Letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to Raf (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello dear Raf!
How are you?
I hope that this morning perfectly for you and you to have good day today and remarkable mood.
I am very happy to receive your letter today, and I each time to hasten to answer you as soon as possible.
My heart is really very raised now because I think of you and our meeting much.
For me it is important to have a meeting with you.................... And it is real also the truth.
As I already wrote in my letter, I can fly to you on April, 23rd.
But I shall inform exact date of my flight to you at once as soon as I shall receive my visa.
While I shall not have the visa in my hands I cannot inform you a detail of my flight.
You understand me?
I can remain with you 1 month and if we shall love each other, I shall ask that to me have given more holiday from work, and there will be with you 3 months.
WHAT you to think of it?????
I shall take the ticket with adapted date of returning. That is I can fly home at once as soon as you to want it.
I when did not get acquainted on the Internet and this new to me earlier, but it is very interesting.
And I understand, that one meeting cannot replace to us even 1000 letters.
But each letter can give us the moment of pleasure and happiness. You agree with me?
Now as I also promised I wish to tell not much more about my family.
My mum call Nadegda. And I very much love mother. Mum the most favourite person who is at me.
My mum to work as the children's teacher at school. And it very good teacher.
Probably therefore, mum could bring up me so, that I always remain kind to all people.
Now I till now live with my mum in our house.
My father call Vladimir. And I am grateful to my father for wash education. My father always wished to make me happy and when did not refuse to me in my requests.
BUT 3 years ago there was a misfortune. My father has died of illness of heart. It was the big impact for me.
But I as have the sister which is more senior than me for 3 years. My sister call Ekaterina.
And it married also has the son, he/she is my nephew. The nephew call Sergey.
I very often happen on a visit at my sister and I spend good evenings with my nephew.
We very often play desktop football or hockey. Happens funny.
I very much love mine family, and always I speak with them about my decision.
My mum and the sister know that I shall fly to Belgium, and they are happy that probably I shall find the man which can to grow fond of me.
I hope that you love my letters, and you to fall in love with me not much?
Please write to me more about the family? You would like to have the new family?
I wish you good day.
Yours Kseniya.

Letter 2

Hello my lovely Raf!
How are you? I hope that your day well today.
It is very pleasant to me to receive yours the letter, and I to hasten to read each time your letter.
All my ideas now only about you and our meeting, our meeting is really very important for me.
And I wish to tell to you about it.
The matter is that I heard about that much that men which live in the Europe, and especially in Belgium are very good to build family.
I think that you already were asked by a question why I fly about Belgium.
I saw many photo Brussel, and I saw that it is beautiful city, I very much would like to visit it.
In the future I wish to create family in Belgium, and I hope that you too to have such dreams.
I do not know why, but to involve me Belgium, and I hope that my heart speaks me good idea.
My basic visitings you, this finding of serious attitudes.
I really write my letters only to you, and I ask you to not worry about it.
I have made the choice, and I hope that you to not bring me.
Now I am in Moscow, here again I shall have work only up to Friday, and then I shall study Moscow.
And on Tuesday I shall receive my visa.
I as wish to tell, that to write to you the letter I should use the Internet of cafe.
And consequently I ask you to write to me the letter at once as soon as you to receive my letter.
And I shall answer you.
I hope that you to understand me????
I as to have a question, whether it is convenient for you if I shall remain with you in your house????
PROBABLY if you to not have a place for me to remain, I could live in hotel, but only not dear.
The hostel is possible?
I as very much would like to speak by with you to phone, but unfortunately I have no cellular telephone in Moscow.
And for me very exsprensive to call to you, therefore I very much ask you to write to me the letters as much as possible and more often.
I very much hope that you love all my photos which I to send you. I really have not so many photo because I to store a photo on a demountable disk, and to carry it with me.
Which I have all photo are made by my sister, the sister very much likes to photograph.
I very much ask you to write more about your ideas rather our meeting?????
You would like that we were together for ever???? You to think of me much?
Family is very important for me!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you understand me!!!
I want man who will love and respect me!!!!!!!!!! Only this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like dance so much!!! I like music. And I hope that I can dance and in Belgium.
Ok, Dear, I hope that you like my letter.
I will wait you today!!!
Yours Kseniya.

