Scam letter(s) from Alice Peterson to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Rick that was nice of u now i know that u are really a good guy and i will love to be with a guy like u but presently am in west africa to see a childhood friend of mine who was involved in an auot crash and i hope to be back soon and i will love to pay u a visit if u would like that cos i will like to see u person so that we can talk more have a nice day alice.
Letter 2

sweet once u send the money let me know and give the me the infom1ation in collecting it so that i can give it to the flight agent and i will get the ticket from him, once u get's the money he will give me a date that i will come next week and so i will reply u with the date so that u can pick me up from the airport i just can't wait to see u love I LOVE U
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