Scam Letter(s) from Marina Omelchenko to Kevin (England)

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Letter 1

Hello Kevin!
This letter is addressed especially for you... your profile seemed interesting and outstanding for me! Thinking about you, I have a mind that you'll agree with my thoughts about the life... Both of us live in very modern world with a lot of the technological mechanic in it: we wake up because of our clocks inform us about the time to get up, we use the lifts coming up and down in the buildings, you and I arrive to the necessary places on the buses, metros and the cars.
The iron machines are around us during the work and in the rest time. But it's so great to close the eyes and to remember about the most important thing in this world which move the walls and crush the barriers: about the love. You will agree with me that its very difficult to meet the unique person for whom you could present all your caress, your passion and love. Spending together 24 hours a day, you ask the heavens to make 1 hour more, you want to enjoy the life with your darling half! Looking at the lovely face of your partner, you have a mind that you know every line of it but from the other side you see something new every time. Making the work or doing something necessary for the life you are hurrying up home to see your half. As for me, I know that I will be hurry come back home to cook something tasty for you. I know that the way for the man's heart comes through the stomach! So, as you understand, I want to love. If you want the same, if you are tired to be alone so as I, answer me. My address is:
Your Janee.

Letter 2

Greetings, Kevin!
Do you feel the same when you receive my letters? As for me, I felt how my heart was bitting when I took your letter in my hands. Thanks a lot for your interest in me, you should know that it comes from my side too! I like very much all photos you sent me with your letter! I see you are very active guy, you like to go in for sports and you are cycling often. Also i see you are a guy with a sense of humor.... I like your photo with coffee very much! Thank you very much for compliments you wrote me in your letter. I am very happy to know that you like my appearance and it's very important for me you would like my inner world too. reading your letter I see you are very good kind guy. you have positive habits only, you are not like men in my country at all and I am very happy that I met you via Internet! I hope that you will see in me all qualities you are looking for, I want to be a lady of your dreams very much! To tell the truth, I don't know English at all. But I found a decision starting using the services of the translation company till time I know English myself. The company translates my letters for you and your letters for me. I think that it's an excellent decision how we can understand each other not knowing the languages of each other. Do you agree with me? And now I want to tell you more about myself. I couldn't tell you everything only in one short letter but we are not in a hurry. All life is open for us so let's start. My first name is Janee, I was born in a little town Metalist which is situated not far from Lugansk, Ukraine, on the 18th of December, 1979. I live there with my family which consists of my mother, a piano player in the local Philharmonic Society; a father, a wood turner on the factory; my younger brother who is a pupil in a secondary school and me. So as my mother, I'm a musician by the diploma. Remembering about my childhood, I think that I dreamt to be a music player from the time when I began to walk. So when my parents asked me what the musician instrument I wanted to play, I answered that it had to be a violin. You understand me right: not "can" but "has to be" because from my young years I knew what I wanted from the life. I dreamt to be the best. I devoted all my time and power to the music classes. I spent all my free time visiting the gym because I understood how it was necessary for me to be in a good form. I stood several hours on the stage during the concerts. I knew that I had to look after my appearance because I performed before the concert hall. You can see the result looking at my photo. It was not important for me to study the other subjects and languages, I didn't spend the time with the girlfriends. I thought only about the music. In the future I saw myself a good musician with the excellent perspective.
But all the plans for the future were broken on the last course of the Conservatory when I broke a first finger. The ordinary person would not see the difference, it was the same like the other ones but for me it was cruel, the finger loose the heightened sensibility. I couldn't perform, to be as a part of the concerts. All I had to do (and continue doing this now for not to loose a dream to be a musician player) was to be a teacher of music in a childish musical school. I hope you find my letter enough interesting, you imagine what the girl you communicate with. Of course, I didn't tell you everything about my life, I will do this in my next letter! Hope to hear from you soon. Take care and have a nice day. Your Janee.

