Letter(s) from Irina to R. V. (Belgium)

Letter 1


Dear, I wish you to warn at once, that my present name Irina.
That name on a site is a pseudonym.

I’m a single girl from Russia. My age is 27, my height is 173 cm, weight is 51 kg. I have the blond hair and blue eyes.

Some words about me. I live alone in a demountable apartment, my parents live in another town. I work as a teacher of Russian language at school. Also I have a part-time work in a social sphere with little children. I love kids so much!

Friends say, that I’m attractive, optimistic, kind and sensitive person. I like to communicate with people, In free time I love visiting my friends, reading books, seeing movies and cooking.
Yes, I cook very good and I like to create new dishes. Also I like to keep fit and go to the gym hall.

I’m in search of truelove, my best friend and soulmate. I want to meet reliable and responsible man, who will be a special man for me. I just need one special man and have no interest in others.

I’m very open and its easy to get to know me, so please ask me anything.


Letter 2

Hello Raf.

Thank you for your attention and kind words about my appearance.
But it is not my service, this is the gift of my parents?

Yes, of course, I had admirers. But I’m very disappointed in Russian men, they are much self centered. They do not respect the women! I had one big passion in the past. I loved one man from Russia so much, but he deceived me. He was false to me. My heart was broken! I had the significant suffering in the past - it’s true. After that I could not trust men for a long time. I’m single more then 1 year. My best friend Sveta said, that I’m the naive believer and the trusting person. Sveta found the future husband (from USA) in the Internet and now she is going to leave Russia. She advised me to use Internet.

I told you about this case, because I want to trust you and I do not want to keep secrets. I hope, that you will not have secrets from me.
First of all, I want to see in you a very good friend. Please, tell me about your reasons for searching woman in Internet.

I have never been married and I have not children, but I told you that I love kids so much. I have the part-time job with little children in the children’s a garden as a babysitter for the nights.

I hope that you understand my letters, because my level of English is not so good. I learned English language in the school and in the university. I can understand, write and a little speak. Please, inform me, what are you thinking about it?

Raf, I hope to hear from you soon,

Letter 3

Hello my new friend Raf,

I am so happy, that you have answered my letter. If to be honest I was afraiding that you did not write me after my previous letter?

Now I would like to tell you about my interests and hobbies more.
I like to make many things in a life.
I wrote you that I like to cook. My mum cooks so good and she learned me. Most of all I prefer to cook Russian cuisine. There are many interesting dishes in our country: hot soups, salads, meat, fish, “ russian pirogy ” (cakes) and etc. I live in East Europe part of Russia, because Izhevsk founded in the European part of the country. Our food is rich and useful for our climate. I value also French and Italian cuisine. For example, I like pizza. But this is not so useful for body, and this is a reason, why I tried to cook it not so often? I do not like “ fast food ”, may be because sometimes it’s expensive for me.

My favourite color is blue. Blue is the color of my eyes, the color of sky. For me Blue is the color of purity of thoughts and wished, the color of Honesty. Sometimes I’m so romantic and I like to read novels of love?

I prefer to listen the various kind of music. But most of all I like rock ballads: Roxette, Nirvana, Eagles (“ Hotel California ”). I respect classical music like as Shopen, Beethoven, Chaykovsky. (I very similar " a lunar sonata "). From modern music I prefer Madonna, Eniya, Era. In general I should tell you, that I prefer romantic and tuneful music.

Yes, of course, I love romantic films and comedies. The film " Pretty woman " is a remarkable story about dreams and love. From romantic film I also love films where love always wins. I like movies about real friendship and brave men: “Gladiator”, “ Brave heart ”. From fantastic movie I like “ Star wars ” and "Matrix." Oh! I like all films with Keanu Rives. If to be honest I was engaged him so much, when I was a young girl?

I like to read. I love different kind of books: about love and about risk, sometimes I like detectives. My favourite authors are from Russian Literature? For example, I like Dostoevsky, Chehov, and Tolstoy. This is my future occupation?

On my leisure time I like to do gym exercises. It helps me to remain in the excellent form. But I cannot visit sport clubs, because, unfortunately, I have a very law income and most of sport clubs are so expensive for me! I love to see on TV tennis, badminton. But I tried to visit swimming-pool, it gives me energy for my life. I forget about all my problems, when I swim. We have the Ice House in our city and sometimes I like scatting. I’m able to skiing too.

