Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sergeeva to Inge (Norway)

Letter 1
I am very pleased to receive from you the answer.
Both again and again, that I want to inform, it I thank.
Your letter is very pleasant to take care of me, because it means, that in this huge world, who - which thinks of me.
I ask to forgive to me, if my letter will seem to you strange or inconsistent .
Simply it is difficult for me what to begin acquaintance directly.
I the modest and shy girl and consequently I worry a little.
But I hope, that if will pass any time, and we can get acquainted closer, and we can study each other better. I begin to write to you, and it is probable in this letter, which something is necessary to inform concerning me.
Yes certainly I should send one of photos.
At first I should say when I was ?i?aaia and as my age.
I was ?i?aaia on December 14, 1978. It means that to me now 29 years.
My growth 180 ni and all mine 52ea. In family I was the unique child, and I have no any brothers of the sisters.
And now I live together with the parents in a small apartment.
I think, which at this time there has arrived time to reflect above than future life. I want to you at once to say that at me there is a very beautiful son to him now 76 years.
Soon he will go to school.My son call Dima. When I at me have appeared the child but the husband then has thrown me and now I one.
We with the husband by mine single as he has left to another and has left from our city. I ask you do not remind to me about my husband I want it as soon as possible to forget, and I think that you will help me with it. I very much would like to have own family, and I very much want to remove own children.
I very much like children, and I very much would like to remove children, I do not know, how much I want children
As it should depend not only on me, but also and and from mine the man, because it - the chapter of family, and it also owes
To think concerning children. I grow, and ?i in city Ioshkar-Ola.
It approximately 600 kilometers from Moscow.
It - small city in Russia. My father works in militia. At you it sounds as police.
My mum works as a saleswoman in shop to be close to buildings.
She sells bread. Probably I shall inform you concerning my parents more, but in the other letter.
Now I would like to inform more concerning me directly, that you it will be possible to present me.
I already spoke it, I was 1978.
And also, as the majority of children I have come in a children's garden till 7 years.
I now understand, that my parents could sit not constantly with me, and they had me to give in a children's garden.
But I remember, that, when I was small to me, the children's garden did not like, because I very much wanted to be with the parents. After that I have left in school. I do not know, why, but I could study well without effort, when other children had problems with study.
I have left school with the Red diploma in 1998.
On it my formation was not completed, also I have left to study in Institute, I have arrived there without problems, because I had the red diploma after departure of school. It spoke, which I very well studied, it has helped me to study "free-of-charge" in Institute.
I have finished Pedagogical institute in 2003 and ambassador, which I did not study more. In me always, seem, not only investigated, but also and and it is good to explain, and I could teach to children independently.
After I have finished institute, I began to work from school.
And as I work as the teacher of small children.
I teach only to children, who the profits from a children's garden.
I teach to him all sciences. I study them to read and to write.
I very much like children and me very much to similar it, which I do.
The job with children requires attention, and I think it with children to work small bats more difficult than with the adults.
As I already have said to my job very much to me to similar what completely to help children. In my age to become clear, that children and I try this our future to study in their volume that me capable to be a straight line and even hardly more.
The love to children has arrived in me with my age, and now I want to receive children.
I dream to have the perfect family, in which the family is concentrated always warm. Probably you ask me, why I have written to you? But I do not know,
And why you search for whom is?
I iioi?o on you, I want to find happiness. I already spoke it I the shy girl, and consequently I do not know as I to explain to you, that, what I speak with you And why would be present? It is difficult to get acquainted to me with the people in the street, and I could not find to me directly man here on my native basis (ground), for the sake of which I am ready on all.
My girlfriend at job informed me to try to get acquainted in the Internet. I should write the letters from the Internet of cafe, because I have no house, any the computer.
Is soft enough what to place the computer home.
In our country not so many people have computers of a house. Therefore I hope, what is it is usual, that, that I write from the Internet of cafe.
The standard of living in Russia not such high as in other countries is probably simple.
