Roamnce scam letter(s) from Victoria Lir to Eliel (Finland)
Letter 1
Hello,my sweetheart!I was waiting for your letter with such impatience!!!I thought about you during whole night and i truly understand that you have become a very important person for me. i want to think of you more and more, i want to dream of you more and more and the biggest pleasure for me is to imagine us together... oh, that would be wonderful!!!
Honey, you are always with me in my head whenever i go and whatever i am doing... you know, i think that you can guess about my feelings to you and that is why i am not ashamed to tell you that I love you and can't live without you. Yes, these words are very banal, but they are as wonderful as the world itself and they have the deepest sense ever... you know, it is for the first time that i am confessing to a man that i love him... and believe me, it is not that easy to do it... Oh, God, how can it be that you are so deep inside my soul? i don't know... and hardly you can give me the answer... but, that is something we can't explain but can feel very well...
I want to meet you,want to be with you every day.Want to bring happiness to you.Want to quarrel and to reconcile with you.Want to be your sunshine,your friend,your love,your happiness,your song,your flower,your everything.Every day I smile when I receive your letters.I'm really happy that you appeared in my life.Trust me,I'm not cheating you when speak about my feelings to you.I got accustomed to you and to your warm words a lot.I want to dedicate all my free time to you.I'll cook for you your favorite dishes.I'll learn how to prepare something new to surprise you.Maybe we will go on sunset through the beach you will hold my hand in yours and say that I'm the most beautiful girl in the whole world.Another day we would kiss with you under the moon.And stars will envy me,because I'll be the happiest.In the morning I'll bring to you your breakfast to bed.When you will go to work I'll give you a tender kiss.When you will return from it I'll cook for you something delicious.I'm sure you will like it!!! These are all my dreams,my sweet dreams.I think soon they will become a reality.I hope so.And what do you feel to me?Am I important to you as you to me?From your letters I understood that you are also not indifferent to me!!!I hope you wrote truth.Because if not I would be the most unhappy human all over the world.I'm really serious about you.I think of you being my husband!!!I dream about that,don't you mind?:) but don;t be afraid, honey, these are only dreams and it doesn't mean that i would like to marry you right away!:)
I want to paint your portrait and some other pictures with you.I want all minutes of my short life spend with you.For me it is important to know about your attitude to me also.Write me everything you feel to me. I want to know all your thoughts.
Honey, once you will ask me what I love more you or life? I'll answer life. Maybe you'll go away forever never finding out that you are my life. I think you have the same feelings as I do. I think we will be not the perfect match but brilliant one. What do you think about it??
I'll miss you more than sky is missing the sun in rainy weather. I'll wait for your reply. I send you all my sweet and passion kisses. Don't forget about me any moment!!! Hope to hear from you soon.
With great love,only yours Vicky!!!
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