Scam letter(s) from Natalia Ryabkina to Dermot (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hello dear Dermot! Thank you so much for your e-mail!!! It was a great pleasure to get it and I am answering you with a big hope that we'll continue and it leads us to decision to meet each other and to develop our relations not only in a virtual world ;0) But still.... when we are so far away from each other it gives us a good opportunity to know each other better=)
You may be surprised to find a girl like me here in a net... so do I!!! 0=) I can't believe myself I decided to try this variant =) I was very hurt two years ago and I decided to take a break from relations... but everyone needs love.... so I was advised to try long-distance relations to have a chance to know each other better first. My best friend has found here a good guy from France they are happily married and so I decided to follow her example=) I hope it really works ;0) I would like to say you that I appreciate your interest in me and I would like to write you that you seem to be very interesting person and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. Why a little bit?
Because it is only start and I don't know you very well but I will try to be open and to answer all your questions that you can have to me. I think that speaking to each other in letters we can find a common language and to get to know each other better enough to share our secrets and dreams, thoughts and feelings. Do you agree with me? So let me introduce myself once again =) My name is Ananstasiya. If it is hard for you to spell you may just call me Nastya ;0) I was born on April, 9, 1980 in Kodyma city and when I finished school I moved to Fastov in Kiev region...
But I have never been out of Ukraine never the less I still hope I will have a chance one day;0) I am single. I have never been married before and I have no kids but I wish I could.... I love kids with all my heart! Communication with a child brings us back to our childhood to my mind and I believe childhood is the most wonderful, interesting and exiting period of time... looking on the world with kids' eyes makes us kinder it is a well-know fact =) I am the only child in a family but I have cousins who as as close as my brothers=) My parent live not so far away so I try to visit them on weekends if my schedule lets me just to change the set-up and to gossip with my Mom as she is my best friend!!! =) I am rather talkative person and the most curious that it brings me money =))) I work as a DJ on one of the radio stations here! =)
I do really enjoy my work as it is my "nature" =) I think I am a very lucky person as I enjoy my everyday staff=) I am also working on my diploma in management hoping that one day I will become the manager of the radio station! =) I am almost happy with my life. The only thing that I really lack is a reliable gentlemen. Yeah, real gentlemen...
Actually that's why I decided to try myself in Internet as I am greatly disappointed in our men... Well, I am not going to bother you with my biography and frankly speaking I have to be back to my work, that's why I wish you to have a nice day, full of energy and positive emotions!!!!
Please tell me about you, your likes and dislikes, your habits, your interests everything that you feel free to share with me! I am very interested to know you better!!!!! Write back soon I will be waiting impatiently Anastasiya
Letter 2
Hello my dear Dermot! Thank you very much for your letter=) It was a very pleasant surprise for me to hear from you again=)
I was very exited with getting your pictures! You seem to be a man with huge charisma!!! We could be a good couple to my mind ;0) You seem to be a nice, intelligent and interesting person and I would like a lot to get to know you better.
I am not afraid to show my interest or feelings because I really don't like to play games and I prefer to be open and straight person with others I communicate with.
I appreciate being open and sincere with me and I like when people say what they feel or think without hiding anything and pretending nothing! Thanks for telling me more about yourself! Learning you step by step is like reading a book =) Do you think we could write our own love-story? =) I think I need to tell you more about myself first, right?=) Well... I think life is the most percios gift and I value every minute of it! I am really enjoying my life and try to find more positive minutes in it!
I enjoy reading positive useful books like Tracy and Kohelo, gardening and cooking calms me down very much and brings peace to my soul!!! I am a great fan of pilates and meditaiton that helps me to keep my body and my soul in a good shape =) As you understand I am very good in cooking and I really like welcoming the guests! Would you be my guest one day?=) I love animals and flowers, I go crazy about good smells, I adore chocolate and the sea... green tea and good music, but good music is a very wide meaning to a DJ=) My taste depends from my mood but mostly I prefer top40, RnB and some calm romantic music when is needed=))) I enjoy walking down the streets listening to bird singing =) sometimes it is the best music for my ears=) It all that ok with you? ;0) In continuation of my topic about honesty I want to tell you from the very beginning that my English has a very poor level not enough for free communicating by my own, so I decided to call for help of translation bureau...
