Letter(s) from Evgenia Mityuryova to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Jonathan!!!
I am glad to see again your letter.
I so have a little told about myself, that I would like to write all and in a head from it all thoughts were mixed.
I do not know from what to begin.
I was born in 1974 in a usual family.
I was born and have grown in the Fine City of Gorodets which to be in the Nizhniy Novgorod area. It in the northeast from Moscow.
If it is interesting to you, I have left usual school, together with usual sports,
have then arrived in the State Theatrical University and have received a speciality the Actress of theatre and cinema.
I am able to speak in english. I have received knowledge of the english language at school, and then we learnt it at university.
But my knowledge of it language was not tiresome to me while I have not got acquainted with you.
I hope, that I was not the bad schoolgirl and still something I remember from the occupations and I hope, that you understand my letters.
Now I work at theatre, and I very much like my work.
We have many performances, tours, meet and work with interesting people.
It is very a pity, that only our salaries leave to wish the best, but it too not the most important thing in our life.
I do not despair and I believe, that in my street too there will be a holiday!
I live one, in apartment which I remove in city centre.
My parents were lost in accident eight years ago.
I one in this world. I have only a work, friends and here now you.
My work to be very close from my house.
Much to our regret, I do not have personal computer the house,
work and consequently me to have to write to you of the letter from the cafe Internet.
At leisure I run there to check up mail.
Till this time I waited for the letter only from the girlfriend who lives now in Germany, but now me still excite and please your letters.
And I too with impatience will always wait for them!
It would be healthy to correspond with you directly from the house!
But I do not know, fortunately or unfortunately I do not have such possibility.
Jonathan, write to me about itself. Where you work?
About the city tell, to like it or you you wait for something the best in the life.
Write about the family of what you dream also everything that I could find out more close you!
I love during free time from rehearsals to go to cafe which are located directly open-air, to enjoy a beautiful landscape,
and to drink coffee with chocolate or with chestnuts, and in hot summer days ice-cream with juice.
The nature at us in a city, yes in all area simply surprising.
In a city many green zones, parks, groves, and green lawns where it is possible to arrange picnic.
You probably would like to find out about me all?.
For me the main thing in a life - the House and the Family. In the most global sense of this word.
I have grown in the good house and a decent family. I always dreamt, that my life was similar to a life of my parents.
It is very a pity, that they are not present now with me nearby!
I do not search for supernatural love and rough passions.
Adrenaline and search of new entertainments is not for me.
Rest and comfort, gentle attachment and reliability, heat and human mutual understanding is that I search in the man and that I can give.
As the woman, I have flexible enough character, is ready to be arranged under the partner if we coincide in the main thing.
The basic lack (and for someone, maybe, advantage) - I madly love an order.
Everywhere and in everything, both in things, and in people and in relations.
I the person conducted. I am able to respond, but I am not able to entice.
Very much I am able and I like to observe of people, behind their relations and it is a little to philosophise.
But only not to climb in another's affairs and problems.
My credo - all that becomes, all to the best.
Also I think, that that that we with you have got acquainted it too the best, for all my last time.
So long! it is time To me to run for work, at us today.
Write, I miss and I wait for the letter! It is more about itself and the world.
Your girlfriend Zhenya.

Letter 2

Hi my dear friend Jonathan!
I with impatience wait for the moment to receive mail and to see your letter.
Here it at me before eyes and I am glad, that you have again written.
Today has read a verse and has thought, that it about me!
And you as consider?

That wisely a life to live, the nobility it is necessary much,
Two important corrected remember to begin with:
You starve is better, than, that has got, is,
Also be better one than together with whom has got.

Jonathan, what do you think of verses?
At me since student's years it is necessary to a hobby to write verses on mood. Here one of my favourite.

While nobody knows her, but everyone wishes to guess
Of what she one dreams, what for one goes to walk
In her soul that heat, an icy cold
Here a rain not so frequent visitor
Here more often laziness snow and storms,
And summer the heat, scorching heat.
She in hearts is sentimental,
But each movement of soul her big secret!
It soars, runs and cares,
And a life her thorny road,
In so quick, rough conditions,
It will be difficult to her to have a rest!
Once the girl will get tired to meet, lose, not to understand,
And he her destiny becomes,
She only can trust him!

