust.
I shall wish nobody to go through that happened with me.
I think that in relations the main thing is love and understanding each other.
I hope that you understand me and agree with me.
You agree with me?

I hope my letter was not too tiresome for you?
I hope that you have understood all that I have written to you.
I with impatience wait for news from you!!!


Letter 4

Hello my friend Gavin!!!!!!!

I am very glad to read your new letter!!!

How you???
It is very interesting to me to read all that you write.
I very much like with everyone letter all better and better to find out you.
I hope that you not when will not cease to write to me letter.

At me everything is all right.
I hope that my letters help you to find out me better.
I very long time had no men with which I could speak as with you.
I am very glad that I can to speak with you frankly.
And I hope that you too are frank with me.
It is very important for me that we always were frank with each other.

Promise to me if you any more do not want to have with me correspondence.
You at once inform me about it??????????????
I do not want that my heart has been again broken.

I want to tell to you that I like and that I hate.
I shall begin with the most pleasant this that I like:
I like when people are fair and frank with me.
I think that honesty and frankness this best that is in person.
I think that it is components of strong relations and happy families.
I like when people make beautiful and noble acts.
I like when person think and care of all people.
I think that at you abroad people much more outstrip development of Russia.
Because they care of nature surrounding them,about relatives, about cleanliness of streets, etc.
I like to read books. My favourite book genre is novels about love.
I like to support ideal order in apartment.

I proceed to that I hate:
I hate when people tell lies each other. To tell lies it most bad act.
When people start to tell lies they any more cannot will stop.
Lie delays them completely and they start to lie to all constantly.
I think that deceit sooner or later will reveal.
I think that all begins with small lie.
People start to lie since childhood. When shirk school, etc.
Further in them life there comes moment when person has two choices.
To lie all life and then to pay off for it.
Or not to tell lies and live at all happy.
I think that when people lie they make worse only to itself.
I think that all our lie and all our bad acts come back.
Also that all bad comes back to the person in double size.

I hate when people very greedy.
Such people think only of themselves and love only money.
Presently it is more and more becomes such people.
I think that people become such because of shortage of love.
Because of it they set before itself purpose to earn as much as possible money.
I think that money not main thing in our world.
I think that main thing it to have family, friends and favourite person with which paradise will be even in a tent.

I do not love lazy people.
Such people only and know how to sit and not that to not make.
Probably because I very active girl.
I try not sit once on a place.
I always find than to occupy myself: to erase, prepare, etc.

We very much far apart but it does not prevent us to have correspondence.
I have just now understood as strongly internet helps people.
If not internet I had no such remarkable interlocutor as you.
I hope that you and further will write to me your remarkable letters.

Yes I very much like to prepare for the family my parents speak that at me not badly turns out!!!
My days off have passed in a circle of my girlfriends and parents, all was very healthy!!!!

What do you think of that I have written?????

I think on it to me it is time to finish my letter.

I wish you happy day!!!

With impatience I wait for your letter.


Letter 5

Hello Gavin!!!!!!!!!!

I am very glad to read today your new letter.
At me each time is cheered up when I see that you have written to me letter.
I with great pleasure read your letters.

Today at me on work was difficult day.
All is connected to that we in shop had audit.
We today since morning counted up all goods and compared their quantity to papers.
It was very tiresome. I had to carry out today all day on legs.
We have such check once a month.
It happens most tiresome day in month.

And after I have read your letter at me at once was cheered up.
I am very glad that I has person which do not forget about me.
You write to me very fascinating letters.
I very much appreciate attention which you show to me.

I am very glad that we with each letter find out each other better.
We are familiar with you not too for a long time, but it seems to me that I know you eternity.
I very easily communicate with you.
I always answer on your letters sincerely.
I always write to you that I think and in all sincerity.
I hope that you make too most.

Today we in street had good weather.
And I despite of my weariness have decided to go home on foot.
It is dear from my work up to my house occupies approximately 30 minutes.
But for me this time passes constantly imperceptibly.
Because most part of road passes through our city park.
And I very much like to walk on park.
When I go on park I always overlook about city vanity and problems of an external world.
When I walk in park for me exists only beauty and harmony of nature.

Today in park there were many in love pairs.
When I see two in love people.
On one hand I feel big pleasure for these people that they could find second half in this severe and artful world.
Also that they very strongly like each other.
Up to such degree that cannot minutes is separately from each other.

But on the other hand I very strongly envy them and their happiness.
I know what to envy it very bad.
But I hope that you do not condemn me for it?
But I too very much would like to have person close to me.
Second half.Person to which I can present all care, tenderness and love.
In our world any animal, any subject has half.
And some people spend all life and cannot find second half.
Person which completely approaches them.
I think that main thing that people had subconscious communication between friend the friend.
I think if people really like each other they should understand very well and always support each other in any situation.

How you think as love should be shown???
What main attribute of love???

It will be very interesting to me to find out your opinion concerning these questions.