I love to see slow dance (on the ice and on the parquet). It gives me unforgettable moments!

I also romantic and I like to travel, but I’ve never were in other countries, only in Russia. Tell me about your experience.

Raf, I want to have serious relations, I do not want to play games.
I not so well speak English, but I study it.

What do I wait from our correspondence? - I’m the gentle and not so sociable girl. I want to be loved and to be happy. I will give all my tenderness, care and attention for a one man whom I love. I dream to meet this man once! I want to create steady family and children. I think, that I will be a good friend and wife.

I want to tell you about my family. I have grandmother, mother and two young sisters. My father dead in the last year. He was simple worker and careful father. I told you that I live in, because my family is living in another town in Kirovsky region - Sovetsk. I went to Izhevsk to find good work.
Sovetsk is my native town, where I was grown up. This is a little and poor town. There are no the big educational and cultural centers in Sovetsk. From time to time I visit my family. One my sister is 15 y.o., my second sister is 20. She is married and she already has a child.
But this is the unhappy marriage, because her husband is a drinker!
The reason for your marriage was her pregnancy. I do not want to live like she. I dream about love-match.
I do not will be for me the most

I want to ask you some questions:
What is your main dream? What is your goal in the life?
How are you imagine your future wife and your life after marriage?
Tell me more information about your hobbies?
Tell to me more about the place where do you live?

I want to know more about you. I understand, that letters cannot give all information about person, but I hope that each our letter make us closely to each other.


Letter 4

Hello, my dear Raf!

Can I call you “ my dear ”, “ my sweetheart ”? It seems to me, we are very close to each other. It is strange situation for me, but I wait for your letters every moment in the day. I have a very busy work day.
But I remember about our correspondence all time!

I want to tell you about my usual day.
I wake up at 8 AM. Sometimes it is difficult, because I must work with children at the nights in the Children’s House 3 times in the week (often in weekends).
I work at school usually since 9 AM to 15 PM, after that I go on another work. Sometimes to prepear for lessons I should go to Library.
So i am almost busy and by the end of the day i feel myself tired.
I read alot when i have free time and my best friend Sveta says, that I’m a "Book-lady." I prefer a good book more than bad party;-)
But I like the meetings with my friends too - 2-3 times in week.

Really, Raf, it is very pleasant for me to have the friendship with you. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel that you are real and very close friend for me. I’m happy, that we found each other in this crazy world? I think, that you understand what I want to tell. All of us have mistakes in the past. But past is over and I want to create new relationships. I fell, that I’m ready for it!

I search the person who will be my friend, my husband, and father of my children. I think, that woman may be happy only in steady family. First of all my attention will be devoted to my future husband and children. I dream that he will work independently and I perhaps will have part-time work. I value accuracy and like to keep up home in clearance. And I know that to be good wife, mother and housekeeper is a hard work too.

Sorry, but I told Sveta about our correspondence. She is happy, she said, that I became to restore to life. And I think, that You are the cause of it. Thank You! Please, tell to me more about your family, about your style of life, about job.

Raf, everything that I tell you now - you the remarkable person and such an interesting man.
Age, country, social status does not matter for me. I value attention and real care more then nice words. I hate lies. I heard much of lies in the past!

I send you my first virtual kiss,
P.S: Please, send to me more photos!

Letter 5

Hello, my sweetheart Raf,

Thank you for your answer. I glad to hear from you so much!

Today I went along the street and paid attention: there are many pairs in the street!

They captured and kissed each other. People were really happy. In those moment I understood that I want to be happy and I remembered about you. Maybe this is destiny?
May be You are my special man? Please, tell me about your feelings? This is very important for me. Tell me more about you.
What do you think about women’s and men’s the roles in family?
What is some your favourite activity?
What is your favourite holiday? I want to know more about you, about your likes and dislikes!