You can my love, and I yours?!
And you have a hobby and than you like to be engaged at leisure?
How you spend days off, with friends or in loneliness alone with yourself?
It is a lot of at you friends or on the contrary, there are only relatives who will help at any time.
I wish to tell to you about the hobbies and outlooks on life.
Than I am engaged during free time from work and in the days off.
The age I do not feel, I am very young and fine.
Soul young, romantic, gentle and kind.
I consider, that I the person with sense of humour, sociable, tactful, ready to come at any time on call of the favourite person and to be with him always a difficult minute.
I live in a foot in due course.
My interests: the literature, my favourite theatre, art, photos, psychology, a fashion, music, verses and preparation of different dishes.
My favourite musical directions:
Russian and foreign pop, retro and author's song, classical and dancing music.
Especially I like to listen to English classical fate, beautiful tool music, jazz compositions.
From author's singers, I like some bards, such as Okudzhava, Vizbor, Migulya and many other things.
I do not love a chanson, except for one executor, my the most favourite it Trophim.
I cannot name his song a chanson, it deeply sincere person and songs at him very romantic and vital.
And I can listen to all on mood.
And what music is pleasant to you and what touches on the raw?
I love the pedestrian walks. I live in city centre and my favourite vacation spots: the park, a garden, the central parkway of a city where people have a rest, there is not present road for cars always silently and easy.
There people come the whole families, with children, the youth walks the whole companies, and I like to sit, have a drink coffee and to look, as other people spend time.

In men most of all I appreciate: mind, kindness, honesty, sharpness, thin humour, sexuality, the attentive and gentle relation to women.
I do not accept: treachery, tediousness, an alcoholism, absence of responsibility for the acts.
Most of all I appreciate in people: sincerity, ability to empathize and come to the aid during the necessary moment.
I do not love people envious, boastful, indifferent, false, excessively curious, cynical, not able to condole and empathize.
My friends I appreciate reliability, fidelity and fidelity to friendship, ability during the necessary moment to be a number.
Like at me all is, but happens alone and does not suffice native and close with which it is good both in a grief and in pleasure which understands and will not offend neither a word, nor business which is to be loved and preserved.
I understand, that the life is fine!
Only very much and very much there is no tender and careful man!
I wish to find to myself such man, congenial which becomes for me an integral part of my life, most close and native to which I can open the soul and without which I cannot live.
That only thing which will make me happy.
My man...
The cheerful, serious, clever, purposeful optimist, free from relations, not only it is beautiful to speak the gentle lover, the reliable friend, the interesting interlocutor who is able, but also to listen, hear other person, to like understanding and not to do hasty conclusions!!!
That about him spoke his acts instead of words...
Once I have caught myself on thought, that to me is simple there is nobody to talk on any more or less substantial theme any more.
It is sad. Because intellectual, well or even simply cogitative vacuum is an accident for the person with brains.
And I always considered myself, that they at me are.
But somehow so there was my life, that now in my life there is someone with whom I could share the thoughts concerning a current of a life, no art, the literature.
It does not mean all, that I of what I do not think.
No, I think, but I have nobody to share of what I think.
Sadly. Here now I have found the interesting interlocutor with whom it is possible to communicate simply on any different themes.
I the person quite democratic, in respect of perception of other people, their interests and opinions, therefore to you with me should be easy enough to communicate?!
So I hope, that our acquaintance and dialogue too delivers you pleasure.
Now I would like to write, that I love, and that was not present!
I love: to lay longer under a warm blanket, warm coffee with milk in the mornings, evening of Friday, sometimes to sit with friends behind a beer cup, Saturday when it is possible to sleep with all the heart in the pleasure!
Potato with a herring, marinaded cucumbers, mushrooms and meal house because has seen enough already of everything, that prepare at us at restaurants and theatrical banquets.
Occasionally I love a land.
I love, when is with whom to chat, let even about what....
And it is even better, when is with whom to keep silent and not to feel thus awful awkwardness (it in our life the big rarity).
To draw, when I am am visited by inspiration, it happens in the spring!
I love spring and summer, a heat. Darkness. Informative transfers about ancient civilisations and space.
Our Soviet cartoon films and films.
From foreign I like only "Tom and Jerry", "Glacial age", and "Corporation of monsters".
I at all do not know, whether the whole letter will suffice me to write everything, that I love. If, something I will forget that I will write to you then.
I do not love also that at all is not pleasant to me: to rise early for work, it is good that rehearsals begin in 11 mornings, absence of hot water in a waterpipe when for me something solve!
I do not love beautiful words if they do not prove to be true actions.
I do not love, when to me climb in soul, well and furthermore when in it spit!
I do not love, when something needs to be made, when it would not be desirable at all, a wind in a nape, autumn and winter, a rain and a cold...
Not so I love sweets and rolls.
At leisure I can draw, dance.
I float in pool.
I like to read, travel and have a rest on the nature. But about all I will write to you in the following letter!
Now it is time to me to go.
Today I will send to you some my photos on which I very young.
I hope that they will like you.
I say goodbye, I wait for your answer, I miss.
Yours Zhenya.