I shall wait for your fast letter.
I wish you success!!!


Letter 6

Hi Gavin!!!!!

How you???
Huge to you greetings from far Russia.
I was very glad to receive your letter.
At me at once it was cheered up when I have read your letter.

I each time with impatience wait for your letter.
I am very pleased that I have correspondence with such good person as you.
You really very interesting interlocutor.
I every day wait for an opportunity to find out you more.
I think that we with each letter finds out each other better.

Sometimes to me to become boringly.
At these moments I think of you and I understand that I have person with which I can to talk and discuss various themes.
I am ready to talk to you on any themes.
To share with you experiences, fears and certainly happiness.
Because I completely trust you and I know that you not when will not ask to me not decent questions.
I hope that you understand what questions are not decent for girl.
I very much want that you always were cheerful and happy.
I hope that my letters help you in difficult minutes.

I today have recollected day when have received your first letter.
Though it was approximately one week ago.
But your letter and your attention to me.
Has very strongly affected my life.
I constant go with good mood.
Now all my girlfriends are surprised as I has changed.
Also ask me that happened.
But I yet do not want to tell him about our correspondence.
I think what very early to speak all that I have found person with which I shall build relations.
Yes you very interesting and attractive person.
But we cannot speak that at us something can will turn out we shall not find out yet each other better.
You agree with me??? Or you have point of view???
It would be very interesting to me to find out your point of view.

Understand me I do not want to hurry event.
Because I very strongly burnt in life.
I do not want that my heart was again is broken.
I think that we should find out more each other.
I very much hope that we can sometime build relations.
I think that our meeting has been outlined in advance by destiny.
Also that can be at us it will turn out to build relations.

If to you it becomes suddenly sad remember that at you is Viktoriya from Russia.
I want that your day was successful.
I wait for your prompt reply to my letter.

Your girlfriend from Russia Viktoriya.

Letter 7

Hello Gavin!!!!!!

How you???
How your mood???
How has passed your today???

I am very glad that you have answered my letter.
I very much liked to read your letter.

Today I have woken up in good mood.
I had such mood because I have such remarkable friend as you.
I very much hope that in the future our friendship will develop in something more serious.
At me very successful day today was.
My working day has flown by imperceptibly.

After work I have decided to go on a visit to parents.
I go to parents always when I have such opportunity.
It is very a pity to me that it turns out not so frequently.
But my parents understand me and do not take offence that I do not come to them every day.
They are very glad that their daughter the independent girl and itself earns on residing.
My parents know that sometimes I very strongly get tired on work and at me do not remain forces to come to them on visit.
I always warn my mum when I am going to come to them on visit.
And she it is always very tasty prepares. Because she knows that I shall come after work hungry.

Today when I have come to the parents mum have met me with big delight.
She always is very much pleased when I come to them on visit.
My mum as always has prepared for very tasty meal.
I very much like as my mum prepares.
I, mum and daddy have sat down a table and have started to eat.
When we had a meal what reason of my good mood has asked me.
I did not want to speak.
But then I had to tell that I have got acquainted with you on internet.
My mum about beginning not so was delighted to my acquaintance through internet.
My parents know that on internet many bad people.
And they very much worried suddenly I meet bad person and then it will break to me heart.
But I at once have calmed my parents.
I have told what you good and sincere person.
That we very well understand each other.
Also we write sincere letters each other.
My mum has asked me as our relations far came.
I have answered it that we friends.
But there can be we can build in future relations.
I have told that we shall not be hurries up. Also we shall be better to find out each other.
My parents have very much pleased that I now am not lonely.
That I could find to myself sincere friend.
My mum transfers you Hello, and wishes us an opportunity to build relation.

After I have talked to parents. I have gone home.
When I have come home I have fed cat and began to read your letter.
My cat call Marquis. To him 2 years.
I very much love animals. Especially cats.
When I come home my cat always very joyfully meets me.
I think what very well to have pet of house.
Especially if you live one. You always know that you waits for a house a pet.
And on soul it becomes not too lonely.

And when I come from work I know that me my favourite cat and your sincere letter waits for house.
I every day try to come home as soon as possible.
Because I know that you have written to me letter and wait for my answer.
I very much like to re-read your letters.

I will with impatience to wait to hearing from you.


Letter 8

Good afternoon Gavin!!!!!!!!

I am glad to receive news from you.
For me it is very pleasant to read your letter.

How you???
I wish you that you always had good mood.

Today in morning my cat has woken me.
He has come to me to a room and has climbed on my bed.
Resembled a little and started to lick my person.
Then I have woken up. It has very much made laugh me.
I always wake up of my alarm clock.
And it was first time when I was woken by my cat.
I have turned to look time and appeared that my alarm clock does not work.
I very much was delighted that at me such clever cat.
I have quickly risen from a bed and have decided to thank first of all my cat a tasty breakfast.
After I have fed him from everywhere went for me and started to be rubed about my leg.
My morning was very cheerful.

