Scam letter(s) from Daria Pogostyuk to Jason (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Jason! My name is Dasha (or Dashenka :)), which means - "the winner" from ancient Greek. It's clear that there are hundreds or even thousands of kilometers between us, but they don't cause a barrier for letters, right? I'm a young woman with simple demands.... I just want to be happy and to make my man happier every day, but for that I have to find him. I want to make him happy and after this I can become happy for myself. I'm alone for so much time already and it's beginning to frighten me... if I'm a loser not to have a man in my life? Maybe now it's my lucky chance to meet you! I want to find it out and you must help me with it. I don't know if it's just an occasion, one of many, that we met each other... or maybe it's a sign of destiny we can't loose. Who knows? I know the answer - only time, so let's follow this honest adviser and find out what the future has for both for us. I'm looking for serious relations with my man who must become my soul-mate, the closest person for me. I do want to find my second half and build strong and long-lasting family with him. I deserve to be happy, like every one in the world. You are free to ask anything you want to know about me. I'll write everything you want in my next letter. I'll be impatiently waiting for your answer, dear. My e-mail is: Dasha
Letter 2
Hello my dear Jason! I already lost hope that someone will write to me... I was feeling so alone here :( but not now when I read your letter :) I'm really happy that you are so open-minded in this letter and I don't have to pull information from you :) I want us to proceed communicate in such mode... retelling everything we can to each other. In this way I know that we can fast understand if we have a happy or unhappy match here. I hope that it will be happy... and to prove that I'm going to retell much about myself... do the same next time again. You will write, won't you? It's of course pleasant to hear such words about Ukrainian girls. They are really beautiful, kind and honest mostly. But there are bad people in every country having different blood so you must not think of as as of one of a kind :) Anyway, you will be always surprised to discover something new every day from a Ukrainian girl :) I want you to know why I'm on Internet and why I refused to look for my husband in real life. All my efforts were unsuccessful and once I heard that Internet provides such a chance for lonely hearts to meet each other... more of that, I heard that many people finally made their dreams come true... so I decided to try it as well, love is the best feeling in our life and all people deserve it, right? I was very glad to receive your attention and now I think it's time to tell you about myself. But at first let me tell you that if you are looking for an ideal woman, your searching will be unsuccessful for sure.. because there are no ideal people in the world.. do you understand this? :) I'm 25 and I'm unattached... so old and so lonely :( I was born on the 11th of November and I'm Scorpio. I'm 1.69 m high and 53 kg. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. My birthplace is Severodonetsk, country - Ukraine, and I lived there all my childhood... till I became 5 years old. I remember a few facts from that time but I have a very pleasant impression left :) Then with my family and I moved to the regional center Lugansk (do you know where it is? It's in the Eastern Ukraine). I love my parents very much. I'm happy that they are still alive, though my father has very big problems with his health. I'm afraid to loose him :( He is already retired and stays at home. My mother is a wonderful woman, and I always try to value her as an example for myself to follow... more of that I adore my parents' relations and wish to build my family on their model of marriage. It seems that they are an ideal couple in the world. Speaking about my education, I got into problems there :( I was studying the clothes design... but then I got problems and I was dispelled from the last course... do you imagine that? I learnt hard... but because of one ... bad man I couldn't pass the last exam. He wanted to marry me or something... imagine that.. one of teachers fell in love with me and I refused him. He decided to revenge and harmed to my education and made it in this way so I could not come back :( You see... there are cruel people in the world. At that time I wanted to **** him, but then I got calm. But now... in spite of all difficulties I have a job! :) From my young years I noticed that I love children.. all of them! :) I'm ready to give all my tender to them.. as they are flowers of life, am I right? :) Do you like children? So I'm a baby-sitter now. Though the salary is not high... but I can not only be with children, but also train my skills as a mother :) So I suppose I will be a very nice and model mother. I have a very tight schedule... my clients don't like to wait and are all busy. Though I'm also very sorry for such kids... I don't want my son or daughter to be grown by a baby-sitter... I will pay all my attention to him or to her. So, dear, I hope you are interested in me... I just tried to give the general information about myself :) And want next time to read more from you about your life, preferences and goals. I do want to get deeper into correspondence with you, my dear. Now I don't know if you like this or not, but I must be honest. I don't know English... and I write to you via translating agency. I know that it can cause mistrust and fear, but I assure, it will never be different to a direct communication. I just lost the opportunity of learning English when I had time :( But not I already think about finding the language courses and correct this mistake... now after meeting you I need that even more! I want to learn more about you. Send more of your photos, please! Don't you think that our random meeting in the net is a bit mysterious, and something wonderful is going to happen? I'll be impatiently waiting for your next letter, honey.