I’m going to visit my family for a couple days (2 days). I missed about my mother and sisters. We are not so good friends with my youngest sister Masha. She is 15 - I told you. Masha is the adolescent now and sometimes she is insolent as much teenagers in this age. But I know that she is a kind girl and I love her so much. My family is most important thing for me on the Earth. But I afraid that her company is not good. Her boyfriend is a vain boy and I’m worry that he tried drugs. Oh! This is only my suspicion, but my native town is so small. Most of russian men prefer to drink, they do not want to decide problems of ordinary life. In general, alcohol and drugs are large problem for modern Russia, especial for little towns and villages. Unfortunately, this is true. As for me, I drink only one glass of red vine or champagne rare and I do not smoke. I not the supporter of use the alcohol every day. What about You?

Sorry, if you think, that I’m not pay attention for all your questions, but I use internet in the internet-cafe. There is a time-limit here, but remember - You are always in my mind. You are very good and kind person. And I dream to see you once in reality. Also I think that our friendship will be stronger every day.

I send you a lot of virtual kisses,
Sincerely yours,

Letter 6

My sweetheart, Raf,

I missed about your letters so much! Thanks for the letter back and for your interest to me.
I think, that we became good friends. I am pleased, that I’m not mistaken in you, and I do not want to disappoint you. So it is pleasant for me that you are not forget me? Unfortunately I do not have phone of the house, and neighbours do not allow to call to me.

I was with my family. My mum is good. She works as the tutor in a kindergarten.
She is very much loves the work. She likes to play, bring up children. My mum very kind and light person. She was happy to see me. My youngest sister Masha was very sad all this time, because her boyfriend offend her. She loves him so mush. I think this is our family quality to love similar me. My second sister with her kid and husband is OK. But My grandmother is in poor health. She is 82 y.o. She is wise and patient woman and she helped me so much, when I had a bad period in my life after my parting in the last year. But I’m afraid, that I lose her.

During this short period You’ve become the part of my life. I want to see You, to hear You and to touch You, my sweetheart Raf. I do not imagine my life without your letters! My friend, tell me what feelings and intentions do you have to me?

Raf, please, tell to me more about you ordinary live? Than you are occupied within all day. I really regret that I have not a phone in my home. This is the whole problem in Russia, but if such opportunity will be for me, I would call to Raf. I hope that phone call will be the next step in our relationships. I want to hear your voice in reality, to communicate with you. O, my dear Raf, It will be excellent event in my life! Please, write mw your phone number and time distance between your and mine places.

When I went to Izhevsk from my native town I dreamed about our conversation. Concerning my dream. I dream to find the true partner in a life who will be my loving husband, father of my children with whom we will be happy. I want to create my future family with kindness and love. Each your letter give me a secret hope, that I have found the man of my dream and all my life. I want to admit you, that you are this man. I all time expect the moment when I after work should receive your letter and write to you back.

Your answer is necessary for me!
A lot of kisses for you,
Sincerely yours,

Letter 7

Hello, my dear Raf,

I’m so happy to receive letters from you. My heart fells pleasure, when I read your kind words. I badly understand computers and I do not understand about what program you speak.
Each your letter get me possibility to be closely to you. I am confident, that you do not forget me within one minute. I always think of you.

Today I has upset, because one incident was happened. I were sitting with Sveta in cafe. She told me, that she is going to leave Russia for boyfriend David (I wrote you about your roman in my first letters). Oh! I was happy for her and a little sad, that my best friend will leave me. This is not the incident. Sorry, you may think, that I’m silly and so emotional girl. But this is true. Sometimes I’m emotional and sensitive person. Incident became latter. One drunker began to stick to me. He was young and insolent. I hate this type of men, they think that every woman dream to sleep with him! We left the cafe. I want to be beautiful only for you, my Raf. And I wrote you about this case, because I promised to be honest with you.

I told about you with my grandmother. I said, that I have the correspondence with the foreigner. She was surprised and answered, that the life is often full of wonders. We cannot know where is living the our soulmate. Then the grandmother wished me success in my private life. I told you, that she is so wise woman!

We are going to go into Russian bath house (sauna) with Sveta. It is very popular in our country. Did you hear something about Russian bath houses (“banya”, “sauna”)? I’ll tell you about it. A bath house is a small house which is made of logs of a tree. Modern bath-houses is made from bricks. There is a small room in which it is s necessary be so hot (bake.) Temperature in this room is about 70-80 degrees C. It’s hot for me! There is a second room, where people may have a bath. Oh! It’s so is fine, when from such hot room to plunge into cool water? The bath house give me energy for my living.

