Scam letter(s) from Larisa Popova to Matthew (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Matthew! It's Larisa. Remember me?
Thank you for your message. You are nice guy and I really
interested to be your friend.
May be my letter will shock you, but take it easy...
I am not intend to get married within 1-2 years.
Of course I want to have children (2) but a little bit later.
So I'm young, and first place for me is fun... Yes, I looks like an angel but it is only first impression.
I'm crazy girl, may be I even a "freak". But If we'll meet one day-you never forget our meeting... I sending you my best photo. I hope you'll enjoy it. If you wanna see my ****** photos I can send you 11 wonderful ones.
I offer you to buy them...
All photos were shot on St.Petersburg' streets by professional photographer for my portfolio. I must be sure you are not stingy (I don't tolerate this kind of men). I'm not working, I'm a student, so let me earn some money for tennis lessons. Am I not too cheeky?
Certainly, you can find any **** pics in Internet for free, but I offer not only my photos, but my friendship also. I'LL NEVER ASK YOUR MONEY FOR VISA, TRAVEL DOCUMENTS OR TICKETS, SO YOU CAN BE ABSOLUTELY QUIET!.. I think 50 dollars are not hurt you? It's a good investment.
If you AGREE, I send my personal details for my bank account. I'll send my pics in advance. Don't worry, I'll not quit our correspondence after receiving your transfer. ..Listen .. Is my honesty worth 50 dollars?!! You will lose nothing, but acquire a beautiful girlfriend.
Good buy for now, your star... Larisa P.S. If you visit St.Petersburg, please welcome to me.
I have an apartment in city centre. I live with my mom.
She is very beautiful. We have an extra room for guests. Note! If you think I'm a scammer, DON'T RESPOND THIS LETTER!!!
I'm not a guy or old,***,**** woman.
I'm not playing games, I'm honest from the beginning!
Letter 2
Dearest Matthew, Thank you for your warm reply. I think you are cool man and I want to know more about you. I like your style, therefore I like you!
I sending my wonderful photos in advance because you deserve it.
They made by professional photographer for my portfolio.
I'd like to meet you and spend a lot of time together here in St.Petersburg in fall and be your "freaky" guide. There are many special places I can show you... How many men I correspond? Only 2! About me a little...I study at the Institute. I learn politics and economics, especially geopolitics. We learn how to beat West! (ha-ha, it's a joke)
I live with my mum. She is 38 but looks on 25 max! She is very beautiful.
We are like two girlfriends. But sometimes we have very bad relations, because she has very strong character.

We have an appartment with 3 rooms in city centre near Nevsky prospect.
I think you heard about this main street of St.Petersburg.
Also we have a doggy.
I prefer to go to clubs, cafes and nice places of my city.
Mostly with my girlfriends...
I play tennis and my favourite star is Maria Sharapova.
I have 2 lessons per week.
I think it's enough... OK, deal is a deal. You see I'm a businness woman, ha-ha Here my data for Western Union: First name: Larisa
Last name: Popova
St.Petersburg, Russia (for WU it's enough) I need from you to pick up funds:
Full name of sender, country, city the transfer sent from, control number (MTCN), amount.
I hope we will meet soon and become a good friends...
I hope to hear from you soon. Your......Larisa
Letter 3
Hi Matthew!
I'll send you more pics, but you have promised to pay for set I sent to you. Do you remember?? Orit was a joke?? L.
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