How did you like my photos?
Best wishes from Dasha.
Letter 3
Hello dear Jason! It's really wonderful to get one more letter from you! If you write me again then it means that you are interested in me, right? :) I feel so warm inside from realizing that at last I have a man with whom I can communicate so freely, talk on different topics. It is such a pleasure! For such long time you are the first man who has caught my attention so strongly. I liked your photos very much!! You look quite handsome. Send some more next time please. As for children it's the dream I have for already much time. My instincts are strong and I need to find a father for my children. Well, that's not a rush... I'll have to live with my man for some time to be sure that he is Mr right... as for the number - I want not more than two kids: girls, boy and a girl or if one then just a girl :) You asked about music and films... well, I like to listen to some romantic music... it can be fast and slow... the important thing is that the voice of singer would be very genuine and passionate. I don't like those who sign with computer voice transforming... fakes. I also adore some soft rock... such as Avril Lavingne. Do you know who she is? And as for movies... I can watch different of them... something like romantic dramas, detectives and horror films.. oh and comedies of course :) I like when a movie has not ordinary soundtrack :) Maybe I'm to excited about music in my life. I have many different hobbies but more then anything in the world I enjoy sports. Since my childhood I have been going in for sport and it helps me keep feet and always be in a good mood, as my mother said - in healthy body there is a strong spirit.... so I try to follow this expression. I like to swim a lot . It's the activity I can be involved with for hours. Unfortunately it's not always possible to go swimming here in Severodonetsk as swimming pool is far from my home and it becomes more and more expensive... I have achieved notable success in swimming - I got Master Degree in swimming but I'm not training professionally anymore... no time :(. I am always on the run. I don't want to waste time and it may sound surprising but I like doing household chores. I turn on music and any work goes well. It's part of my job sometimes... so I do it without difficulties. I think about my future family very often. Being involved into others' family lives I start to desire to have my own family more and more every day. It seems like I know how it all must be... satisfied and caring husband, beautiful and healthy children... and harmony in the house. By the way, I am fond of cooking. I become truly creative when I prepare meals... and there is no ****** pleasure from it than to see when someone is eating it with appetite... it's the best reward. People say that I'm a generous and kind-hearted person and that they can rely on me. I'm active and want to do as much as possible in my life because we have only one life to live, right?:) I really like our communication but there is one thing that upsets me . As you know i come from Ukraine. People here speak Ukrainian . When i decided to look for love abroad it was complicated for me at the very beginning because I do not know English, i can not speak or write in this language. But my friend who is happily married to a man from foreign country has advised me about a company that helped my friend to communicate with her future husband . This is not a dating company but a translation service . They provide translations from Ukrainian into English and vice versa . They are so helpful, without their assistance i would not be able to communicate with you:( I know that it can be a complication in our relations that i do not know your language but you should know that i am serious in my intentions and I am going to learn your language if we decide to share our lives together!

I will end this letter now. I hope you liked it and I will be impatiently waiting for your next reply. My intuition tells me that our relations are going to develop into something beautiful in future... :) Tender Kisses and Soft Hugs ..
Letter 4

Good day to You, Dearest Jason! Your letter brought me a lot of joy today:)I must say that your letter is a very pleasant surprise. I was looking forward to get your reply, i was thinking about you and wondering what you would write me in your new letter:) And the one thing I want to pay more attention is platonic love. That's certainly not the kind of love I want to have in my life. But it's something we can only have here... do you understand? We can't see each other right now.. can't feel the bodies.. can't kiss etc... we can only flatter each other by words and showing our character... but even in reality to show character is much more easier, so we must be very desiring and hard-working here :) It's correct to say that honesty is extremely important for us here. We are unable to meet in reality right now, but we can input our most important minds and thoughts in our letters and there is no need to tell lies. People can show themselves in any way they like by saying the "right" words to flatter their partner... but then in real life all wrong facts will be revealed and the true character will be seen. And the couple will be broken. I don't want that to happen as it will be a waste of time and nerves. I show myself as I am to you, and hope you do the same. It's of course pleasant to hear such words about Ukrainian girls. They are really beautiful, kind and honest mostly. But there are bad people in every country having different blood so you must not think of as as of one of a kind :) Anyway, you will be always surprised to discover something new every day from a Ukrainian girl :) I believe that you are honest with me, i feel it through your letters... your words are sincere and intentions are expressed right basing on your heart desires. It's fabulous to realize that you and me are getting closer to each other more and more with each new letter. At last after so much time of being lonely, after all crushed hopes, after tears I cried, I found a man who I feel so good and comfortable with , who understand me so well, who has the same life values i have. it makes me feel so happy! I also realize that I actually believe in love from the the first sight. Do you belive in love at first sight,too? It's really a miraculous event which can happen with two people... one touch, one sight can just turn each other's life from up to down... and it will be changed forever. It happens in this way, that people just feel that they are ready to live with each other the rest of their lives... Perhaps we met such a miracle between us:)... It can be better called love from the first word in a letter !:) I would like to hear more from you, we still have so much to share with each other, do you agree?:) I want us to learn everything about each other, inside and out. tell me about fact of your life you forgot to mention earlier, about your deepest dreams and desires, likes and dislikes you haven't told me about yet. I want to know everything about your life. Maybe I will be a part of it in future:) Dear, I know that we speak different languages but this little obstacle doesn't make us feel different to each other. I am not concerned about language gap, I know that i can overcome it for the right man like you. I am willing to put my time and efforts to learn your language. I want us to be able to understand each other and express our thoughts and feeling directly! I hope that you are inspired by my letter:) I wish you the finest day! And sweet dreams at night:) Take care and stay well . I can not wait to get a new letter from you . A sensual kiss over your lips:) Yours Dasha
Letter 5
(translating company)
official letter tel: +3 8 099 61 10 897 Dear sir, I want to inform you that lady Dasha Pogostyuk, with whom you corresponded, is our client, but now unfortunately her account is empty and we can't provide our translating service to her. Dasha is very upset because of this situation and hopes on your understanding. Though if you are interested in helping your lady, we can provide you with our price list and methods of payment. Dasha is truly hoping that you are sincerely interested in her. Thanks for your attention. Sincerely yours,
executive manager
Vladimir Budinov.
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