Raf, I’m sure, that we are the good friends. We should trust each other completely because without trust there is no the real friendship. I try do not think about the distance which separates us. I believe, that each your letter to me makes the distance between us become progressively smaller and smaller.

Now I must finish my letter, because I’m in a hurry to my night job in the children’s a garden. Kids wait for me every day. Most of children are clever and funny. I think, that we should care of children. Adults should show them good moral qualities. I love them. But all my thoughts about you, Raf.

Write me! I like to receive your letters.
I send you my hugs and kisses,
With all my tenderness,

Letter 8

My dear Raf,

Thank You, thank you so much for your attention. I cannot believe, that such man like you, write me.
I must make a declaration, that I fell a serious felling to You. I saw a dream this night, that You are sitting in my native house (in Sovetsk) in the kitchen and I cook for you my favorite cake (“pirog” in russian). And then I remember a kitten. You touched the kitten, caress him. And I fell myself in this role.

Maybe, this dream is a result of my yesterday’s adventure. I was in concert hall with Sveta. We were listening the classical music - symphony number 6 by Shostakovich. This is remarkable work of art in the history of my country, because the author create it in the blocked Petersburg in the Second World War period. It was a terrible time for people in the city. They live without food, without hope. But they trust, and this was a reason for surviving. The music is beautiful!

Raf, my friends tell me, that I became now absent-minded. This is true. I have fallen in love. I do not understand how does it happened? But I think about you all time. My sweetheart Raf, now you are the part of my life!

I found in your letters something that I’ve never met in other men. You are so kind, reliable and romantic person. I asked myself “ why it is so fast? ” I tried to analyze myself. This is not a passion, this is more. I want to be with You, to hear your voice, to fell your hugs, to see your face and I want to care about you, my Raf. Tenderness is more suitable word in this case. But I afraid that you will be laugh at my feelings. This is a very important for me - I want to be sure in your feelings too.

A lot of kisses,
With all my tenderness,
Your kitten - Irina.

Letter 9

My sweetheart Raf. I miss you. Thanks for your new letter, I am glad to receive it. My mood now has very strongly improved and on my person there was a small smile. :) Dear, I shall call to you as I will have an opportunity, well? I live in beautiful city under name Izhevsk. My dear Raf, remember in fact this happiness and pleasure you give me!!! How are you doing? How yours work? Now I begin, very strongly to experience for you my dear, I shall simply tell to you directly and fairly, you became very much, very dear to me the person and consequently I do not wish to lose you. I really glad to hear from You. It was nice to receive such a nice letter from you. I’m sorry but I cannot always check my mail fast? Today I had difficult day, I have not had time to descend at all for the dinner, day was very heavy, at me was a lot of work and also, I wish to work this month well. I VERY STRONGLY WANT HOLIDAY!!! Yesterday, in the evening I very long thought of the holiday, where and with whom I shall spend it?! In the beginnings to me even that did not occur, I simply did not know, where I wish to lead it. In it cities really it is very boring to have the holiday, I already have completely studied this city and every day I see the same places and almost the same persons and after me the good idea has occurred: AND WHY TO ME TO NOT LEAD THIS HOLIDAY WITH YOU?! I think, that month to me will be sufficient what to lead it with you, I really very strongly would like it. I would like to visit very strongly your country, to see various beautiful places and also to have good rest with you, my dear Raf! I when was not in other countries and consequently earlier, now I to have chance to visit you. Raf, answer me, you would like to accept my holiday and to lead it together with me?! Raf you will have holiday in this month?! If it is fair, I have only one holiday in a year, it usually happens in the summer, but in this month it will be it will be very good, we can see each other and try to construct good holiday together, I think, what we will are very happy?! What you to think of it? Now I wish to tell about my romantic evening... How can I imagine the most romantic evening? Oh! I’m fine imagine it to myself! To me to be unconditional it would be desirable with the special man. For example, we sit near each other in a small but cosy room which all is filled by candles. Melodious and tuneful music sounds. There are the cloth, flowers, fruit, is a little wine on a table. My lovely man looks me in the face, gently holds for a hand, touch my hair. I lower the head on his shoulder, and he starts to kiss me gently. Gradually our kisses become more and more passionate. And further the history for adults already begins? I constantly think of you, my dear Raf! I think of You, when I sit at work, when I cook, even when I wash in bathing (I understand how it silly sounds, but this is true?). I very much would like to look in your eyes, to hear your voice absolutely beside, to feel your touches. I feel your care and attention. Thanks that you pay to me attention, you share the ideas. It seems to me, that we completely understand each other!