I also have been told that due to scammers many men have the preconceived attitude toward such relations, but I decided to try =)Of course it's up to you if you still want to continue, but you will have a chance to convince that there are real woman here who are really interested in meeting and development of relations, and who will learn any language just to be with their man =) But it does not mean that I am here for endless mailing as I am here to meet my future husband=) I want also him to be my best friend as I believe that friendship can exist without love, but no love can exist without friendship=) Do you agree with me? ;0) And what is ideal woman for you? What kind of woman do you want to have in your life? Well, ****, I have to run already but I will be thinking of you every step of my way ;0) I really hope to hear from you again.... Yours Nastya
Letter 3
Hello my sweet Dermot! From the very beginning I want to thank you for writing me back after the news about my English level. To tell you the truth I even didn't expect that, so your letter was a great surprise for me but a very pleasant one=) Believe me I will do everything possible and impossible to master the language! I am not the pioneer in it and the fact that it is needed for the development of our relations will be the best stimulus for me ;0) You know like every woman I have been dreaming of the perfect relations as I did not have them in the past... I have lost the hope to find my second half in my country so it brought me here... I have understood that most men see the women thought of ideal relation as the apartment in the center of capital with the athlete angel with brown hair and green eyes,together with amazing country house where women take care of bushes just for the self expression.
They think that a man has to ear much, should have no reason for making present, should cook a breakfast and investigate in jewellers preferring white gold and black pearls...
But to my mind these women are just hunting for money. For relations based on business:*** instead of country house and white gold, so I don't want you to think that it is just what I am looking for. I had a great example of happy family life without black pearls as my parents have been married for almost 30 years and there was no "exchange" in our family. I may sound too naive but I am still looking for a man whom will love me just for what I am and whom I love just for being himself... I want to find a man who will be wiser then I am so that I could find something interesting during our talks... I want him to be older then I am to be more experienced and teach me everything he knows... and I will make him feel younger and younger day by day... I still want to believe there are true emotions, sincere feelings on the earth, i still want to believe that people of the world haven't yet forgotten what is to love, to suffer & to be dying to be someone's love, not just to have that for one-night-stand to show off & let your friends know, you are so much better, cause this is you, who loved all night long... May be i am maximalizing at the moment, though i bet i am not, & even though we are coming from two different worlds, i am intended to think we see the same environment around, & gosh, my dream is to change it for better, if you want to have a try to do that together, let's make friends first & then, we'll let them all a really good example of what's like to be a couple in love. Have i bothered you with my crazy nonsense? I bet I have, but this is what i used to be burring on the very bottom of my heart, you see, I'm opening it a little bit, ruining the chains limiting its freedom... I will close this for now, i do want to believe you'll send me a reply, if your still brave enough to stay in touch with that naive romantic Ukrainian girl, dreaming to turn this world into a better place (as you must have thought of me). I am not ashamed of being me, at least i feel great, as i didn't have to think of saying something to be liked by you, cause, frankly speaking, i want to be liked for who i am & not for who someone wants to like me... I will be looking forward to hear form you, Yours Anastasiya
Letter 4

Hello my sweet Dermot! Thank you very much for your letter! Sorry for late reply I was out of town visiting my parents.....but I have been thinking of you a lot ;0)
Hope your Easter was Happy! Wishing you Joys and Blessings! Did you enjoy the celebrations? You know I have caught myself on a thought that I am thinking of you during my day... I strange feeling for me as I can't even remember when did I felt something like that... Very pleasant feeling, I should tell you ;0) First of all I must admit that you have something very important that it attracts me very much and I find very attractive from a man ...and it is ... the aptitude to be surprised day after day... It's incredible to read your letter... You brighten up my day with your letters and every day I get some news from you is a kind of personal holiday for me!To tell you the truth, I feel like getting your letters is a kind of addiction for me, but very pleasant one and I don't want to get rid of it... I feel so happy and so exited while getting your letters, like never before... Who knows, may be it is the love people write poems and novels about... Who knows, may be you are my destiny and we are meant to be together...
What do you think about it? =)Guess you've melted my heart and I don't really know whether I have to be happy or not as there is one thing I want you to know today... As I have already told you I am using the services of interpreter and as it is often happened every tale has it's end... I have to pay for our correspondence since now as it is stated in the policy...Being a DJ and studying in the University at once unfortunately I can't afford paying for it... But I still believe that it is just the beginning but not the end and you would be so generous to contact to find out all the details and we will be able to continue... But I don't want you to think that I ask you for money, no, I don't need them at all, all I want is to continue our relations and have a chance to develop them and organize a personal meeting.... All I am asking is to give us a chance to write our own love story that will show and prove to all who doubts that wonderful feelings could begin using Internet... And yes, Internet dating is something very new and to some it is silly, but I find so not at all.
It is actually becoming more and more popular, especially for people who are looking for a life-long partner.
It has many positive things, like you say.. to know more about the persons desires, viewpoints on life, more of what kind of characters people are, etc.
I find that meeting people randomly like in cafes, bars, and parties being a bit hazardous, because you can become fooled by the first impressions and ****** attractions. Also, in these kind of settings people are often drinking and stuff and the judgement is not clear. I understand, that drinking can help people open up and all that, but I find sometimes with myself and others in doing so, is that you change and become something else.. something that you are not. And then it can become complicated and in some relationships, a couple do not really connect or enjoy being around each other unless they have had a drink.. and this I find a very unhealthy relationship.