Letter 3

Good evening my lovely friend Raf!
How are you?
I hope that this week-end has passed well for you and you are full of forces and energy.
I hope that now you only to wait ours with you a meeting, and you to think of me every minute.
I really good and serious woman..................... The woman which to want only love and a good life.
Probably simply friendship..................... Probably some attitudes.......................... But it is desirable that we loved each other.
Tomorrow a Monday, and it means that before reception of my visa there will be only one day, and on Tuesday all will be known rather our meeting.
I think that all will be fine.
Tomorrow I as plan to walk much, but I can visit travel agency " RUSSIANTOURS ". This agency to help me to receive the visa and to receive my ticket.
Tomorrow I shall probably conclude the contract with them, and all will be fine.
To me promised, that as soon as I shall have the visa in my hands, to me at once can find the ticket, and I can fly to you next day.
It is really fine.
My love, I as to require in some information, it is really important.
My visa will be probably required to receive it.
Please to answer me.

1. Your full name?
2. Where you to live your address?
3. Phones which you to have all?
4. A place of your work?
5. How many you to earn every month?
(I hope that you can answer these questions)

I very much hope that you completely to trust me, and you are ready to our meeting.
I very much hope on your support and love to me.
I wish you good day, and good night.
Kiss you.
Always yours Kseniya.

Letter 4

Good morning my love............. My dream Raf!!!
How are you?????
I hope that this day passes well for you and you have good day and very good mood.
For me the big happiness to receive your letter, and always I hasten to answer your letters as.
Today there was very sated day for me.
I could see many beautiful places in Moscow because I was on excursion on Moscow, and heard about this city much.
But I shall tell all under the order.
After I have written to you my letter, I went to church.
It really very beautiful Kazan Cathedral, it to be near to the Red Area.
It really very beautiful cathedral which has been constructed on the Red area in the second quarter of XVII century in gratitude for disposal of Russia from
Poland - the Lithuanian aggressors in 1612 and in memory of victims in this war Russian soldiers.
It really is very beautiful, I shall send you a photo of this Cathedral, and I hope that you like to see it.
Russia really has greater history, and many buildings and churches very beautiful.
After I have prayed for ours with you a meeting, and really present love.
I took excursion on Moscow.
I was in many places, but most of all I liked " MOUNTAINS VOROBEVY ".
This place from which is visible all Moscow................... Absolutely all.
There there is a viewing platform with which it is possible to observe all beauty of this big and at the same time beautiful city.
I very much hope that we shall have greater love, and we can visit Moscow together and see this beautiful city, and I hope that we can see city in which I live.
" MOUNTAINS VOROBEVY " is is as the center of all enamoured, this place where people come on weddings to see beauty of all Moscow and to assign flowers.
Today when, I saw their beautiful persons, persons of enamoured people I was happy.
It is happy because I dreamed about ours with you a meeting and I hope that as also we shall have our passionate kisses, and we shall be happy in the future.
Enamoured release in the sky turn blue fortunately, it is very beautiful.
So it is beautiful that my heart was compressed also I was ready to shout with happiness. I only regretted that we not near to you this minute.
I am valid very romantic woman, but during too time I have very good sense of humour because I think that the laughter helps to live to us and to do us happy.
I the woman which to all concern easy, and with understanding.
If your way of life is such what it is, I shall not stir to it, the main thing for me that you loved me and I felt it.
I hope that you understand about what you speak.
I am ready to accept much in you, only I ask you to not deceive me............... I ask that you wrote that you really feel. I want that our attitudes
were only with the truth, whether and then to us will understand easily are created we to be together.
YOU UNDERSTAND me????????? Speak the truth and I am assured, that the love will be opened before us.
I speak only the truth both my heart and my ideas will be always open before you.
It not simply dream................ I a reality which will arrive to you, and probably I shall change all your life.
I wish to do you happy because I think that you very good the man and you have deserved it.
To me really is much, that to you to tell. To speak it is more about my mother, the father, the sister............... My work and my life.
But I think that I can tell about it better at our meeting.
Now I wish to learn you as the man more, and to tell about my character.
I hope that you will have good week-end.
I kiss you also wait for your letter.
Yours Kseniya.