Sincerely yours, Irina.

Letter 10

Hello, my dear Raf! :). I miss you. Thank you for your letters, I am glad to receive it. With me all is good and also my day was remarkable, when I was on work, I missed and also thought of you, to me all would be desirable to come in " Intenet cafe " more strongly and to check up your new letter and also your answer on my holiday. It was valid to me to know your answer very interestingly. If it is fair, when I have started to enter in mail, at this time I have closed the eyes and after simple to press the button, after I have seen your letter and my mood in a trice have changed in the best party. I do not know, it can seem to you ridiculous, but it is valid, that I have made now. Thanks for your answer :), I really understand you, I am glad. Last night, I simply did not know than to me to be engaged, I would not like to leave on street, weather was not so good and consequently I have decided to esteem some books simply. Now I want to tell simply about what I read these books, this book simply had no special name, but the main thing in it was spoken about a life and also trust to the person and now I wish to tell simply to you, that I have understood from this: At times the life presents us tests. I consider, that tests are given only to strong people. It means, that the more problems, the person becomes more stronger, more wisely and more safely. What will be, if the life will pass as a direct and equal line, without bends and changes? The person in that case will not feel a pain and losses, but also pleasures also will pass by. Yes, the life will be silent and quiet, boring. But how then to feel pleasure of what to a trouble have ended? I know it on my personal experience. But now you are with me? It is important for me! I wish to tell you my thoughts about trust. The trust is very easy for losing and difficulty to win. I’m afraid to lose your trust. I understand, that each of us possesses own life experience. People often happen malicious. They are ready to see malicious intention behind each act. But it is important to be able to trust. Once I remember read an ancient fairy tale about one cautious person. The person very much was afraid that he will collide with treachery and a pain of a deceit. And then he has decided to close his heart that nobody could cause him a pain.. He has solved, that he will open itself only to the one, to whom can completely will trust. And after many years later he has met such person and has opened the heart. But his heart was empty! I think, this is a wise story. You know, my dear Raf, I think, that it is necessary to trust even then when will trust terribly. I hope we understand each other! You are always in my mind. I send you all my tenderness, Take care, Your kitten, Irina

P.S. Please tell to me your full information: your full name, and necessarily the Airport in which you could pick up me. I should know about it address, tomorrow i wish to descend in Travel agency what to learn all it would be necessary the important information for my travel.

Letter 11

Hi my dear Raf! I miss you. Thanks for your new letter, I am glad to receive. :) My mood now has very strongly improved and on my person there was a small smile. Pretty Raf, remember in fact this pleasure you give me and it pleases me. I love you Raf and I send you some kisses. I am really very glad. Today during the lunchtime between the work, I went in " Internet cafe " what to read through your new letter. I was very strongly glad to see it.. After the work, I have started to move to Travel agency what to learn it would be necessary the important information in occasion of flight in Brussel. I have found the Agent and at once have started to set to it many questions. It even so has looked at me. Dear Raf, at this time, on my person there was a smile, to me it was amusing. It also has smiled to me. I thought, that it was simply loaded from my questions and the beginnings all under the order to explain to me.

It has told:

The first, that will be necessary visa, Schengen visa for me is, it has told, that it is easier for receiving and with it it will be possible to travel almost across all Europe. It has told, that it costs 35 Euro. It has told, that it will be done very quickly in current of 6-7 days. My mood at once has very strongly improved. Dear Raf, during this moment I have very strongly reflected, it seemed to me, that I can arrive to you. My heart of the beginning very strongly to fight.

The second, that will be necessary for me this insurance of flight, the Agent has told, that it is obligatory to insure me, will be necessary to pay only 120 Euro, prepares in current of 3-4 days. The third, that will be necessary for me is the ticket, there and back. I have asked it, that it has found the cheapest and most nearest ticket up to Brussel. It at once has started to be dripped in a computer and has found them.