I want to tell to you in more detail about my parents.
To mine to daddy of 69 years. And mum of 50 years.
They live together 30 years.
As you see at them there is a difference in age of 19 years.
But it never prevented them to build relations. They are happy all life.
I not when did not see and did not hear that they clashed.
Certainly they sometimes have small disagreements.
But they always very quickly come to common decision.
I asked mum in what a secret that you not when have no disagreements.
My mum has answered me that main thing it very strongly love, trust and understand each other.
And if there is any disagreement it is necessary to put first of all itself on a place of your favourite person.
If you will start to think what would be to you on a place your loved.
You at once will understand in what reason of your disagreements and as it is possible to avoid it.
I think that my mum very wise woman.
Also that if I shall follow her advice I shall be happy with favourite person.
I am very glad for parents. That they have lived together 30 years.
When I come to them on a visit. To me delivers the big pleasure to see their happy.

I very much hope that I can find second half.
Also that I with favourite person shall be as are happy as well as my parents.
I want to live all life with favourite person.
I hope as in my life person which will appear will present me happiness and love.

I finish the letter.
I wish you successful day!!!!!
I with impatience wait for your answer.


Letter 9

Hello Gavin!!!!!

What your mood???
That concerning me, I am very glad to receive from you letter.
I with each letter find out you all better and better.
I very much like to come from work knowing that you have written to me letter and wait for my answer.
I was very pleasant for answering your letters and to share with you my ideas.
I every day more and more and more to start trust you.
I know that you will be always are fair with me and will not break my heart.
I very much hope that at us in the future it will turn out to build strong relations.

I want to tell to you a history about acquaintance of my parents.
When mum told to me this history to me it was very interesting.
I hope that you too will like this history.

It is a history has taken place 30 years ago.
To my mum there were 20 years and she studied in medical college as nurse.
My mum has worked all life the nurse and helped people.
I very much am proud of mum.
All right we shall return to a history. My mum have directed on training to hospital.
She should was work in hospital the nurse during three months.
To mine to the daddy there were 39 years and he worked as taxi driver.
He very much liked his work and he has worked the taxi driver all life up to an output on pension.
I again have a little departed my history.
Was warm in summer. My daddy has twisted a leg.
As you know the driver cannot go on work with sick leg.
My daddy has addressed in hospital that will faster be corrected.
But doctors have told that he has broken a leg.
And mine daddy have placed in hospital and have imposed a plaster bandage.

In hospital my daddy has got acquainted with my mum.
They at once have very much liked each other.
And my daddy started to look after my mum.
He constantly spoke her compliments, gave small gifts, etc.

All patients have carried by steam-ship.
By this steam-ship appeared also mine mum with daddy.
All was good: bright sun, birds flied, there were small waves.
That did not foretell a trouble.
My mum stood at edge of steam-ship and looked at sky.
But here unexpectedly steam-ship has stopped, and my mum has fallen in water.
All would be good. But my mum not skilfully to float.
She began to flounder from a surface and to shout about help.
Here mine daddy not looking at plaster bandage.
Has jumped in water and has rescued my mum.
When they have risen back on steam-ship my mum has kissed with mine daddy.
And one year later they have got married and live till now happily.

I very much want that my loved was ready on all for sake of me and our love.
I very much want find person to which I can to give myself and my love.

In the weekend I helped the girlfriend to do repair in its apartment.
We glued wall-paper in its room it has turned out very well!!!!!

On what you are ready for sake of your love???

I hope that you it is fair will answer my question and will not tell lies to me.

It is very a pity to me, but it is time to finish my letter.
I wait for your prompt reply to my letter.


Letter 10

Hello Gavin!!!!!!!

How you???
I am very glad to read your kind letter.
It is very pleasant for me to read each time your kind letters.
You become for me very much the close person.
You for me unique person to which I am ready to open completely.
I am ready to tell to you all that at me in a head.

I'm fine. I have very good mood.
Today's day has passed well. I have not been tired at all on work.

I very much like my work.
But on my work I earn very few money.
In your country this sum of money probably absolutely ridiculous.
I shall tell to you how many I earn in month.
But only promise that you will not laugh at my salary???
I earn in month 100 Euro.
At us in Russia everyone earn very little.
Because to find work with big salary very difficultly.
Money earned by me hardly suffices me on residing and meal.
But I have got used to live in such conditions.
I never pursued big money.
As you already know I do not love people at which money for first place.
I completely accept my life.
Certainly I very much do not have person to which I can give itself and my love.

7 months ago I walked with girlfriend on shops.
And when I have gone to one of new shops.
I have seen very beautiful dress. It at once very much was pleasant to me.
But when I have looked at its price of me it very strongly shocked.
This wonderful dress costed 112 Euro.
But I have put before itself the purpose to save up money to this dress.
And I have joyful news.
Approximately in a week I can buy this magnificent dress.
I am very glad what soon to be carried out my dream.
When I shall buy this dress.
I shall try at once to be photographed in this dress specially for you.
That you have estimated its beauty and were glad together with me.
I with impatience wait day when I can buy this beauty.