Letter 3

Greetings my dear Jonathan!!!
I missed and waited for your letter. I hope, you too?!
Whether I wish you to ask you understand about everything, what I write?
If, that you interests, you can ask me, and I with pleasure will answer you.
I understand you likely, the most important question, as well as all men on this planet why I one, whether was at me someone and why I have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country interests?
I will answer you!
First, my girlfriend closest to me and the most favourite has persuaded me to try to get acquainted with the man through the Internet.
As itself has successfully found to itself the spouse and it is happy with him on other to a world's end.
Secondly! We live in 21 century! It is remarkable!
But in our fine country where 10 of men are ready to create a family.
And of 90 are included into the others: who all others it is not ready to it or whom it suits.
Total, 7-10 of the men going to the union and wishing to stop the loneliness.
And in our country, ready to it, unfortunately or fortunately, it is more than women in 5-6 times.
Here now you can think how to be to women.
I have already told, that Russia is fine only from the side and at first sight, it is necessary to dig more deeply, and at once will see all delights of a life in the poor, loneliness and in all the rest about what even to write it would not be desirable.
Because it is very insulting for the native land.
But, unfortunately as one great critic has told: "the People keep silence"!
And me, as well as on a planet, the man is necessary to all women.
In my understanding it there should be not simply an owner of primary and secondary sexual signs, and, first of all the person capable of an act.
I love, when people remain people, even in the most monstrous and improbable situations.
I love, when the man respects the woman in all senses of this word.
And still I very much believe in the heart of the heart, that strong men have not come to an end on the Earth.
It was necessary to me it is not sweet in the life.
I was betrayed by the beloved. Only for that simple reason, that I was not pleasant to his mother.
To his mothers has told to him, that if he will connect with me a life, and will marry, she will deprive of his apartment and all inheritance which is necessary to him.
Though riches there any also was not, but he could not insist on the opinion and has chosen the easiest for itself a way, to leave the favourite person.
I was ready for the sake of him on all. To give up the work, to leave from parents, to rent apartment and to live only with him. And to him mum ordered! I hate our weak-willed men!
In my understanding the man should do a life more interestingly, should offer a hand, open a door, buy to us gifts.
It should be able to do everything that we cannot.
And at us for a long time it is considered to be, that the woman is capable of all and a horse to a swoop to stop, and in a burning log hut to enter and pass one fire and water, and copper pipes!
I do not understand it!!!
In my consciousness of the man can get the book from the top shelf, carry our bags, they should meet us from work. They should be courageous! Here I respect such men!
They should speak: "not the question", "is not present problems"...
They can take away us from visitors, bring home both cover with a blanket, and not notice the spoilt make-up, to take us on hands and to embrace us.
Words at them coincide with acts more often. In men I appreciate reliability, and in women feminity.
I perfectly understand, that cannot be so that the person all time was one, that something all the same will come in his life.
All flows, all changes.
The life is not necessary on a place, and we move together with it.
Sights, the purposes, desires vary. But, probably, the only thing that remains invariable is a desire to be the happy person.
And me as everything, too madly it would be desirable it.
I cannot forgive to the former man treachery and hypocrisy, I wish to appreciate sincerity and a constancy in the man.
I also very much and very much hope for global changes in the life with the advent of you.
Perhaps, it very loudly also is frankly told, but I wish to be with you fair. I wish to love and be favourite!!!
I perfectly understand that, there are many girls better me, is much worse me, but is precisely assured, that there is no same, as I.
I think, that too it is interesting to you with me

Even if a life - not paradise,
There is at all grieves an edge,
Never lose courage,
To kind people trust.
So it turns out: everyone is mistaken.
But it is not necessary to frown,
All the same all will come true!!!