Only I ask, that you have understood me, I it am correct, would not like, you thought, that I complain.
I would earn enough money what to live here. I think, that on it my letter has arrived closer up to the end, and I hope, what is it largest letter, that will distract you. Now you can read it and if you agree with it, which I have written, we can continue to get acquainted further.
Whether I hope, what I can establish on you a question " you agree to have the serious attitudes with the Russian girl?
Whether you agree " to continue the attitude with it. I in any case wish to you only goods, and I hope to see your following time of the letter. Sincerely yours new friend Tatyana .
Letter 2
Hello my friend Inge
I am very pleased, which I can to read to your letter.
For me was pleasant surprise to see your letter.
Therefore I want to inform you gratitude.
You have a lot of jobs?
I can to you than help?
When I searched, whom - that on the Internet, I have sent the message to four people,
But has received back only from you, and I am very pleased to this.
I am pleased, because your structure liked me most of all,
I waited back only from you, and consequently you can not even probably represent, as I am pleased.
The Internet of cafe not to be close to my house. But this distance not a problem for me, because I am ready to pass many difficulties to speak with you again.
I would like to spend in cafe of a lot of time speaking with you, but it happens difficultly for me because of my job.
I very much want to study more from you, and me also it would be desirable to inform still so concerning me directly.
I hope, that my last the letter was not too large.
And you were it. I am simple, does not worry also very much to me, it would be desirable to speak very much.
Let me to speak concerning family.
My father ?i in Ioshkar-Ola And now to this 51-year's.
My father militarian, but now it on pension.
It was urgently tired with job, and I saw it.
And when I was small, we have left to have, lean on character , and it was very pleasant to me.
My mum to give rise in Ioshkar-Ola in 1949 and it now to 55 years.
My parents have met in Ioshkar-Ola, it happened after I the daddy have sent there to work.
Militarians often represent other cities, and then they have come back in Ioshkar-Ola already together.
Here they also have remained to live. After wedding I have appeared.
I grow without the sisters and without the brothers.
I do not know, why I was one in family, but it was not probable to my parents simply, because of job of the father.
I hope, that my parents liked you, and I shall send necessarily you their picture.
Certainly I very like my parents. And I think, which me was very successful with the parents, but I began the adults, and I should think of family. How to you my English language? I hope, that, that, what I speak, you can understand and read without problems?
The study of my language began at school.
I very much liked this language, and I always wanted to study to speak concerning English language easily and freely.
After school I have continued to study English language on special norms.
I read many textbooks and was borrowed with the teachers.
I spoke it, I liked to study, and I have studied this subject with pleasure.
I probably do mistakes? But I hope that them not so.
Simply practice is necessary for me, and I think, that I can speak usually.
I shall be honour, and I shall inform, that I sometimes use the interpreter, I hope, what you it not urgently breaks?
Me was successful, because, when I studied, the formation was "free-of-charge", and I could study very much.
Now all very softly and now I can not be borrowed with the teachers.
But I think, that to me it is enough, that knowledge, that I have received. My growth 180 ni and all mine 52ea, I observe I number , and I shall do it always, because I like to be always in the form.
I very much like to look films concerning happy love, and I dream, what is it in me sometime will be.
It is my dream from childhood also, as in many girls.
In the past I have met, what man urgently became . But I was silly.
It has deceived me, and me is very tired.
But not it I continue supervision, to entrust in love in.
It - one more reason, on which I write to you.
I want, I shall meet the man, who is worthy my pure and sincere love.
Which will never deceive me.
I always trusted such easy feelings as love, friendship, fidelity, fidelity, kindness.
I could not meet such man in Russia.
I should entrust, which you, which that man I searched!
I hope, it urgently has not tired you with a history concerning me directly.
I shall be pleased to answer your any questions, but I not always I can understand a question.
Therefore I ask to not consult, if I can not answer your question.
I am very pleased, which we can to proceed ours
The attitudes can go above mentioned.
To my friend Inge
With impatience Tatyana.
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