It is very important for me that you always wrote to me yours good letters.
I always with impatience wait for your letter.
To me very much it is a pity but I finish letter.
I wish you happy day!!!

Your girlfriend from Russia Viktoriya.

Letter 11

Hello my dear Gavin!!!!!

How are you doing???
I am very pleased to receive your letter!!!
C each letter you become closer to me.
Already it seems to me that I can not without your letters.
You became for me very much the close person.
I did not think what probably to find such good person as you.
I think that to me very much has carried that you have the correspondence with me.
I think that to us has been outlined in advance to meet each other.
I think that at us will turn out to build relations.

You one of those people to which I completely trust.
And you unique to whom I could entrust the destiny.
I think that you will never break to me heart.
I have small fears to build the relation.
Because if I shall lose you it completely will break my heart.

Today I dreamt.
It was the wonderful dream connected with you.
I had dream to see you and carry out time with you.
Now I shall try to describe to you all that has I dreamed.
I hope that I can transfer to you all beauty of my dream.

We sit with you on coast of the river. Around of us there is nobody.
Even if somebody would pass by.
I would think that we did not begin to pay to him attention.
Because we have been very much keen the friend on the friend.
Around of us sing birds as though together with us are pleased to our happiness.
Murmur of the river is heard. To me it has reminded purring of my cat.
Having joined hands we sit on coast and we talk.
At this moment for us there is no all external world.
For us main only our dialogue.
We talk and do not notice as passes time and comes evening.
After a while we meet a sunset.
The small breeze started to blow. And you have embraced me that I have not frozen.
When you have embraced me to me at once it became very warm and pleasant.
I at once have felt I can trust you completely.
Also that you that person to which I can give the love.

I would be very glad if my dreams could become real.

I am very glad that you continue our correspondence.
I wish you happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With impatience I wait for your letter.

Your Viktoriya.

Letter 12

Hello my gentle Gavin!!!!!

How you???
I am very glad to read your letter.
I each time with the big impatience wait for your letter.
I do not know that with me will be if you will cease to write to me the remarkable letters.
I do not want to stop our correspondence never.

During our correspondence I have fallen in love with you.
Probably it sounds ridiculously but it is the truth. I am very much fond of you.
You probably think how possible to fond of person which never met.
In the beginning of our correspondence I too did not believe what probably to fond of the person reading his letters and seeing his photos.
But it appeared possible. What feelings at you to me???
I hope that my love is mutual of you.
I very much frequently re-read your letters.
It seems to me that you the person with which I want to live all life.
I want to see every day you near to me.
I very much want to meet you in person.
I understand that we are familiar very little.
I think that the meeting will help our relations to proceed to the following level.
I know that you the good person and that ours the meeting would be very romantic.

It is not important for me where there will be our first meeting.
I am ready to rely completely on your decision where there will be our first meeting.
Because I completely trust you.
Whether only after our first meeting we know we approach each other.

This evening dress!!!!!!
It long enough!!!!!!!!!

What do you think of that that I have written to you???
I wish you happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C impatience I wait for your answer to my letter.

Your Viktoriya.

Letter 13

Hello my angel Gavin!!!!!!!!!

I admired to read your wonderful letter.
Your letters always very well influence me.
I am very glad that you are at me and I am at you.
I am very glad that could to find such good person as you.

I hope that at you wonderful mood.
I want that you always had good mood.
When I shall arrive to you I shall make all for this purpose.
I wish to see constantly a smile on your person.
For me it is very important that both of us were happy.
Our feelings are very strong also sincere.
I shall be very happy if I shall be near to you.
I am assured that we can to build very strong attitudes.

Today I have presented as we shall lead our first day together.
I fly by the plane to your country.
And with greater impatience I wait for the moment when the plane will land and I can see you.
Plane starts to decrease and to all passengers speak to fasten seat belts.
Plane lands at the airport and all passengers start to leave the plane.
I leave the plane and from is far I see you of expecting my arrival.
You hold a bouquet of the most beautiful red roses and a box of sweets in a hand.
I having left the plane start to run very quickly to you.
When I reach you I very strongly embrace also the whole your lips.
At this moment we the happiest people on all light.
Because we could meet each other in a reality.
I look in your eyes and I see that your feelings to me really sincere.
We cost long at the airport because we cannot believe that we really together.

After that we go to walk.
We walk all the day long and you show me various beautiful places.
We go constantly embracing and often kissing each other.
It is my happiest day because I am near to which person very strongly love.
Then you acquaint me with the family and we have a celebratory supper.
I shall prepare for tasty dishes and I shall feed all with delicacies.
Having had supper we start to exchange various questions and our conversation very long.
So I represent our first day together.