Here my motto!
I the optimist also am proud of it. I always know, that the black strip has an end and it will be obligatory white.
I wish to survive in this life to choose not the most reliable.
To whom without shame any will obey strong and bravely the weak will trust.
Who will continue me and will proceed in me. Who will not throw me when.
And I try to learn you with each new letter all more close and more close.
I think, that you the good and decent person.
But to help me to understand you tell all in detail about itself, about the life. About the sights and about everything, that I have written.
Whether you agree with me?
At me after acquaintance to you any elation.
I would like to sit down, take a leaf and a pencil each free minute and to write verses.
Here look, that to me has again come to mind!

Tell, that is important for love,
Who will tell age, who brains,
And growth can be important here,
And to heart it will lay the bridge?
Perhaps the weight is very important,
Muscles, an eye a cut,
And someone searches for a shower relationship,
That the understanding has come.
Who appreciates a bust, who a hair colour,
That there was a direct aquiline nose,
And someone of hips width,
And fashions for the sake of - feet length!
One repeat, that sex is important,
Without sugar the fruitcake is not sweet,
Others search for a summer residence, the house,
After all not to live a life stark naked!
Here someone will accept for love,
Debauchery and lust again and again,
The movement of bodies was got tired also,
As "the basic instinct" ordered!
Who searches for caress and warmly,
Cosiness, pair milk,
Care, on an economy work,
When do not betray, do not say lies.
But an ideal not to find,
On the compromise it is necessary to go,
To search after all it is possible a whole century,
And the Person is necessary simply!!! You agree with me????
Well here, the big letter has again turned out, I will say goodbye to you.
I now had a lunch break, and all free time was spent for you.
Now I will run something I will buy something to eat and for work.
I wish you all good. Health and good luck.
See you soon! I wait for the letter!
Yours, Zhenya.

Letter 4

Greetings my friend Jonathan!!!
I am glad, that again I read your letter!
Only has woken up, as my thoughts fly to you.
At me that pleasure, grief at thought that the destiny prepares for us.
I never met such gentle, kind, strong and understanding person as you and with anybody I did not feel such necessary, happy and beautiful as with you.
Our letters help me to live and every instant I think, about us with you and that will be with us further.
Jonathan, I very much would like to speak on the phone with you.
But I cannot make it because at my place there is no phone.
Now to connect phone it is necessary to pay many money.
The mistress of my apartment says, that phone is not necessary to her. And I do not have such money.
To connect city, that is a home telephone number many money is necessary, to stand in a queue some years, to collect signatures of tenants of the house, that more than half agree connection and to pay for it a heap of money.
Very provided people, such as our boss, for example have cellular telephones only.
On work too it is impossible to take advantage of phone as unique phone is in an office at the director.
At us very strict boss of theatre and the main director, very greedy people.
I very much would wish to talk to you, to hear your voice. It would be pleasant to me to communicate with you.
You know, I could call you.
You only give me the phone number. I can call from the International Telephone exchange.
If you not against, but at me are not present other choice.
Write me the full number with a country and city code, well?
I will inform you, then during what time I will call to you, that you would be at this time at home.
Just now while I cannot try to cause you as I do not have such money.
I will necessarily try to try to cause you as soon as there will be a salary.

My address:
Russia, Gorodec, st. Sovetskaja - 15, ap. 42.

