Letter(s) from Tatyana Kalinichenko to Rob (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Rob,

Thanks for your lovely message. I was glad to hear from you. I saw your profile and I like what you wrote about yourself.

My name is Tatyana. I live in Ukraine, far away from you, but I hope it will be possible to meet you one day. I am young in heart and soul, have blue eyes, blond hair and I am about 170 cm high and 58 kg weigh.
I have a great sense of humor and a great life experience.

I live alone in my own flat. I have never been married, but I have been living together with a man for some years. This relationship finished a couple of years ago.

I am a very romantic woman, and I love children. I am spontaneous, generous, tender, warm, strong, faithful, sensitive, sensual, passionate and with a kind character. Also I do like to make experiments over my appearance because I like changes and it helps to cheer me up when things go absolutely wrong as our life is very dull and to make it a bit happier I make some changes to my hair, wardrobe and accessories. So, that's me as I am!

I think a woman should always stay beautiful, no matter what age she is, sexy elegant, smart and active. I think every person has a right to be happy, though everybody has his own idea of happiness. I believe that happiness is being with a loving and understanding man, somebody you can share the good and bad times, the joys and sorrows of your life with.

Happiness means living with a reliable man who loves you and your children. The most important element of every man is being able to enjoy the comforts of home and knowing that his family are all secure and protected.

I hope to meet a well-balanced and calm man, as I am really serious about starting a family. I want to have a family where there will be warmth and care, love and attention. I want to have a beloved man by my side, whom I could meet in the evening, whom I could meet at home after his work and have dinner with and relax with, share our thoughts and feelings, maybe even understand each other only by exchanging looks.

Finally those nice words especially for you: "Life is calm and in harmony. But my heart is frozen to ice, my soul is burning and cold winds of sorrow are blowing...A heart can not love without love. Where are you my sweetheart? I am looking for you in crowds of strangers. Come and call me, just whisper my name...And then, I believe the sun will shine brightly over our heads and lost dreams will come true. I will come with you through worries and waiting, through years and space. Where are you, the other part of my heart? I am waiting for you day and night..."!

Dear , I hope you will find this letter interesting, and that you will write me back. Have a nice day.

With care,

Letter 2

Are you happy Robert?

I am!, because your reply made me smile and gave me a ray of hope in my life! You know I came home yesterday and before I went to bed I was watching sky with yellow moon and twinkling stars and you know what? I was watching a star falling down and of course I did not miss my chance to make a wish... try to guess my wish! Yeah, you are right! So here we are as you can see! Unfortunately I do not speak English dear and I am using the services of translating company. I do speak Russian.

Let me tell you about myself more... I am an orphan and unfortunately I have never seen my parents and I don't even know their names and where I am from as I was found at the doors of the orphanage in Luginy, region of Zhitomirsk on the 2 of July 1977 and since I was brought up by teachers and nurses, so they are my family and I love them very much and grateful to everything they've done to help me in my life. They gave knowledge and I entered the College, so now I am working as secretary in the private company dealing with distributing products as food and drinks. I like this job but my dream is to create a family and keep the fire of it, giving all my love, care and tender to my husband and children. And what about you?

And of course about my likes and dislikes.

Positive: music (pop, disco, R&B, Latino, romantic, rock ballads), cooking (can prepare meals from different cuisines), flowers (roses, daisies, orchids and violets), bright colors, going camping, watching stars and fire burning, having candlelit dinners and just walking round the town.

Negative: smoking, drinking too much, lie, dishonesty, gas-water, laminaria, illness, unemployment, cactuses.

Do you like flowers? As you have noticed already I do like them a lot, so I am collecting different window plants and their fragrance fill the room and I enjoy their aroma. It is so wonderful to see all the green around you with exotic beautiful flowers, it looks like magic wood but with bed, shelves, table, chairs and wardrobe. So that is my hobby and what is yours?

Waiting with great impatience for your reply.

Yours daisy,