I very much very strongly want will meet you.
Ideas about you do not leave my head!
I constantly think of you and as to us it will be good together.
I wish to be with you and to check our feelings.
We should meet because we cannot correspond in current of long time by means of e-mail.
Only the meeting will help us to check our feelings and to learn about each other more.
You think that we can meet?????? I am assured that our meeting is possible.
You will help me to arrive to your country if I will not have not enough forces to do it independently?????
What do you think of that I have written to you???

I am grateful to destiny that we could to find each other in this severe world.
I very much love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On it I finish letter.
I with alarm expect your answer to my letter.
I hope that you very soon will make our meeting real.

Your Viktoriya.

Letter 14

Hello my beloved GAvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How you???
At me very good mood.
I am very glad to read your letter!!!
It is very a pity that so long you could not answer my letters!!!!!
I thought you me have forgotten or do not wish to talk to me!!!!
I very much on you missed!!!!!!
You do not represent on how many I is glad that you have answered me again!!!!!!
You till now love me?????
I want that you knew that my feelings not how many have not cooled down!!!!

I today talked to the parents on very important theme.
I have told to the parents that we very strongly love each other.
Also that we have decided to realize our dreams.
I have told to mum that I wish to arrive to you on a visit.
My parents very much were delighted to that that I have found the love and I shall be soon happy together with you.
My parents promised to help me to all than they can.
My parents very long waited when their daughter will find the happiness.
And here this moment has come.
After that conversation we had dinner also I has gone to the girlfriends.

I have met the girlfriends in our city park.
My girlfriends call Olga and Marina.
I very long told it about that as strongly I love you.
Also that I cannot live without you.
And at last I have informed them that I wish to arrive to you on visiting.
My girlfriends have very strongly embraced me and have wished my of good luck.
They have been very pleased by such good news.
From all my girlfriends I was unique at whom there was no favourite person.
I speak was because now I have you.
You my greatest and sincere love.

I want to speak you, that I really very seriously I treat our meeting.
And I very much want to arrive to you.
But I do not know, that am necessary for me for this purpose.
But I am ready to find out it.
I know, that in my city there is a travel agency. I want to go there and to find out, that to me it is necessary for arrival to you.
It is sure, that to me will help with agency to find out, that to me it is necessary to arrive to you.
After I shall find out everything, that I shall inform you.

I was very glad that is fast we can are happy together.
When I shall arrive to you it there will be my happiest day.
I hope that we can embody our dreams in a reality.
I very much very much very much love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I with impatience wait for your letter!!!
Embraces and kisses.
Your Viktoriya.

Letter 15

Hello my love Gavin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How you???
I am very glad to read your wonderful letter!!!

It is not really a pity that you could write to me so long!!!!
I very much on you missed and waited when you can write to me.
Thanks you for your congratulations on the international women's day!!!!!
I did not think that in your country mark this remarkable holiday.

You are right my parents very much did not approve my decision to arrive to other country
Independently to the person with which I have got acquainted on the Internet.
But after long conversations I could explain to parents that you very much
The good person and you are not going to cause me of any harm.
As a result my parents have agreed with me and have told that in every possible way will support me!!!!

Approximately one week ago I visited travel agency.
When I have come to travel agency to me very much it was pleasant there.
Because at them it was very beautiful also everyone were very polite with me.
On walls at them many beautiful pictures.
In pictures there were photos with various beautiful places.
On all agency there were many beautiful colors.
I can agree with that this agency has made all that to their clients was very cosy.
My soul was really pleased when I was in this agency.

Employee of travel agency has explained to me all that me interested.
I have learned what package of documents necessary for me that to arrive to you.
To me have told that the most important document is visa.
I need to receive the visa to arrive to you.
Without visa I cannot arrive to your country.
I shall receive the tourist visa for the period of 90 days.
If you not against I can arrive to you on all validity of my visa.
I can arrive to you for 90 days. What do you think of it???

To begin registration of visa to me it is necessary to receive the certain package of documents.
Without these documents to me will not give visa.
First it is necessary for me to receive international passport.
International passport will be made in eight days.

After that will be necessary for me to receive the insurance medical policy.
In our city there is international insurance firm " Ingosstrah ".
I can receive the policy in this firm.
But to receive the insurance medical policy to me it will be necessary to pass full medical survey and to receive the information concerning my health.
I can pass survey in our city hospital.

When all the documents listed by me will be ready.
Travel agency will send my documents to Moscow for registration of visa.

I can legalize all necessary papers and arrive to you.
Thus our meeting is real also we have an opportunity soon to be together.
On registration of visa and all documents it is required three weeks.
And in three weeks we can be happy together.
You want that I arrived to you in three weeks???
You wish to embrace and kiss me in three weeks???
I very much want that in three weeks all our dreams became a reality.