I ask you it is necessary for me to send of nothing usual mail.
You probably heard, how letters and parcels vanish.
Therefore convincingly you I ask not to send that, even usual letters.
At us in the parcel country reach the addressee very seldom, especially if it is parcels from other countries.
To prove someone's fault it is very difficult. It already happened with my friends.
And their workers like to look many organisations of mail at something unusual, that has come from other country.
And then, what to like to take to itself!
It real larceny but to find guilty and to call him for responsibility very difficultly.
Nobody will be engaged in it.
And it is very bad, disgusting, but with it that cannot be done.
I understand, how it is bad and it is a shame for our country.
But, nevertheless, such fact exists also we simple inhabitants we can not do anything.
I think, that only in Russia probably such disgrace, as our country poor.
Dishonourable people never will miss possibility to appropriate the another's.
Even it is a shame to me to write to you about it, but it how not to hide and many know about it.
It exists also will make nothing with it.
I think, that in your country of the similar happen. It so?
I know, read recently on the Internet, that you in the country have mail under name FedEx and it safe.
It is very a pity to me, that in our city there is no its branch and whom I asked all who does not know about it.
Well that I have written all to you, and that suddenly, you would send something to me, and I could not receive. Here it would be very insulting!
Therefore I ask you not to send me parcels. I do not want, that it has been stolen by dishonourable people.
Especially the most expensive and desired gift from you for me is you and your letters!
I am always happy to receive from you any news and always I look forward them!
But I have written you the full name of a city, the country and my home address just in case:
My full name: Yevgeniya Mityuryova.
I wish to tell to you, that I rejoice to each your electronic letter!
I did not think earlier, that I will get used to your letters so soon.
Now I feel, that they are necessary for me as air.
Road, in your letters I have seen, have found, have felt something such unusual and attractive for me.
And I never assumed, that to a smog to tell about myself so interestingly and directly.
At me such impression was made even, that we know about each other much and are familiar already as though many years.
So it is free and easy to communicate to me with you, that I yet did not speak to any person, and especially did not write so much much about myself.
Thoughts escape forward and I am not in time behind them. It would be desirable to tell much.
Then I go for work and I recollect, that else here it wished to write, but has forgotten, about it has not told!
It is time to me to run. Once again thanks for your letter.
I miss, I look forward to hearing.
Whole, Zhenya.

Letter 5

Hi my dear Jonathan!!!
My love to you is unextinguishable.
From your time as I have learnt you, I have lost any rest.
I am done not left by your charming image which flies over me with a gentle smile.
Since then, as I have got acquainted with you, I walk through whirlpools of a life more vigorously.
In my happy loneliness on eyes to me run tears which I intend you in a victim.
Make happy with reciprocal love me my dear.
This letter will depart to you on pink wings of love to transmit thoughts of my heart.
If I could convince you, that I love forever.
Grant my desire and if till now in our relations we kept certain borders, can we will show that really we love each other.
My favourite Jonathan, I wish to tell to you one history from my childhood.
I think, that it will be interesting to you to read it.
Jonathan when I was in an early age, I my and my girlfriend the first time have gone on dances.
My love, I was not able to dance and consequently we together with the girlfriend trained at home a little.
And we have decided, that all at us will turn out.
When we trained houses we included music disko and danced.
Then it were for us minutes of entertainment, and I thought, as though it is good to dance, when round you it is a lot of people.
After we long time trained, we have gone on a disco.
When we with the girlfriend have come there, loud music there played, and I was some time in confusion.
I the first time have seen so many people and as all of them well danced.
At first I have wanted to leave, but my girlfriend has not released me, and has told, that we have come here not simply so.
We have come here what to relax and take pleasure, it is necessary to do always in this life only that of that want.
Always to achieve only the!
And still she has told words which I remember till now. They always in my thoughts.
It is an ingenious phrase, that Desire are thousand ways, instead of desire are thousand reasons!
And then we began to dance. I and itself have not understood in the beginning, how all is good at me it turned out.
And many guys looked at us. But we did not look at them, because we have come to have a rest and dance, instead of to get acquainted.
In the end of this all history I was happy, because I have had a rest, when I danced also we have achieved that result which has led us to a victory.
In the end of dancing evening to us workers of a disco have come and have told, that we the best on today's evening and we can go in a current of all month on discos absolutely free of charge.
I knowingly to you have told this history. It has given me the big push in this not an easy life.
I do not float now together with all on a current, and I do not live by a crowd principle, where the people - there and the ugly creature!
And I do, that I want and I achieve the objective!
My darling Jonathan, now at me is love and it you.
And I understand, how strongly I wish to be with you.
And I will achieve now that that I very much I want.
I know, that at me all to turn out! And I think only to you.
Now I would not like to dance without you.
Now I do not wish to have a rest without you.
My girlfriends go to walk, have a rest. They start to get acquainted with someone. But now with them it is not interesting to me.
I love you and I would like to be only with you.
To me it is not cheerful with them because I always think of you.
I want, that you were with me, that we together with you would spend time, walked, joked.
But you are not present nearby and consequently to me sadly.
I wish to nestle on you. I will feel better and more confident only with you.
My favourite, lovely person, I love you and only you, I wish to be only with you.
Now in a life I want only one what to be with you and to love only you.
I was defined in the life, I have made the choice.
I already adult girl.
I perfectly understand, that I do.
I perfectly realise it, and consequently I can confidently tell to you, that I really want, and that I do not want.
And now I precisely know, that I love you.
Now I any more do not wish to walk and have fun, without you to me is completely not cheerful.
Because I want to you and to love you really.
My love Jonathan, I think, that you understand my words correctly.
I wish to tell to you, that I am seriously adjusted in respect of ours with you of relations.
I wish to say to you, that only you my unique love which so is strongly necessary to me, that I each time think of you.
I think, that you perfectly will understand all. I know you with me!
I am ready to repeat infinite quantity of times, that I love you.
That nobody is necessary to me except you.
You to me are very dear. My heart fights more strongly and more strongly, when I speak you words about love. And it is completely not a shame to me to speak to you about it because it is the naked truth.
I love you my love, I again wait from you for the letter.
Your favourite Zhenya.

