Scam letter(s) from Natalia Staroverova to Don (USA)

Letter 1
outdoors_nuhoney when I have seen yours profile I didnt have words. I thought that there is not such man in the world. Now I sit and think about that to write you. outdoors_nuhoney I dont know what to tell. If you wish to see my photos, then I can send it to you. I would like to learn you better because you have liked me. If you have some questions then you can write to me on "elsharapo" at "gmail" dot c o m. I with pleasure will answer you. To my mind you receive a lot of letters from girls like me, but I ask you to pay attention to my letter and I hope that tomorrow I shall receive your message. If I am not interesting to you that tell it to me. I will be upset, but I shall not write you more and I hope that you will find happiness.
outdoors_nuhoney will you write me? Really?
I wait ......
Dreaming about such as U.
elsharapo g m a i l . c o m
Letter 2
Don I wait for your letter. I hope, that you will write soon, and our acquaintance will proceed. I very much wish to learn about you because you like me. I hope, that as soon as you will receive my letter, you will answer me.
Letter 3
Hello Don!!!!!!!
How your day? What did you do today? I hope, that you feel well and at you all is normal. I waited all the day long for your letter and right after work today have come to the cafe Internet what to receive your letter.
I live in the central part of Russia.
Don I send you the photo, on which I I cost in park about a fountain. It is pleasant to you washing a photo? I hope what yes. At me today it is a lot of questions to you. I want serious relations and at once I wish to warn you. I do not wish to play game and if you wish to play simply with me, or communicate with me for the sake of a photo that I, I think that to us is necessary to stop our dialogue. I wish to learn you more and better. I too will not hide from you anything and I will inform everything, that you ask.
Don, I hope, that I do not need to describe myself in detail, you saw me on a photo. I will send them to you often, that you could learn is better me. My growth 175 sm (5 ' 7), weight 54 kg (120lbs). A ******, a waist and hips accordingly 89 - 64 - 92. I hope, that you will inform me also on yourself. Because I cannot see it on a photo. I search for the man with whom to me it will be good. Which will be happy, if I is with it which I can make happy. I want, what we with it would be always together and were happy, Don, you can be such man? How you think? What should I do that is pleasant to you? It is very interesting to me to learn it.
I hope, that I will receive your photo tomorrow and the new letter with answers to my questions.
I already with impatience wait for your letter.
I wait.....
Yours faithfully and sincerely Elena.
Letter 4

Hello My Dear Friend Don!!!!
Don as you? How your day? All that was today bad in my bottom, at once was gone, remains only good after I have received your letter. I am very glad, that you have not forgotten about me and have written to me.
I do not know, that it is necessary for me that I could arrive to America. I think, that for the beginning we should learn each other better.
I wish to tell to you about the family more. I wish to inform you on how I grew and who brought up me. The grandmother and mum brought up me. Mum nama Galina, the grandmother name Evgeniya. I live with mum in apartment in ours have sat down. The grandmother lives in other has sat down, it name Znamenka. I know nothing About the father, mum, and the grandmother do not speak about it. Mum cries or leaves, when I ask it about it. Therefore I learn nothing. I would not want that mum to cry.
Don the grandmother at me very kind. I at it a vein everyone and me very much was pleasant summer. At it it is good. We with it often walked together in wood, went to bathe and went behind berries. I wish to explain to you why I cannot find the man of the dream in the country. At us to have men, but many drink or beat the wives. And others already married. Therefore I have decided to get acquainted with you. You like to drink much? Don only tell, the truth. I hope, that was not present. I at all do not drink and I do not smoke, only for holidays I allow to drink a few wines. I not against, that the man would drink, but it is not a lot of and not often. Don I wish to tell at once that I do not like to shout and quarrel. I like to laugh and I want, that would wash favourite always was happy and never longed. And I will do all for the sake of it. I am ready to kiss constantly it if it does its happy. I want, that we with it would enjoy our love, passion and tenderness.
I hope that a photo which I send today, it is pleasant to you. On it
I with mum at cinema.
I wait your letter. Where it? You yet have not answered?
I will press it tomorrow.
With impatience I wait.......
Yours Elena
Letter 5
Hello Don, My Far Friend!!!
How you? Don, what mood at you? What did you do today? I hope that all that you wanted, all has turned out.
Forgive me for that that I did not write to you earlier... I could not write to you because is very strongly borrowed on work...
Don you know, what I saw today? When I went along the street I have seen small a cat. It to purr, and looked at me. I have lifted it and have carried it home. Now I do not know, what name to it to give. At me never was a cat. You can to me will help?
Don I wish to learn from you how you like to have a rest? You like to go on the nature? You love what songs? What films? What dances? You would dance with me? I not so well dance, but with you I would agree to dance. Theatre, the sea? What do you love? Don tell to me.
I adore, films and cooking. The grandmother has learnt me to prepare many dishes, and I am assured, that it would be pleasant to you of a dish which I have prepared. I am able prepare such pizza which more can to prepare nobody. I am assured, that you would estimate my skill. Don you were on the sea? I was only once in Sochi. Very much it was pleasant to me. As the cool wind shrouds a body as cool water gives freshness and pleasure. There is no only one. Men, with which all it can enjoy. You would go with me Don??? I THINK, THAT we With YOU NEVER WOULD forget SUCH TRIP. HOW YOU THINK?
I send you a photo on which I sit in Sochi on a beach. And as I send you greetings from my mum and girlfriends.
I will wait for your photos and the letter. They my pleasure every day. I am happy, that have met you. I can discuss all with you that I want.
I wait for your letter.
Yours Elena
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