I have been very admired that all so simply and that we have an opportunity soon to be together.
But when employee of agency has told to me cost of all expenses for official registration of papers it has horrified me.
Now I shall write all of you charges necessary for registration of my documents.
Cost of international passport 147 of euro.
Cost of medical survey 67 euros.
Cost of medical policy 109 euros.
Cost of visa 88 euros.
Cost of tickets up to Moscow 84 euros.
For services the travel agency will take only 36 euros.
Total cost of all charges 531 euros.

I was in horror that to me is necessary so many money to arrive to you and to be happy with you.
It for me very much a greater sum of money.
Today I all the day ran on the relatives and tried to borrow money.
But it very greater sum of money.
I could find only 52 Euro.
Still I have 112 Euro which I saved seven months to buy to myself a beautiful dress.
But I am ready to spend this money to be together with you my love!!!
I am ready on all to be near to you.
I very much very much very much love you and I wish to be only with you.

I do not have 367 Euro to make out visa and to arrive to you.
I do not know where to me to take 367 Euro.
For me it is valid very much a greater sum of money.
It is very inconvenient to me to ask it you.
You can possibly help me? You can help to find to me 367 Euro?
Certainly if for you it there will be greater charges and you cannot help me I all shall understand.
But if you will not help me we cannot be together.
Our meeting and realization of our dream completely depends on you.

I with impatience shall wait for your decision I very much hope that you will understand my position and can help me.
If I shall bring all necessary documents and can pay all expenses for official registration of papers that in three weeks we can be together.
If you can help me in three weeks all will absolutely good.
In three weeks I can arrive to you and we shall be happy together.
I very much very much love you and I hope that we can be together in three weeks.

I shall look forward to hearing from you to me and I hope I shall see very soon it.
I send you many air kisses and gentle embraces.
And I very much would like to give you real kisses soon.

Always your Viktoriya.

Letter 16

Hello my love Gavin!!!!

I did not know that such huge sum of money will be necessary for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You shocked me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is very awful news the most terrible that it means that we never shall meet!!!!!
Today I have learned that for the same sum of money I can make the tourist visa for 180 days!!!!!

Really we with you never shall meet also all about what we you spoke there was a lie???????
I represented our joint life it turns out that I was the naive girl which
Has presented that it will be taken away by prince on a white horse!!!!!
And it will bear her on hands and they very much will like each other!!!!
They will have children they of them will grow
To look as they will take the first steps in the life!!!!
As they will study to read and will go first time to school
To look as they will find the first love
We shall look at them and to recollect the youth
Let's laugh at that as they will experience about the love!!!

I think that it and there is a happiness especially in such country as yours.
Now I understand that I was very naive girl which soberly not can look at a life

It is not very a pity that you can help me such huge sum of money
It once again proves that miracles on light do not happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you did not think to take the credit in bank??????
I understand that it sounds very silly to take the credit for such huge sum
For the sake of which person you have met on the Internet.
Speak that the hope dies last...

But I believe in the dream!!!!!!!!!


Letter 17

Hello Gavin!!!!!

How at you an affair?????
I realize your situation!!!!!
You in the answer for children also should bring up their worthy people and presently for this purpose many money is necessary.
My parents had no such opportunity to give me higher education
As in our country for it many money is necessary as to pay.

Gavin I very for a long time thought of the turned out situation and did not find to myself rest.
After long reflections I had such idea
I do not know as you it estimate
The matter is that I live separately from the parents in an own apartment
It is in city centre near to my parents

Today I went to the organization which is engaged in sale and an exchange of apartments
That is people address in this organization to sell or buy an apartment
It should seems to me that in your city to be the similar organization.
I have thought that I can exchange the apartment for an apartment in the other area of city!!!!!!
Apartments in city centre cost very dearly and in other areas is much cheaper.
I was interested in this organization for how many I can buy an apartment in the other area
We have looked provisional cost of apartments on a database is similar to mine in the other area of city

It was found out that the prices change from 22000 euros up to 25000 euros.
I know exact cost of the apartment it makes 34285 euros.
Leaves that I can change without problems the apartment for another and I thus will have a plenty of money!!!!!
You understand me??????

The problem consists in that that an apartment in which I live my parents eight years ago bought
Earlier we lived in two room apartment
My parents have sold this apartment and two others have bought
In one my parents live in another live I
Apartment in which my parents live have bought cash.

On my apartment of money did not suffice also parents have decided to take money on credit!!!!!!
They have taken the credit and have bought to me an apartment!!!!!!!!!!!
I pay the credit every month.
In this organization to me informed that I cannot sell my apartment as she is taken on credit
To sell my apartment to me it is necessary to pay the credit completely!!!!!
The sum which I owes to bank makes 1420 euros.
You understand I cannot pay such big sum for once.
Therefore I want to address for the help to you!!!!!!!!!
If you can send me of money that I shall pay the credit and I can change an apartment
And at me will appear money to arrive to you!!!!!!!!
If at us with you all will be good also we shall want to marry and connect our hearts for all life
I shall sell an apartment absolutely and I shall move to live in your country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What do you think of it????????
You can send me 1420 euros???????