Letter 6

Greetings my most expensive, that are at me you, mine Jonathan!!!
The pain in my breast tries to escape outside by despair shout.
I feel as a pain prickly steps steals up to a throat.
I feel its hot breath, its holding apart being, trying to break off me.
I come from work in the late evening, I sit down on a sofa and I smear tear palms.
They stream on cheeks, on a neck, carrying away with themselves last drops of my forces and self-control.
Love, I did not know, that it has so bitter taste.
My love half-and-half with despair.
I do not know even how to tell it pleasure or grief tears.
On the one hand this huge happiness, that you is at me.
And with another, that we so love each other and till now not together!
Probably, I have grown to you, washing the soul has let in you thin and fragile, but strong, live and obstinate roots.
I FEEL YOU each splinter of the covered with wounds soul.
Very much I cling to any possibility to escape to check up mail, something to you to write most, let even a line.
It is more to find out, how it is possible to solve all to arrive to you my favourite!?
I weak before you. I absolutely do not have forces to deceive, write, that all is good.
I write that at me on heart and on a soul. There are no forces to leave from you.
To me it is terrible. To me it is sick. To me it is bad, so it is difficult and without you I cannot.
As it is a pity, that with me there is no now my mum.
I know, she could find words to maintain me such difficult minute.
It is necessary to supervise itself. I am not upset! All is very good!
Yesterday I went in tourist agency to learn that to me it is necessary to arrive to you and from it to me it be not become easier.
Now I will try to explain to you that that I have learnt.
The most important thing that that to me is necessary to have it the visa. All documents which to me will are necessary I can to make.
But there is a problem. Money.
Visa registration costs 100 dollars.
The embassy is in Moscow. Moscow very expensive city, one of the most expensive cities in the world.
The road to Moscow costs about 100 dollars one way.
Residing, meal, road at Moscow costs about 200 dollars.
As a result it turns out that to register the visa to me it is necessary about 400-450 dollars.
I do not have such money and from it to me it is very heavy.
This morning, I wished to ask money colleagues, but unfortunately to me who could not help.
I have understood that at me is not present what chance to find this money. My expenses are very great, accounts, apartment, meal, road and many other things.
I do not have other exit to ask from you the help.
To me it is very heavy and it is a shame to ask from you money, but I am ready to overcome all it for the sake of ours with you of love and a meeting.
Today, before the Internet of cafe I went to bank to learn as you can send me money and as I can receive them.
Unique way as I can receive your money it is the Western Union.
You used sometime the Western Union?
All that you should make it to go to bank where there is an office of the Western Union and to send money.
That I could receive your money to me it is necessary will to have your full name, the address and mtcn.
MTCN are ten estimated figures which will be at you on the receipt from the Western Union.
They to me are necessary to receive money. Still, to receive your money to me it will be necessary to have your full name and the address.
It would be very silly if I have received your money of the house and then would go with them in Moscow.
Russia very dangerous country and me it will be terrible to go in Moscow with such big money.
Therefore I ask you that you have sent money in Moscow on a name: Marina Medvedeva.
Marina it is my schoolmate from whom we together studied in the theatrical.
At her I will live while I will be in Moscow.
At me with her very much good relations and she can help me.
You can not worry, as it is safe. The information which you will give all to me will be is kept at me and without me she cannot receive money.
I very much hope that you can send me this money.
I even to think I do not want, that we will not meet.
When I think of it at me on tear eyes, here and now I cry.
Forgive me favourite, but I cannot constrain the emotions.
I very much wish to be with you.
I only the weak defenceless woman who wishes to be together with the beloved.
You know, that I love you, I love more lives, you are more than sun and the sky, above all, after all my life, you my happiness!
But I cannot tell to you it in eyes, I can not be with you, I can not and it is all because of money!
Probably, whether that it can destroy our plans?!
Why, so happens in a life, why? Why I cannot be with you? You should me help, my love!
I have lost a head, have fallen in a precipice without hope of returning. You, as if a bird, fly for me in heavens, and I from the earth try to reach you.
I would like to be near to you, to admire you, to observe of movement of eyelashes, lips.
I wish to become a teardrop, to roll down on your cheek and I do not wish to fall on the earth.
To me it is very insulting and it is a shame, that I do not have money to arrive to you, and will meet, and it causes a terrible pain to the person following dream.

