Letter(s) from Ekaterina Molodova to Eliel (Finland)

Letter 1

Hello.My parents gave me name Katia.Katerina Molodova.I was born and live in Ukraine,Zitomir city(it`s Lvivska oblast).
I`m 22 y.o.I`m so young and charming!I love life in all it`s aspects.
I was born on the 20th of march, 1985.I`m pieces by horoscope.I`m outgoing person,but sometimes shy as all women.Very kind and love humour.
As ussual girl I studied at school and finished it with great marks.Then I started to study at the Univercity without any money.I finished it with great marks too.
I have very good and interesting work,but ,it`s pity,I earn to little.
I know English and write my letters myself without translater.
I have no computer at home and have to go to internet cafe.But it helps me with my work and now with realizing of my most important dream!I think Internet is very important in our life.Thanks to it people can communicate with each other despite of boders and kilometres.
I`m very serious and want so much to know more about you.I hope that our communication will be more friendly and we will be able to communicate without any boders and secrets.And will be closer to each other with every letter.I hope so!
I think,it`s enough for first letter.If you want to have real friend,supporter,and I hope,have real relations and strong family, I will wait for your answer!

With best regards,your friend Katia!