Going back to the topic of Internet I find it being todays one of the world wonders!! :-D I am a great fan of the Internet, and to me it is like this Great Library, that can tell you anything about anything!! I can see in the future, that it will become one of the most powerful tools to unite the world, and to solve allot of problems. And of course I have even found the most wonderful person on the planet and that is YOU!! Please let's try... just give me a chance... I am not insisting and I realize that you need to have some time to think over it, but I just want you to know that I will be waiting for you here as long as it takes... Yours Anastasiya
Letter 5
Dear Sir! Anastasiya came to our office today asking to hear from you. Would you be so kind to inform either us or her are you still interested. Have a nice day, Best regards,
"Carpe Diem"
Letter 6
Dear Sir! If you are in need of professional translation services, you have come to the right place. We provide translation services to companies and individuals in all the countries of the world.
We do everything possible so that our customers will be pleased with the quality of our work. We strive to establish long-time working relationships. We provide services to customers from more than twenty countries. In the five years of the company’s existence, there has never been a case where the customer has demanded monetary compensation because of poor quality work. Our company has the resources to provide high-quality translation services of texts on any subject. We have a simple principle underlying everything we do: high quality all the time. We abide by this motto firmly and are proud of it. We meet our customers’ deadlines and we aim to complete all orders in the shortest possible period of time without affecting quality. We understand how much your information is worth. Our company guarantees the confidentiality and security of your documents. Our bureau was founded in 2001 and is specialized in English language and translates professionally. Each employee of staff in our agency possesses deep knowledge of language and abundant experience of work. Our prices are very competitive, which is yet another plus. We can safely say that our rates are lower than the average on the translation market. Moreover we have been providing you with free translation during several letters so you could decide if you enjoy our cooperation. Thank you for using our services and your serious interest in Anastasiya
She applied to our bureau for help because she doesn't know English and has not access to the Internet. To continue your correspondence would you be so kind to update your account. We are gladly sending you the price list on correspondence you are interested in:
-translation and printing of one letter - $5 -translation of 10n minutes of your telephone conversation- $5 -------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested in unlimited services the prices are: $150 -per one month of unlimited correspondence $250 -per two months of unlimited correspondence, as you see there is a discount for those who are really serious in their intentions to keep the correspondence, so why do you have to pay more? Moreover, if you choose any unlimited packages you will be able to use the service of telephone calls translation free of charge! ----------------------------------------------------------- If you are willing to continue the cooperation, please, transfer us a necessary amount in favor of manager Margarita Glushko
Sovetskaya Str, 63/4
8500 You can also make your transfer in favour of your Lady Anastasiya Zdutova
Sobornaya Str, 25/20
8500 and she will pass the funds to us for your account. You are welcome to use Western Union or Money Gram system to pay for our services. Terms of payment
* Would you be so kind: *to send your money, indicating the manager's name Margarita Glushko or your Lady's Anastasiya Zdutova *to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number (send an e-mail with information), your full name and the sum you are going to transfer and the country you come from. Now you have full information about us and our activity. We hope your will be satisfied with our service. We will be glad to cooperate with you. Best regards,
"Carpe Diem"
Letter 7
My sweet Dermot, Please tell me what's going on? I'm so lost and confused. I don't know what to think!Why have you disappeared so unexpectedly? Have you lost your interest? Have you forgotten me?...Or maybe something awful happened to you?...No, i don't want to think about such awful things. The life lost any sense for me. I'm in despair. I thought that finally i found YOU,the ONLY could you forget me?Was it nothing for you?only a little flirt? How can it be so?I trusted you,told you everything about my thoughts, my feelings to you. How could you betray all this,everything that wonderful that we had? I even contacted the site with request to delete my profile as I believed I already found the one I was looking for.... I understand you may have your doubts concerning me so I decided to send you a scanned copy of my passport to show you I am real I trust you and I have nothing to hide from you... Well I also decided to send you a scanned copy of my Ukrainian passport to show you I am real honest and serious about you. I have nothing to hide from you and I trust you and believe you will do me no harm but it will give you certain abilities to find and punish me if I do you hard but I promise I never will all I just want to do to make you happy and be happy with you. Will you give us a chance? Darling, I want you so. I can't stop thinking about you. First i tried to forget you but couldn't...I understood that i really fell in love with you. I can't live without you. I think about you from sunrise till sunset. I see that my feelings are meek. No it's not true,is it? I come to "Carpe Diem" every day and ask if there is a letter for me from you...I can't stop thinking about you...Such a light feeling can't be just forgotten and put aside.... It's the first time in my life i feel in such a way.
I really hope to hear from you again... With lots of love and kisses,your loving and suffering from this Yours Anastasiya
Letter 8
Dear Sir! Anastasiya came to as asking when will you be able to get back to her. She sends you her kindest regards and says she will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible as she misses you much. Have a nice day,
"Carpe Diem""
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