Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Zagaynova to Gian (United Kindgom)

Letter 1
Good afternoon a my dear friend Gian!
I am very glad to your fast reply. I hope, that I can interest you in the letter. In it letter I shall write you more much about myself. I was born on July, 14, 1980, year of the zodiac "Cancer". At present I the student also study as the fashion designer. I like to read, the spiritual literature, statements of the wisest people, everything to that can learn and set thinking above meaning of the life, and the main thing ability to change and to improve myself! In fact, if to start with itself and people surrounding you, seeing your joyful and happy person, too will start to vary, or the same people with which it is comfortable, harmonious and interesting to communicate will appear in your life! I like to go in for sports, go to theatres, on concerts! Everything, that helps to move forward to a joyful condition of soul! To listen to music which forces to regain consciousness from which all your incomprehensible soul will reveal! Music which inspires and opens creative potential! I like to dance and I visit each target night clubs. My favourite colour: blue, pink and red. In these colours I like pleasure, brightness, good mood and feel free. Slightly about my family: I have mum. To my mum of 47 years, she works on construction the house painter the foreman. I live in Russia, in Republics Tatarstans. In a city a Zelenodolsk. This city is in the middle of a part of Russia. It is considered the purest city in this republic. I know, what you will ask such questions why I there were for the half in Russia? I shall answer you fairly and frankly as at us in Russia men became very much not responsible husbands as for creation of family. I search for the man with which I SHALL FEEL the WOMAN, and in this concept it is much enclosed sense! Other is not interesting to me! I want interesting both externally and internally, it is necessary - charming and ****** feature, a modest and naive angel, clever, influential and solvent it is possible not young the man, with thin sense of humour and with thin feeling of a life. I appreciate in men such qualities, as kindness, optimism, humour, an openness, the responsibility, sincerity and certainly LOVE! The purpose for me to leave in marriage once and to be the unique and loving wife of the favourite person! I as send you my photos, let they please you and warm your kind heart. You can ask any questions, on interesting themes for you. On one photo it is represented my mum which to be near to me sitting. Behind us to be the uncle, the husband of the sister by mine mums who costs near to my mum. I with pleasure shall answer them. As I wrote to you that I do not love the big correspondence, and it is desirable to meet at once. I the girl search for serious attitudes. Also I want to ask now in this letter to you questions. Whether you like to travel and how many the countries you have visited? What do you know about Russia? What your favourite dish? Your favourite colour and why? Whether you like to dance? I think that on it enough and I shall wait from you for the new answer. I wish you fine mood and good day. Yours faithfully your friend from Russia IRINA.
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