Scam letter(s) from Juliet Maxwell to Francisco (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello Francisco, My name is Juliet Maxwell and i am 27 years of age, originally from France a country in Nothern Part of Europe, but I relocated with my late Father to a country in western part of Africa,here in Bamako Mali. Iam a University graduate from American University of Paris and i study Marketing Management I work here in Bamako with a Private company that sells tryes( tires) as a sales Representataive . I have faith in a real and true love, that could finally end up into marriage. I also love reality alot. Iam a very nice,caring,sincere,honest,faithfull,loyal,sharing,giving if I have,generous, understanding, loving, and with a sense of humour. I would love to spend the rest of my life with a man that will at least have, half of these my qualities, because no one is perfect in life !
Well, as you know there is a barrier between us, which is the distance, we so far from each other , though distance is never a barrier where there is a true love , this I know ! I will like you to come out to me in a true colour of yours what you really after as iam interested in a true love, and marriage ! Hope to hear from you as soon as possible till i hear from you Cheers,
Letter 2

Hello Francisco, I live in Bamako Mali with my mother and Mali is located in the western africa ,Well, as i have said, I really, and strongly believe in reality. I dont really know how to say much about myself.Iam such a nice,caring,sincere,faithfull,honest,loving and with a sense of humour, and I also have the fear of God alot within me.I would really be glad if I could find this characters in my husband to be as well. I dont really believe in ****** or physical appearance, I believe in the inner man, than the outer one. I hope you understand what Iam trying to say ? i need a responsible man that we can both live our lifes together in peace and harmony. I am a lady that loves respecting the other party and would really want to see your opinion about what else we can do for one another as time goes on. i am a keen follower of the game of football America, i also like playing the game of scrabbles at my lesiure hours with my friends .I am really keen on knowing you and developing this relationship into something serious in the nearest future for both of us. Juliet
Letter 3

My Dearest Francisco, Well, i want you to understand that all i need from you is True and Real love from the heart so that we can share the love and feeling from the mind and soul with sincerity love and honestry love from the heart and i want you to know that i am not after materilistic thing all i want is everlasting love. If you can show me all appreciated from you i believe that our relationship will grow stronger and if possible we can meet for real and we can share the love with the emotional spirit of love in our heart so that we can feel happiness and joy in our heart.Well I want you to know all i need is Real and True Love from the Heart, I am very close with My Family and my brother is in Paris with His Wife and Children, Till i hear from take care of yourself Yours Sincererity!!! Juliet
Letter 4

My Dearest Lovely Swetheart Francisco, Mon amour, mon coeur etre remplir avec bonheur et excitation profond mon coeur et je etre heureux et fier femme sur terre si ce rapport pouvoir venir realite avec tout les deux face a face dedans personne, vous etre un et seul amour mon vie puisque je avoir rencontrer vous mon coeur etre total avec Joyfullness, amour et affectueux ainsi je aimer pour depenser reste mon amour avec vous pour toujours et jamais, je croire etre ensemble un jour pour montrer notre emotif sentiment, vous etre roi mon coeur, merci pour votre beau lettre jusqu'a ce que je avoir de vos nouvelles prendre soin de vous-meme mon plus cher beau roi Thinking About You Always Missing you From The Heart Love Forever And Ever Juliet
Letter 5

My Dearest Lovely Francisco, Mon amour, je biseaute l'arret pensant a vous toujours que vous avez partage vrai et l'amour vrai du coeur avec moi et moi sera la femme la plus heureuse sur terre pour vous rencontrer face a face chez la personne avec l'amour, le bonheur et l'excitation du coeur, vous etes l'une et le seul amour de ma vie, jusqu'a ce que j'aie de vos nouvelles pour prendre soin de vous-meme. Missing You Lovev Juliet
Letter 6

Dearest Lovely Sweetheart Francisco, My Love, I cant stop thinking about you always from the deepest of my Heart and i wil be the Proudest and Happiest woman on earth to meet you face to face in person physically so that we can share our love from the soul; My Hearts needs you now, I love you with all my Life You are the man i would love to spene the rest of my love life with you, am ready to build a solid relationship with you that will last fore ever so promise you will not let me down for any reason because my heart is surely with you now, You are my dream come true so let me know how can we meet in person and if you want me to come over to your country we can both plan better to make this happen, Till i hear from you take care of yourself My Dearest Lovely King. Thinking About You Always Missing you From The Heart Love Forever And Ever Juliet
Letter 7

My Dearest Lovely Sweetheart Francisco, My Love, I am totally in love with you from the deepest of my heart and i will be the happiest woman on earth to meet you face to face in person with Love, Happiness and Excitement from the heart, You are the One and Only Love of My Life. Darling, My Vacation will Start on the 7th of November and as you have invited me to come to your Country ( Spain) and i would love to meet you soonest with love from the heart; Yes, Honey i told my mother about you and she sad no problem because she always see your pictures in my room and i will tell her that i am coming to your country(Spain), I want you know that i am totally in love with you from my Soul so i will leave now and go to the travelling agency if i comes back i will mail you soonest, Thinking About You Always Missing You Hugs And Kisses From The Heart Love Juliet
Letter 8

My Dearest Lovely Sweetheart Francisco, I went to the traveling agency to confirm the price of ticket to your country and they told me that credit cards ticket and foreign ticket is not allowed here that i need to book my ticket here and they tell me the price of the ticket to your Country, BAMAKO AIRPORT --- INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT SPAIN ONE MONTH TICKET --------------------- 800:00 Euro Darling, i want you to understand that you have shared real and true love with me and i will feel happy if this relationship can comes to reality with each other together showing the love from the heart, kindly let me know if you can assist me with rest money of my flight ticket? then i will go and book my ticket and tell you the day that we will meet each other face to face in person, If i meet you at the airport i will hugs and kiss you with my heart filled with Love, I will love you forever and ever, I cant wait to be by your side, because my heart is melt for your love. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible till i hear from you My Dearest Lovely King Hope To Meet you Very Soon !!! Thinking About You Always Hugs And Kisses From The Heart Juliet
Letter 9

My Dearest Lovely Sweetheart Francisco, This is my Information that you will use to send the Money To Me. Western Union JULIET MAXWELL
MALI Love Juliet
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