Romance scam letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to DaniEl (Belgium)
Letter 1
Good morning my love............. My dream Daniel!
How are you?????
I hope that this day passes well for you and you have good day and very good mood.
For me the big happiness to receive your letter, and always I hasten to answer your letters as.
Today there was very sated day for me.
I could see many beautiful places in Moscow because I was on excursion on Moscow, and heard about this city much.
But I shall tell all under the order.
After I have written to you my letter, I went to church.
It really very beautiful Kazan Cathedral, it to be near to the Red Area.
It really very beautiful cathedral which has been constructed on the Red area in the second quarter of XVII century in gratitude for disposal of Russia from Poland - the Lithuanian aggressors in 1612 and in memory of victims in this war Russian soldiers.
It really is very beautiful, I shall send you a photo of this Cathedral, and I hope that you like to see it.
Russia really has greater history, and many buildings and churches very beautiful.
After I have prayed for ours with you a meeting, and really present love.
I took excursion on Moscow.
I was in many places, but most of all I liked " MOUNTAINS VOROBEVY ".
This place from which is visible all Moscow................... Absolutely all.
There there is a viewing platform with which it is possible to observe all beauty of this big and at the same time beautiful city.
I very much hope that we shall have greater love, and we can visit Moscow together and see this beautiful city, and I hope that we can see city in which I live.
" MOUNTAINS VOROBEVY " is is as the center of all enamoured, this place where people come on weddings to see beauty of all Moscow and to assign flowers.
Today when, I saw their beautiful persons, persons of enamoured people I was happy.
It is happy because I dreamed about ours with you a meeting and I hope that as also we shall have our passionate kisses, and we shall be happy in the future.
Enamoured release in the sky turn blue fortunately, it is very beautiful.
So it is beautiful that my heart was compressed also I was ready to shout with happiness. I only regretted that we not near to you this minute.
I am valid very romantic woman, but during too time I have very good sense of humour because I think that the laughter helps to live to us and to do us happy.
I the woman which to all concern easy, and with understanding.
If your way of life is such what it is, I shall not stir to it, the main thing for me that you loved me and I felt it.
I hope that you understand about what you speak.
I am ready to accept much in you, only I ask you to not deceive me............... I ask that you wrote that you really feel. I want that our attitudes were only with the truth, whether and then to us will understand easily are created we to be together.
YOU UNDERSTAND me????????? Speak the truth and I am assured, that the love will be opened before us.
I speak only the truth both my heart and my ideas will be always open before you.
It not simply dream................ I a reality which will arrive to you, and probably I shall change all your life.
I wish to do you happy because I think that you very good the man and you have deserved it.
To me really is much, that to you to tell. To speak it is more about my mother, the father, the sister............... My work and my life.
But I think that I can tell about it better at our meeting.
Now I wish to learn you as the man more, and to tell about my character.
I hope that you will have good week-end.
I kiss you also wait for your letter.
Yours Kseniya.
Letter 2
Good morning my lovely Daniel!!!How are you?I hope that you have good day today and you to wait for my letter.Today there was very important day in our meeting, today I received my visa.And I to have excellent news.................................... I am happy, I have received my visa.And it was fine, the ambassador without problems has given me the sanction to visiting of your country.IT was fine!!!!!!! Now we shall be together!As I also promised, I at once hastened in travel agency to reserve my ticket.But there is one problem.i could not buy the ticket because I could not show the customs declaration.The problem in flying in your country I should have 1300 euros.These are greater money for me.But there is a law, and I should carry out it................... I should show money for customs.To prove that I to visit your country independently, and I can pay my visiting.I should not spend this money.But I to require in this money......................I very much hope that you can help me with it.It is a real problem, and I hope that you can help me.As soon as I to arrive to the airport I at once I shall give you this money.I shall wait for your letter................ Kiss you.For ever yours Kseniya.
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