Letter 3

Hello my Kevin!
I can't tell you by the ordinary words how I'm happy to receive a letter from you. I like very much two new photos you sent me with your letter. I see you are communicative guy, you like to meet and communicate with different people! Also I see you like to spend time in the have so beautiful nature, I never saw such amazing flowers before!! It's very important for me that you like to read my letters, you know better what a person I am. You know, it's difficult for me to tell what a person I am spiritually.... it's better if you see if yourself and you decide if you like me or not. Thank you very much for understanding what had happened with me in the past. But life is life, I like my profession and I think that I do a good thing teaching kids. Everything in our life has a reason so I think that my destination is to teach the kids. It's very interesting for me to know more about your family. I see you are very family oriented person, you love your relatives very much and you are very close with them. it's so important for me! And now it's my turn to tell you more about me and my life. In my previous letter I told you about my past. Now I want to tell you about the reasons why I was looking for my future half via the Internet. Looking how my life passed by me I thought more and more often about making a family. But as I told you before, I spent my childhood in studying. Now I work with the women only. My girlfriends are with the families now so I can't visit the places of interest alone. The answer how to meet a good guy came to me one day some months ago when one of my pupil's mother came to me and told that her son would not visit my classes further. On the question why, she told me that she was going to marry the foreigner, she and her son would go abroad. She didn't tell me the details but I understood that lady met her future husband via the Internet. A thought about my youth went to my head, I remembered what friendly relations with the foreigners I had during the consents in spite of the fact that I didn't know English at all! I didn't learn it because I thought that it was not necessary for me. What a fool I was!!! If I knew that I would want to meet a guy from another country, I learnt English, of course. The thought about how I could communicate with a foreigner not knowing English and not having a computer at home had been in my head for several months. But some time ago I found a decision of this problem! Looking through the newspapers I found the advertisement of the translation company which proposed the services of the translating the technical and private correspondence. These services include the printing and typing also. So, as you see, I can communicate with you in spite of the fact that I don't have a computer and don't
know English at all. I'm closing my letter now... but don't finish my dialog with you. I'm waiting impatiently for your reply. Until next time, take care.
Your always Janee.

Letter 4

Hi my Kevin!
I'm so happy today to receive your letter! Thank you for your interest in me which is growing day by day. I feel how close we have become to each other! I like very much two amazing photos which you sent me with your letter. I see you like animals, you like to play with kids... you have so kind heart, my dear, I am very happy that I met you via Internet and i want to be with you very much! thank you very much for all sweet lovely words but i am not a model, i am an ordinary teacher only. It's very interesting for me to know your typical day... what about me, i work 6 day a week from 9 till 18 o'clock. You know, God is in my heart and i live by his rules. i think that it's very important for all people because our creator look at us always! I see you share my ideas and thoughts, it's very important for me.
Having woken up this morning, I visited my little garden with flowers in it. May be you are surprised reading these words.... I have not written you about my hobby yet. I like to cultivate flowers, in winter and in early spring, when it's cold they grow in an orangery. Some years ago it was an ordinary room with big windows in three walls but I asked my parents to let me cultivate the flowers in it. The answer was 'yes' so I could take care about flowers there without the problems. Looking at the flowers today in the morning, I was thinking about what a flower I could compare with myself. It was Lily. Looking at this flower you can have a thought that it's too ordinary, it doesn't need much care and warm but it's from the first sight only. It's not truth,
the habitual care will give you the usual appearance which consists of several leaves. But if you present Lily all your care and warm of sun, Lily will present you the best it has: the wonderful flower! Looking at it you will feel the happiness in your heart. The same thoughts I have about my life. Living by the ordinary life I enjoyed the around world: as every person I made the ordinary things, I communicated with friends and my lovely family. But when you presented me all your attitude, your care, your love and warm of your heart I understood that I would want to return you the most expensive thing I had: my life and my love...I'm open for you, make with me everything you want because I believe you very much. I want to be with you and with you only because I am sure that you are the same man whom I was looking for all my life and now we belong to each other. I'm waiting impatiently for your reply, I send you all my tender and love. Be safe, my darling.
Your completely Janee.

Letter 5

Dear Mr. Kevin,


-Translating, typing, scanning and printing 1 (one) letter
from your side - 4 Euro
from your lady's side - 4 Euro

-Scanning and printing 1 (one) photo - 2 Euro

-The service of a private interpreter during the meets in real:
per 1 (one) hour - 16 Euro
per 1 (one) day - 64 Euro

-The private phone calls using our phone line with the help of an interpreter
per 10 (ten) minutes - 4 Euro

-The using of a web camera
per 1 (one) minute - 8 Euro


If you plan to communicate with your lady often, to call her when it will be necessary for both of yours, we can propose you the Unlimited Service. Unlimited Service includes ALL letters, photos and phone calls during:

ONE month - 184 Euro
TWO months - 296 Euro

P.S. In ONE month Unlimited Service you can use 12 minutes of a web camera for free. In TWO months Unlimited Service you can use 24 minutes of a web camera for free.


Ways you can make a payment:

-Western Union,
-Bank Transfer.

Information of your lady Janee V. which you need for making a transfer:

the name of receiver Janee Vershinyna
the town Metalist
the address Lenina street, 12
zip code 91000
country Ukraine

After making a transfer you should contact us sending transfer details:

- your full name
- country you are from
- the sum of payment
- Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

Please, inform us about your final decision because your lady Miss Janee V. is waiting for it.

Thank you for your choice. We are open for all your suggestions.

Best regards,
Top Manager of
Anna Bezborodova.



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