Scam Letter(s) from Rimma Safonova to Sebastian (USA)

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Letter 1

Thank you,my dear, for your letter!i was waiting for itwith a big hope to find your lovely words!Now i am sure that you like me!Honeyyou wrote me a very interesting letter,thank you for that!i like it.And i hopeyou will continue writing to me!Tell me please do you like my photos?I hope youfancy them, as each time i attach them to my letter, i am thinking about yourreaction when you see them!You know i have no my own camera and the time i havedecided to search for my love in the internet, i asked my friend to make somephotos,and now you ca look at them.You know today i went to the club where iwork and there was a little girl,her name is Masha she always asks me why sucha kind and beautiful girl does not have a boyfriend!I feel a little awkward asshe is only 6 years old and she ask me such questions,but i can't answerher,but i hope someday i will have an answer for her!:)
I really enjoy to write you letters and i like to receiveyour responses.You are so far away from me,but i feel that you are interestedin me and i am sure you like my letters to you!Today i told my parents that iam searching for my love in the internet and i told them about you,i thoughtthat they would not like my idea about the internet,but they told me that imade a right decision that i got acquainted with you by internet,it can give ustime to know each other better!So Phillipe i am very happy that they support mewith that!My mother told me that i must be more attentive to your personalityas every detail in our life will help us to be together!so i hope to know moreabout you with each letter!!!
Phillipe i had a dream from my childhood that i am a kindFairy and i can make everything what i want.I always dream to make peoplehappy,to make people more kind to each other!When i was 6 i make a magic wand,ialways wrote a letters to a Santa Claus that i am a magic Fairy and he shouldgive a job to make all the people happy:)!But their was no answer from him andi began to understand that it couldn't be true and he is not real!But now iunderstand that i can be a real magic Fairy and everyone who will be with mewill be happy!My dear i hope you want to have a real magic wand in your lifeand i will try to make your life like a sweet dream!And as you need my proventhat i can make you happy,so i can prove it darling today i will come to youwhen you will sleep and you will feel my sweet kiss in your lips!I promise youthat!:)I hope your dreams today will be sweet!!!I hope to hear from yousoon!Your Rima

Letter 2

Hello my sweetie!I am really glad to get your e-mail!Thankyou honey for your care, i really appreciate it!I like your sweet words!Youknow honey your letters bring me so much energy and optimistic mood!i have beenthinking that i am falling in love!Honey can you imagine it?I really have suchfeeling to you!And i think it is very good for both of us!I think love is oneof the most important part in life of every person!And a person who have neverhad love is very unhappy!And i am really happy that i have such feeling toyou!
As for that club where i worked,my director closed it,butit is Ok my little students gave me their information and i decide maybe aftermy University i will be choreographer and i will open my own club and i willteach them!
You know honey,yesterday in our University was aconcert!Many people showed their talents,but one performance i liked themost!It was a dance,3 girls,one girl was wearing a red costume,another blackone and the last one was wearing a white costume!There dance was very beautifuland than there was an explanation of that dance!The explanation of that dancewas:that good (the girl wearing in white) was fight with the evil(the girlwearing in black).They fought and there skill was so identical with each otherthat they fight many years but when came love(the girl wearing in red),the goodwon a victory only with the help of love!And i understand that love plays animportant part in life of every person!For example if i did not have you in mylife,i would feel miserable.Now i know that i will go to the internet cafe andthere is a man whom i love and want be with,i know it for sure and it doesn'tmatter that we are so far away from each other,our love can help us to betogether soon!And i am very happy of that!Honey i belive in our couple!I kissyou!You Rima

Letter 3

Hello my lovely man!How are you, honey?Did you miss me?!Imissed you very much!You can not belive how i was happy to get yourletter!Thank you for that!I miss my love!Honey, i think about you all the day!Itold about you my friends and they were very happy that i have you and we havesuch wonderful relationships!I told them,that maybe some day they will make theacquaintance with you,they told me that it will be a good idea!
I have dreamed about you,honey all day long and i imagineyou with me!How we will spend our day together,how we will seat in the sofa andwatch comedies!How you kiss my hands when i am cold!How you hug me whensomething troubles me!How we will lay on the bitch and watch the beautifulsunset!We lay so close to each other that i feel your strong body!You will kissme and i kiss you sweet lips!We will hear a rut and hear the birds song!Ohhoney it is so romantic and i hope we can do it in real life soon!
You make me more romantic,honey thank you for that!
Do you remember my dear, i wrote you that my mother islibrarian and she bring me one book.The author of this book is Paulo Koelyo.Thename of that book is '11 minutes'.Have you ever heard about this book?It isvery popular all over the world!I read it yesterday,it took me two hours to redit!It was about the prostitute,who try to understand every person whom she hadrelationships with!She met many men in her life who were very different,but shetry to give them all what she have to make them happy!But she felt very unhappyin her life as she understood that she had not good profession,but someday shemet a man who made her life more colorful,and she understood that she fell inlove.She made everything to make him happy as she understood that he did notlove her profession!So the end of the story was that she stayed with him andshe stopped to be a prostitute!I read that their is a real story.This womanstill alive,she had a family and she was very happy!
I think this woman was very wise that she did not loose hersoul and she overcame all the difficulties in her life to be with herman!
I want to be like this woman,i think she is very strong andshe did not afraid anything in her life!She made her life better when she openher door to love!Honey i am opening my door to you and i hope you will do thesame to me!Today i will dream about you all the night and i promise to writeyou about my dreams!Your Rima



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