What do you think above that that I have written to you?????

All depends on you my love!!!!!
I shall respect any your decision


Letter 18

Hi my lovely Gavin!!!!

I was very glad to receive your answer. At me all is good also I hope that at you too all well.
And you have fine mood.
I know that in my city is Western Union. In your city is Western Union???
But I did not know as it operate.
Today in evening after I read your message I came in bank to find out as it am done.
I very much was delighted that I had time before closing bank.
Of bank of me have assured, that this campaign the most effective and successful in system remittances.
And all is very simple. To carry out transfer money, it is necessary for you to know my first name and
my last
And as my address.
I should know almost the same, only it is little bit more.
Yours first name, last name, the full address, and the sum transfer money.
And as ten-character control number transfer money. To me have told that it refers to as MTSN.
Or something on this similar if I am fair has not remembered it precisely. It to receive yours
My data:

My first name: Viktoriya

My last name: Alekseeva

My address: Russia, Tatarstan, Zelenodolsk, Lenina st, 12-4

My city Zelenodolsk.

Inform me when you can do it?

As soon as I shall receive your money I shall pay at once the credit!!!!!
As soon as possible to arrive to you my love!!!!!!
I have the big hope that you can find this sum of money!!!!!
I hope that we shall soon have a meeting together!!!!!!
This my most treasured dream at present!!!!!!!!
And I shall not lose hope that it will come true.
I think that we with you shall lead fine time.

I want to have with you real dialogue. I want to hear your voice.
I want to speak with you. Real dialogue is necessary for us.
My home telephone number 78362795946.
But I think that you can not phone up to me because my phone does not accept bells from other country.
My phone may accept a bell from Russia, but he can not accept a bell from your country.
Please all the same try to do it.

I shall look forward to hearing from you to me.
With love your Viktoriya.

Letter 19

Hello my love Gavin!!!!!

I did not receive from you the letter two day!!!!!!
My love with you all is normal??????
Why you do not answer my letter??????
You have told that are going to guide any information and wanted to inform
To me about results!!!!!
I hope that you can find money and help me to pay the credit????
Gavin I very much on it hope if it will take place that we shall be together my love!!!!!
You want it??????
I hope that you want it just as I!!!!
It is my treasured dream and I hope that it happen!!!!
And we shall create the present family!!!!!

I very much hope soon to receive your answer

Your love Viktoriya.

Letter 20

Hello my honey Gavin!!!!!!

How you?
How your days off have passed?
I hope, that at you all is good.

Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me closer to you.
I much think and I dream of our future.
I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.
I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first embrace, and our first kiss together.
This day we shall remember all the life.
I want to inform you honourly, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life.
I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you always will be with me.
You that which man the god has created for me.
That I have divided with you the life.

It is interesting to me what inquiry you have sent to Moscow???
Whether if you have sent inquiry about that it is possible to sell an apartment not paying the credit
You should know that that in Russia there is such credit as "Ipoteka"
I took an apartment with the help of this credit!!!!!!
I have no even documents from the apartment!!!!!
As they are in bank.
I very much hope that your parents will help us.

I love you my prince.
Your Viktoriya.

Letter 21

Hello Gavin!!!!!

Last days I think of us and about our future life much.
I understand, that our life leaves also we do not notice it my love.
We feel young and we do not notice, that we already have a lot of years.
It can well, what the life goes so quickly?
It flows away as water in the river and back it will not return.
Me very much pleases, that I have you, my second half, my heart.
The favourite man, to which I can completely trust and on which it is possible to rely.

I want, that you knew, that only your letters support me and my good mood.
I am very lonely without you and your letters. I live by ideas on you my honey.
I very much have yours caress, care, embraces and gentle kisses.
But I do not despond.

I precisely know, that we shall be together and I very much wait this time my love.

Your viktoriya.

Letter 22

Hello Gavin!!!

Probably really there were any problems with webb.

Gavin I wait for your answer you will help me to pay the credit?????
I am excited very much with this question as during two weeks you do not give me
The answer.


Letter 23

Hello Gavin,
I want to tell to you about one case when my girlfriend accused that she scamers!!!!
It was three months ago
My girlfriend before me had the Internet at home.
She was registered on a site of acquaintances and started dialogue with the man
After a week of correspondence this the man has accused her in scame
Though earlier she at all did not know that this such.
She was in full bewilderment as this the man even has explained nothing to her!!!!!

After that the second was the man which has made as!!!!!!!
And he as had no basis to offend my girlfriend but he has made it.

The third man from Italy his name is Paul was.
She had with him very much a long correspondence and they have really wanted
To meet!!!!
When my girlfriend has asked Paul to pay road up to Italy
He accuses her that she the swindler!!!!!!!
That that her email is registered as scamer!!!!
She has been very much indignant tried to prove Paul that she similar did not do anything
Paul did not want her to listen
And he has believed her only then when they spoke by phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now my girlfriend is in capital Italy the city of Rome
She is very happy also they plan to celebrate wedding!!!!!!!!

