Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Safarhanova to David (Germany)
Letter 1
I am so miss you my dearest man David! You there wait for me? I hope it so.
I have concluded today the contract with travel agency. I have read your letter, I am glad that you too want care of our meeting.
I have signed necessary papers and have concluded at last the contract!
I so worried when I sat on a chair, it seemed to me that my heart is ready to take off from my breast.
But all is normal now and I write to you letter lovely.
At me now it is so much ideas about that as we shall spend our time together.
My dreams remind the novel, it seems to me that all this occurs not with me.
My dreams start to be embodied in a reality, I so for a long time dreamed of it!
I have know all cost of the contract and have paid the first part of money that had with myself.
All cost of the contract is 950 euro, to me have told earlier provisional cost but it seemed to me expensive.
I have told about it to the tourist agent, he has shown me estimate of my trip.
There registration of the visa, tickets, insurances, travel up to Moscow and residing two days in hotel, payment of services of travel agency and other little charges. To me have told that I should pay off with agency during a week. If I shall not make it they can give me penalty for not performance of the contract, and they can break off contract with me. I do not want that it has taken place, I want our meeting.
I want embrace you personally soon! If we shall not meet I shall be destroyed...
I hope our meeting will go without problems. I have paid 100 euro, as the first payment.
I had no with myself more money. In couple of days I shall receive the salary on work. Besides I expect for your help. I have counted up that approximately does not suffice me about 600 euro.
I know in agency as it would be better to help you to me with money.
I knew that you can help me through the company Western Union, they have offices all over the world.
All that you necessary is come there and specify my information when you will send money for my treap.
Here it is Kristina Safarhanova, Russia, Cheboksary, Kukshinskaya 22, p.i. 428027.
Understand dear David this money only necessity to overcome distance between us.
This money are necessary to pay off with agency and to arrive to you. I do not want to deceive in anything you, I the fair girl. I the truth want that our meeting has taken place, I want it strongly!
I shall make all that I can be happy, it is my old dream to which I so for a long time aspired.
I bet you are like me, well educated, honest, sincere and have high moral qualities.
Please do not spoil it because of money. Money is not the most important fact in life.
The most important fact in life is love, honesty and respect.
This kind of things you can never bay with money, but you can bay it using your heart and moral. With love
Letter 2
Hello my Lovely David!!! Now I write to you with trembling a hand, and I do not know, that to me to do now. When I have gone to the airport to do the last, that to me remained, it is check of flight and filling of the customs declaration, I have know Such, that I had impact. I filled in all staying documents. I spoke with people who are borrowed in questions of citizens on flights abroad and have know, that for arrival to you in the country it is required to me 1200 euro just to cross customs house. I very much worry, all the day long I cannot find to myself a place, I at all do not know what to do, what to do further. I asked them, spoke, that there I am waited by my favourite person, and, probably, I am going to become the citizen of Germany, but they have told, that cannot change it and what to arrive to you, I cannot expect only for your financial support when I shall come to you. All this, that the person would have means for payment of hotels, for foodstuff, etc. They spoke, that an internal department of safety of Germany that there would be no stream of immigrants from territory of Russia and other countries. I can do, do nothing something, as it - the law. All my inquiries seem useless. David, I write to you, and I have tears on eyes. I so miss on you, I constantly think of us! My dear David, all to what we aspired, goes crash. If I had such money, I with pleasure would find them, or borrowed, but as you know, I have no opportunity to find such means, I at all have no any familiar here, in Moscow.
This money to cross customs house, I shall not spend them, and at our meeting, I at once shall give them to you back. David, I was so is overturned, when have know it, I cannot hold some tear when I think, that we cannot meet. My mum so was pleased, when I have received the ticket but when she learns it, to her it becomes very bad. Lovely, you so have much made for our meeting, and I do not want, that you were upset, after that I have written to you in this letter, I think, that you can help to be to us together. I all in frustration, and very much worry. All has turned out so difficultly, I did not guess at all, that so can happen! You should understand, these 1200 euro, it is the most minimal sum of money, which is required for me to pass customs house. I overlooked about meal in the end, but I think, that I shall find an exit, and I shall not spend many money to a meal. David, this money are necessary for me to pass customs house. I shall return to you all money which you will send me at once as soon as I shall arrive to you. I need to show this money only!
My dear David, you the unique person who can help me and on which I can rely. All my happiness in a life should be near to you, with the good person. Dear, I think, my letter has upset you, but you can present as I yourself I feel now. David, I really did not know, that for trip to other country it is necessary to have at myself such big sum of money! I want to tell once again to you, I need to show only this money to the customs officer, as a living wage. Lovely, I very much love you, and I do not want, that it so has ended! Dear, I really did not know all this! I now in Internet cafe which is near hotel. Dear, I am very much excited, and upset now, and I do not know, that to me to do. Dear, Internet cafe soon be closed, therefore I can come here to you only tomorrow in the morning, I very much love you David. And your advice and your support is necessary for me!
My love. Yours woman Kriste
Letter 3
Hello David! I for the first time write to you, I hope and not last time.
David you could send me your photo? To me is necessary to see the person to which I write, you agree?
I know that you are more senior than me on age, but for me it not a problem. I love men is more senior than me.
I have received your address on, I come there recently in searches of my prince.
You would like to know something about me? My name on site is Alin, but my true name Kriste, to me 25 years.
I like travel and meet new people. It is possible to me easily,
as I am very open person and always speak people the truth.
I think that the main thing in relations is honesty and trust.
Dear David what the main thing for you in relations? It will be interesting to me
to know your opinion, I think so we can know each other more.
I try to never lie to people so I was brought up by my parents.
They are very dear to me, I do not present as though I did without them!
All that I have it due to them. I very much love the parents,
they are always glad to see me. Who as parents can listen and help a difficult minute.
David I spoke you whence I come? I was born in the city of Cheboksary,
it not the big city in Russia. The life here flows in own key.
Sometimes with friends I go clubs, but I am not fond of it.
I like be at cinema, recently I see film on dvd "Captivated".
Film has liked me, princess could find the love in the big city.
I think for each of us somewhere there is second half. But only not always we anage
to find this person. I want to find my man, how I know him?
I think my heart will prompt me when I meeting him. It can be silly,
but I always rely on the heart. I do not think that we shall eternally write each other letters.
I think will come the moment when both of us shall be ready to meeting.
But for this purpose we should know closer each other. You agree?
David I hope to you it was pleasant to read my letter.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer to my questions and your photo.
Do not hesitate to ask me about something Kriste
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