Letter 5

Hello my love.................. My the intimate friend Raf!!!
How are you???? I hope that you well today and your heart is full of happiness and love.
Now still Monday, and I understand that you already to require a detail of my flight, but please understand that I can to give all to a detail only on Tuesday when I shall receive my visa.
As soon as I have the visa in my hands, I can buy the ticket, I hope that you understand it????
I hope that you wait for my letter and each time you is happy when you receive my letter, and your heart belongs to me more and more and you cannot wait any more when we shall be together. Also you dream about our first kiss............... Our embraces.
For me as the big happiness when I receive your letter, I am pleased and I read your letters with the great pleasure. It forces to be compressed my heart, and I to ask the God that these days have passed as soon as possible and we soon were together. I really think that to do love our life better.
To me are not necessary money.................... Riches of all world are not necessary to me, all that I wish to be only it with you. It is really important for me. I really trust in that what even without money people can be happy, main that people lived in love and happiness. And all rest, money, the house, the car..................... All this will be because we shall be happy. And we shall begin a new life.
And our life will be very happy.
Today Monday, so this to come to an end of week-end. What do you think to do in this Monday???????
Please to tell to me it is more about it??
To me really it is very boring in this Monday because I should be one in Moscow, and I very much miss from it.
But today I have more plans about my day.
Today I the big travel on Moscow.
I to plan to visit church, and I to put there a candle for our happiness, and to ask the God that all it was good also we could have our meeting as soon as possible.
I shall ask blessing the God on our happiness and I hope for its favour to us.
I always visit church, but I saw much and heard that in Moscow is very beautiful church, and I wish to see it.
Moscow is the big and cold city, I not so like to remain here because people in Moscow all is borrowed only by myself................. All pedestrians where that hasten. It is very big and fast city more similar to ocean where the life here again always boils is possible to be lost without problems. BUT I HOPE THAT ALL WILL be good.
In Moscow there are really very beautiful structures, and I hope that I could see it.
But all my ideas today will be only about you..................... And I shall dream about our meeting.
I as wish to send you my picture........................... It is not much intimate picture, and I hope that it only for your eyes and you will like to see me. I hope that today at night you will dream only of me :)
Tomorrow I shall receive my visa, and I hope that all will be fine. As soon as I shall have the visa in my hands, I shall write to you and we shall solve what time and date it will be better to fly.
I as wish to ask you.
I think that all will be fine, and today you will have good night.
Now I to go in to sleep, tomorrow there will be complex, but a pleasant day.
Gently whole you.
Yours Kseniya.
P.S Please do not forget to write to me about you have what plans on this Monday.
I hope that you dream of me :)

Letter 6

Well, I shall do it very soon.
I shall send you it at once as I can.

Letter 7

Passport series 8803 895410
Visa D76910365
I wait your help.

Letter 8

Good morning my love............... My life Raf!!!
How are you?
I hope that you already to wake up and this morning is full of pleasure and happiness for you because you wait for my letter.
For me yesterday there was very heavy night................ Night in which I Have many ideas.
I thought of you and our meeting much................. I dreamed about our meeting much.
Also asked the God why we have this a problem why we heart on can be together.
WHY??????? Why all so is complex??
I understand, that you are possible have no money now, or you are possible simply to not wish to risk the money because you think that I the woman which to try to deceive you.
But please to read through all my letters.................... To read through all that I wrote to you.
Unless these letters can deceive you.
I asked the God to be only fair with me, and I always was fair with you.
I always wished to be with you, and all this were not simply words, it was my love.
I received your letters, and understood that you too love.................... And I hope, that the love still lives in your heart.
I hope that all our correspondence, it not simply game.
And I swear, that for my part it there was a Crystal-clear Love.
Today I thought of that much where I can take money. It is a lot of variants, but is not present which can solve our problem.
1. I tried to find money at my family, but they have no money now because
These are greater money for them.
And I very much to long from it.
2. I tried to think of taking the credit in bank, but to me have told that it will be required at least 10 days...................... But it very long.
Long because I cannot remain so long one in Warsaw. You understand it????
Now I at all have no money to remain in Warsaw.................... That I shall do I do not know.
Unless it is not a pity to you me??? Therefore the credit in Bank very bad variant.
3. Today in the morning I was in travel agency, and have told that you can buy the ticket for me. And it I shall mean that I to have money then.
You understand that I try to find money.................... I wish to make so that you trusted me, I wish to prove to you my love.
I want that you have understood, that my heart belongs only to you.
But there is no result. And I very sad now.
I do not understand, unless 1300 euros are a pity to you only to give me chance......................... To give chance of your love.
And probably I shall make you happy, happy for all life.
WHAT is 1300 euros your life??????????? WHAT?
It only money, but I offer you my love.
All this time when we wrote the letter each other, to us was very good, and you felt perfectly.
I want that it proceeded, I want that I have arrived to you, and our fairy tale became a reality.
Probably I ask you about risk....................... But it at all risk.
Only 1300 euros, and I promise that I shall change your life.
I very much hope, that I shall receive the answer from you very soon, and you will help us in our meeting.
I kiss you.
For ever yours Kseniya.

Letter 9

My love Raf!
There is no mistake.
Yesterday I sent you figures for memory.
I did a mistake.
The visa is right figures.
I wait for your letter and the help.