It the ticket from Moscow up to Brussel has told, that, will cost to me 250 Euro. The ticket costs 250 Euro + 54 Euro on gathering. From Moscow up to Brussel - 250 Euro and from Brussel up to Moscow - 250 Euro. All in the sum will make 554 Euro only for tickets.

I have written down this information for you. Dear Raf, after I have started to move home. I have sat down on a sofa and have started to cry. On my person there were many tears. To me it was very sick, my dream has not come true, I very strongly would like though first time during lives to try to fly by the plane to other country. I did not fly to time at all, my heart very slowly fought. I so strongly would like to see you and to spend with you unforgettable time, I dreamed to visit it, to see beautiful various dream, I very strongly would like to spend with you unforgettable time, nevertheless I very strongly love you Raf. I so strongly do not have your man's caress and heat to me. My mood was very bad. In fact I very strongly love you.. Every second I think of you, I very strongly would like to you, to start to build ours the future. I can arrive to you in March and lead with you of 1 month of holiday, after we could travel in Russia, I very strongly would like to acquaint you with the parents. I even have told to mum, that to the first I shall fly by the plane to the favourite person with whom I wish to lead the rest of the life. It was really very happy for me. It also has asked to send the regards to you from my mum. Now to me it is again very boring. I could save only 100 Euro this month and I am ready to spend it for the sake of our meeting. I thought, that it will suffice me. But I opinion was wrong and now I consider, that I the silly and naive girl, even it seems to me, that nobody wishes to be friends of me. Sometimes I even start to think, that I to whom it is not necessary in this life. People are severe to me. But when you Raf, have appeared in my life, you have begun is in my heart and opinion. My feelings are very strong to you. I think, that in this life I to whom it is not necessary, me even who cannot help. Please write to me the letter, warm me and console. Even it seems to me, that dreams it and are dreams, I think, that they when will not come true.

I love and kiss you. Have good day. Do not miss. Your love Irina

Letter 12

Hi my dear!

I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait, when I can tell to you HI - personally. Thanks for your message. That in occasion of your questions on work I will not have problems with my absence as I can take holiday in March in any day. My income not such big, but quite suffices it for a normal life. For the beloved I am ready to go though on edge of light.
Raf, my day was very strained and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract. In
Conformity with the contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel, to buy for me the ticket and
To deliver me to the plane. From my city there are no planes to you and consequently I all over again will need to reach to Moscow,
And therefrom already to you. I have some money still, and also took some money at
My parents, but they will not suffice for payment of my travel to you, dear you will help me to buy tickets up to you? I can pay for the visa and submit documents on its registration, but all over again I should know, whether you will help me with funds, that I would not spend funds vainly. In agency of travel to me have told that is necessary 674 euro, 554 euro cost of return tickets and 120 euro cost of obligatory insurance. Dear, it is necessary for me to buy a return ticket, it for the sake of my safety, I shall explain, suddenly that be there will be also you cannot meet me at the airport. That then to me to do by one without money, in the another's country. You understand me? It only not the greater insurance for my safety and my calmness. I hope, that it will not be a problem for You and I can not worry about it. I have informed all of you to news on promotion of our meeting and now I send
To have a rest, I am very tired today. I hope, that I can soon embrace you Raf. I wait for your messages my favourite.
My kisses and embraces!
Yours Darya.

Letter 13

Hello my love Raf! How are you? (B) I am indefinitely happy to receive your letter. I always feel a lot of pleasures and happiness inside my heart when I read your letter. They give me very much is warm and help to feel you during several minutes. Dear, I do not know as you, and I wish to meet you as soon as possible and to me it will be not important what is month, with rains or with a snow. You understand me? And what in occasion of a picture? Where exactly I should write your name? Also answer me please a question: You can help me funds, what I could travel to you? To a detail of my travel I can send all to you when I shall reserve the ticket, now it is difficult to me to judge it, but I would like to visit you in March. What do you think of it? When I have met you I has changed. You have opened the new world for me, world of love. Now I rise in the morning with a smile on my person, because I know that not one. In this large world is The man, who thinks of me. I want to tell you a thank. With you I feel myself by the woman, which wants to be happy to love. I have lost the hope on happiness, seeing the rough Russian men. When I have met you you have given me Hope for happiness. My love even my friends speak, that I have changed. They speak, that I more often smile also my eyes burn by light of pleasure. I am very grateful to you for it.. I am very happy, that you do not leave me and estimate our correspondence. You the present man, which is not afraid of problems, which can care. I am very happy, that you have chosen me and have given me chance to give you all love and tenderness. I think of you my love.. I need in you in my life. My honey. I shall finish this letter, I wish to you all best and good mood. I very much wait your answer and I send you the warm embraces.

