Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Sapova to Matt (USA)
Letter 1
Hello! I have find you on the internet - and I am very much interested to learn more about you! Are you still looking for a nice girl?

My name is Alena. I am 27 years old, live in Moscow, Russia and have a good life on my own. Nevertheless I miss the good man on my side - with whom I can laugh, love, talk and travel. I work as a teacher in a school - I go frequently to the fintess studio and are very much interested in design, foreign countries and contemporary themes.

I have never been married and have no children. I look foreward to find a nice man in order to divide my feelings and to make mutual plans for the future. I would like to learn more about you! Are you interested as well?

You can see my photos here
I impatiently wait for your reply!
Kisses, Alena
Letter 2
Hello Matthew!
Thank you for nice letter! I was very glad to receive this!
For me big pleasant that you have interest to me too.

First of all, I am seriouse and honest girl, who looking for seriouse man.
I know, what I want in my life and I know how to attain purpose.

I will tell more about me for at you will know, with whom you are speaking.
As you know, I am working as teacher in initial classes.
In Russia we have initial classes, middle and higher school.
In my class I have 21 students, they from 6 til 9 years old.

I live in the center of Moscow in two rooms flat.
You know Moscow is very big and dangerous city.
In the future I want to live in quiet place.
Becouse I like nature, I like river and forest.

My hobby is very differents. I like sport, car, reading books.
I like to listen classic music. Also I like juzz.
And I like very much swimming. In winter time I am going to pool.

You can ask me any questions. I am gladly will answer to you.
I wish you nice day. Will be wait for your letter with impatience.
My best regards, Alena
Letter 3
Hello Matthew

I want to say why I want to find man from another country.
You know, in my life was not so much man.
Last my relationship was 2 years ago with russian man.
I cannot be with man if he do not understand me.
I am romantic person, I like going to movies, restaurant.
But russian man do not understand why girl want romantic.
As they thinking, sex, work, childrens and food, it is enought for girl.
Therefore for me hard to find understanding here, in Moscow.
As I know, foreign man more romantic, kind and gentle.
I want to see in you good friend and maybe more than friend.

Also, I want to say about my family. My parents live in Ukraine.
It is native country for my father. I have brother.
He live with my parents. So, I live alone in Moscow.
In 2002 I have finish university and since this time I have work as teacher.
And I like my work. Childrens always give only positive emotions.

I wish you nice weekend and will be wait for your next letter.
My best wishes, Alena
Letter 4

Hello my dear Matthew!
Did you get my letter? I do not hear from you!
How are you today?
I want to tell you about my views on relationship.
First of all, I am romantic person.
And I will be happy to follow for my dear person far away.
For me not the problem the distance or religion.
If my dear person will want that we live in other country, I shall agree.
In relationship for me very important trusting, understanding and stability.
Also I want that my dear person was honest, kind, gentle and solicitous.

Today I have speak with my parents by phone.
As you know, they live in Ukraine. In the Sevastopol.
I cannot visit my family very often. I am very busy on my work.
But I will take vacation soon and hope to meet them.
In Sevastopol now +14. It is better than in Moscow +2.
You know, I like warm weather. For me winter is not good time.
In winter time I like New Year and Christmas Time.
Unfortunately, in this days I am alone, but I am glad for people around me.

You know, I like very much to speak with you. I am feel self very comfortable.
Wish you nice day today and success in all matters. Kisses, Alena
Letter 5
Hi darling Matthew!

Now I will tell you about my free time. I have very differents hobby.
You know, I am creative person. I like very much art.
Sometime I like designe something.
In my flat many things which I have make self.

Also I like travel. But I have been only in countries of former USSA.
Maybe someday I will visit you. I want to visit new country.
It is very interesting to know new things, new culture.

You know, I want to meet you in real life.
It is very interesting to speak with man by letters and than meet in life.
Letters cannot give all emotions and feeling.
As I told you, soon I will have vacation.
So, maybe this time we can spend together and know better each other.
For me will be big pleasant to see how do you live.

I wish you nice day. Will be thinking about you.
Kisses and missing, Alena
Letter 6
Good morning my darling Matthew
How are you today?

Now I have very much work.
It is always the same before vacation.
I need to finish much matters.
I have worked whole weekend.
As I told you, soon will be my vacation, it will be from 25 of April.
So, I am planing our meet. I am realy will be glad to meet you.
Today I have call to embassy, to make visa very simple and fast.
Soon as I can I will take care about this.

Today after work I will meet with my girlfriends. They will come to me.
I will make dinner. I am very good cook.
You know, woman must be good cook. But not everyday.
I mean romantic evening with dear person.
Or meeting with friend, or celebration.
I am cooking with soul, therefore my dishes is the best.
Do you like russian dishes? Have you before to eat this?
After our meeting I will make many russian dishes only for you.

I wish you nice day. I will be thinking about you.
With all my love, your Alena
Letter 7
My lover Matthew
How are you today?
Very pity that we are not together now.
I am so miss you!
You know, in Moscow now very good weather.
Will be very nice to walk together.
I am realy hope to meet you very soon.
Let me know, which airport nearest to you?!
We can speak by phone.
You can call me +7 905 1883339
It is my mobile phone.
Better to call on the evening, because on the day time I am working.
Now in Moscow 11.00 morning tuesday.
Thinking about you every time.
Have a nice day!
With love, your Alena
Letter 8
My lover Matthew
How are you today? I am fine.
Today I have been in embassy and have buy visa.
It is cost 90 USD and will be ready in friday.
So, I do not see more obstacles before our meeting.
I am very glad that everythings is fine.

Today I will come home from my work very late.
Becouse very much work. I am already very tired.
Will be great to get now relaxing massage.
You know, very pleasant to working and thinking about you.
In my dreams I am already with you.

I wish you nice day and good spirit.
With all my love, your Alena
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