I wish you to see, hear again,
I wish to feel you as a body, soul.
My heart you lives only and breathes …
And all thoughts only about you …

To anybody in my heart there can not be a place!
There only you … There only melancholy on you!
There love as if the thin is sharp a scaffold,
Of which not in forces to get rid to me.

Love, as a magic fairy tale.
The love is a tenderness in a sight, a texture of tender hands.
Love it that is capable a reality to make dreams.
And that you will not tell words. The love for me is YOU!

It is time to me! I will wait for your letter, I very much hope, that you can think up, that we were together!
While my native! Gently whole you, yours Zhenya.

Letter 7

Hello my love Jonathan.
I am very happy, to receive from you the letter.
I am very glad also to me pleasantly, that you want to arrive to me in the country.
But I think, that it would be silly, as your arrival to me,
and then district to you in the country, it would be more expensive,
than I would arrive to you. I think, that all over again I should arrive to you,
and then when we will have all well we could visit my family for any holiday.
I think, that you will not take offence my answer,
but I think, that this unique and correct decision.
Secondly, you should understand that at us the different countries.
We have people in which our country we names nationalists who do not welcome other nationalities of the world.
I am afraid of them. And if with you something to happen I when I will not forgive myself it.
Many times showed in news and they wrote in newspapers about crimes which make.
They are cruel men.
I'm fine and affairs on work go perfectly.
I am very glad, that between us there is a Trust and we understand each other.
I am simply happy to understand, that you my loved, trust me.
It is very good that we are fair the friend before the friend, in fact honesty,
the trust and mutual understanding is three most important things on what the love is based.
On extremely measure I so think. You agree with me? Or you think on another?
If not it I become more confident, that we shall soon meet you because the love Can overcome
any distances.
Certainly, I understand, there are some difficulties which prevent us to reunite with you,
but we together should overcome them, because all in ours Hands.
We should meet necessarily because I feel that I cannot live without you my love. You agree with me?
Write to me, that you think that we during Fast time we shall meet you.
Whether you enough to me are necessary to know to me trust
Or there can be everything, what, about what we with you write each other only words?
I hope that our correspondence will follow in serious relations and we in the near future can meet and love each other. I very much wish to meet you and to love you.
I hope as your feelings same as well as my and our love mutual.
I am sorry for that that so have a little written this time.
At me today it is a lot of work and I shall write to you more tomorrow.
I wait for your prompt reply, eternally loving you, Zhenya.