Love on always. Your Irina.

Letter 14

Hello my love Raf! I am very glad to see your letter. At reading your letter I have a joyful smile and is very happy, that We have met each other. Now I am precisely sure, that I not one, though we far apart yours The letters bring a lot of heat and pleasure in my life, that I feel yours The presence at my life is constant. Dear, I shall not write on the body that. How you represent it to yourselves? That that I can make now it to call to you, well? Understand me correctly if you will not help me we when we can not meet because I simply do not have such funds. Honey, I constantly think of you where I would not be and that I would not do. You always with me in my heart. I miss without you each day. I sat on a bed home and read the book, but I have understood, that I can not concentrate The attention on it. My ideas came back to you again and again. I thought as far as it will be wonderful it to wait for you from work, to meet You with a sensitive kiss and embrace to prepare tasty supper for you and to give To you all love and care. I want to give you everything, that I have, I want to do you very happy, As you make me. I feel myself very well, because We soon shall meet, but I am afraid to lose you. I hope, with all by mine By heart, that that will not interfere with our happiness. I hope, that for you our relations as roads as well as for me. And I never shall lose you. On it I shall finish the letter. Please inform, that you think of all it. I whole you...

Your Irina.

Letter 15

My honey Raf! What good news you wait from me? All that I could, I have already made, now I wait for reaction from you. I hope you you understand about what there is a speech. I very much grieve without you as. Each day I go in Internet of cafe with By one desire to see your letter. I go along the street and I dream of you. I want to look in your eyes and to feel your strong shoulder close To mine. You have changed all life for me. I long time lived without a definite purpose. All days mixed up together and All was very monotonous. I lived from one day up to another. That did not suffice to me to whom. Now I know that it were you. I am very grateful to you for it. You have grasped my heart, my opinion, mine Soul. When we shall be together my life my love will be devoted to you. I think I must tell you bye for now... I'll be keeping you in my mind all the time... I send you my tender kiss and tight embrace...

Your Irina.

Letter 16

My dear Raf
Your letter again has brought light in my life.
How you? I hope, what at you all is good? Dear, I badly know a computer and for me it will be complex to make that that you ask, that is to speak through the program "skype".
You understand me?
I think, that the life is not so bad, if there are such people as you mine Love. The large thank to you for it.
You have kind heart and it can do our relations more Warm.
Now when I have you I think that our life will change. The world becomes Kind, bright and warm for us. I think, that everyone requires this world in heat and love.
Why the world such? Why all happens?
I would like to create strong and amicable family with heat and love.
I would like, that you smiled to me each morning and each evening.
And I shall give a smile to you, I think, that it will bring to us a lot of pleasures and love.
I am ready to give back all for this purpose.
To find the present love it is a very difficult thing. But I have made it!!!!!!!!! Dear, you can send the capital for my travel to you?

I love you my prince.

Yours Irina

Letter 17

Hi my love!!!
What happens? Unless you did not receive my letters??? I wrote all of you these days. At me now only one question to you: you wish to meet me?
Like any other woman I dream to have my own family, honest, loyal and reliable husband to care for and to help him about everything;
children to foster; home to keep and tide up, etc. I am happy that I had met you and had written to you and anybody to another.
That day when I had written you was happiest in my all life. I know that all things are under construction on trust and understanding,
Any relations without it can not exist in general, differently. It is difficult to name it as the close relations. But I consider between.
We already generated the close and sensual relations. Personally it occurs now to me. I do not know as you my love, but I am in such condition.
It would be desirable to be with you, to embrace you. To see and to love you only. I can not help thinking of you.
I rise and I lie down to sleep recollecting about you. About what you told me. I also think of you and your letters only.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
With love, your Irina.