Her friend has explained that in Russia really much scamers
And they deceive many men.
Some deceived men register all successively the Russian girls!!!!!!
THEY never communicated with these girls but all of them equally do it
As some rich foreigners send the whole conditions to Russia
And then them deceive.

Probably in Russia it is valid much scamers
But it is far from being all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simply Girls in Russia really have no many money
To arrive to the elects and elects do not want
To help them as they are afraid to be deceived.

Gavin it is possible you do not trust me
And I for it do not condemn you
Probably on your place I acted as you.

Gavin I ask you to not tear our relations
I want to try to prove to you that I the real girl and that I am valid
You I love!!!!!

You do not exclude that variant that any lunatic has registered me
In scamers for anything?????

You can trust me if we shall have a real phone conversation???
I can go on telegraph and call you!!!!!!!!
I know that it will cost dearly but I have no other exit!!!!!!!
Probably then you can trust me??????

As I can send you any especial photo
You tell as me to be photographed and I shall make it!!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin I really love you also I do not want that all between us came to an end
In such ridiculous image.

Letter 24

Hello Gavin!

Today, I saw the letter that you wrote to me on 4 April!!
I have not seen it before because it was entered in spam.

I have read it carefully and was very frustrated
I have tears the whole day in tears because I did not scamer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have never been able to deceive people in such a cowardly way
I think this may very cruel people who should not have been at large
they should all sit in prison!

All postal addresses that you send me all this
I have not lie to them or what relationship !!!!!

I could not even suggest that in Russia, so many fraudsters
With even the Russian embassy warns of the dangers of such!!
This means that Russia is indeed in very dangerous to trust people.

Gavin, I really do not have any relationship to these fraudsters
I was completely honest with you!!
Yadeystvitelno I was going to sell the apartment and come to your country.
I am sorry that it turned
And what happened between us such mistrust

Gavin Again, I say to you that I am ready to try to prove that I really
You do not lie, I went to the telegraph and learn how much it will cost
call to your country !!!!!
I have been told that about three minutes will cost me about $ 50
For me this is a big sum of money to spend but I am ready to prove it
his innocence.

You me for some reason did not meet me today
But I hope that tomorrow I will get your letter.
I love you and will never betray
Your Viktoriya.

Letter 25

My honey...................

I very much grieve without you as.
I go along the street and I dream of you.
I want to look in your eyes and to feel your strong shoulder close to mine.
......... You have changed all life for me.
I long time lived without a definite purpose. All days mixed up together and
All was very monotonous. I lived from one day up to another.
That did not suffice to me to whom. Now I know that it were you................
I am very grateful to you for it. You have grasped my heart, my opinion, mine soul.
When we shall be together my life my love will be devoted to you.
I have for you a poem. It was composed not by I. But it will help me to express my feeling to you.
express myself...
In my arms I see,
a beautiful friend,
of golden heart,
and soul of fire.
One sweet kiss,
a tear of joy,
into my arms,
tenderness blows.
Bound by blood,
and guardian angels,
surrounded by dreams,
dancing around your table.
From the Snow to the Fire,
her heart beats quicken, like a eagle on a high peaked Mountain,
to the depths of the ocean.
From Sunrise to Sunset,
the golden glow of a fire,
Love and devotion baby,
........., you my Sunshine.
I belong to you,
You belong to me,
You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet
A kiss, a smile
Everybody needs it for a while!!!

I think I must tell you bye for now...
I'll be keeping you in my mind all the time...
I send you my tender kiss and tight embrace...

Your Viktoriya, thinking of you...

Letter 26

Hello Gavin!!!

That you have written all to me in the last letter of it be simple cannot!!!!!!!
I never had other post addresses and in general you the I first with whom correspond after
Has connected the Internet at home.

I do not present as could render my photos on sites about which you spoke.
I heard that scamers photos of girls from the Internet take!!!!
Can they have taken my photo???????
Only to me it is not clear as they could do it????????

Probably they have really stolen my photo and have written off my data!!!!
It seems to me very much oi?ioia covering in fact even if the militia will become interested in it
That they will come to me home and swindlers will be not punished!!!!!!

Gavin and you did not think that really could substitute me?????
In fact I even plainly am not able to use a computer to deceive people!!!!!

I very much want to be with you my love!!!!!!


Letter 27

Hello Gavin

I have understood that that I explained you it there was all in empty
All of you equally do not trust me.
I am tired before you to be justified in that that I never did
I shall not do it any more.

Means to us it is not fated to be together.

You are not right travel agency did not deceive me
They to me only wished to help to legalize papers to me
They to me at once have told to receive the visa to me it will be necessary to go to Moscow in embassy of your country.
In embassy I shall pass interview and only after that I can receive the visa.