Scam letter(s) from Yemi Johnson to Thomas (USA)

Letter 1
Hello,How are you doing today?I am glad to hear back from you,I am single woman,tall 5.5 and my ibm is 135.I am glad to hear from you too,I really like everythings about you and i want to get to know more about you,i am accountant in delicacies fast food but i left there due to my boss,he wanted to get marry with me and i didnt have any feelings for him,i am looking for good job right now so i can start my life with as one.i lost my dad 4 years ago and i live long distance from my mom,she just email me some time in month.i am comitment woman and i am looking for comitment man to share my love with as one,i really like you alot and you are handsome man i want to lean more about you and share my life with you as one,if you didnt have anyone in ur life right now.tell me more about you?did you stay alone?did you date anyone woman on this site b4 me?wht are you looking for in a woman?i am looking for long time relationship from right man.wht did you do for living?wht is ur full name?did you want to get marry now when you have the right woman in ur life?tell me more about you?Yemi Johnson
Letter 2
Yes i will like to relocate for the right man,please answer all the quetion i ask from you,you can email it to my personal email adress i will like to know everything about you.i want to come to american if i can see good man to love me and take good care of me.give me ur email adress also.
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