Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to Floyd (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my beloved Prince,
I am very glad that I came from my mother's village and found your 2 wonderful letters and moreover a great video file! You did good job with Mandy. Everything is so clean.
But, sorry to say, I have terrible news.
You see, when I came to my mother I find that we had a shocking event there with my granny - she had a heart attack. The weather is changing all the time,
not it got really colder and yesterday it was sunny and warm, so her weak heart didn't manage to cope.
I will be very thankful to you if you understood my difficult situation, it will show your kind heart and very beautiful soul.
I will have to go to Igren for several days to help my mother look after granny.
My mother won't forgive me if I leave her in so difficult situation.
I am very hopeful if you understand my troubles and won't be mad if I don't write several days.
I am very sorry that everything happened so, I love you very much and I will come to you, hope my granny will be better by the time I have to leave.
I hope you will forgive me because everything happened so. I feel terrible, I won't survive if I loose my granny. She is my close person.
Honey, I miss you a lot.
I will try to write you as often as I can, but I will be at Igren all the time to help my mother. So if you find no letter from me, that means I am with my family. Please take care of yourself.
I will be missing you, honey.
Kisses, Oksana.
Letter 2
Hello my dear sweetheart,
Thanks a lot for not forgetting about me, it was very pleasant to come and see so many letters from you, my darling sweetheart.
I miss you so much, now my life is like a horror movie, it is full of sorrow and bad events.
doctors say that my grandma is going to pass away soon, that it is time for her. but i try not to believe in it.
I refuse to do it. Anyway we have to face the problem, not to hide from it. So if my granny is weak, I have to tell this awful news to my relatives in Russia. They live in a small village in Rostov region, in Russia.
There is no phone, and moreover there is no Internet.
So my darling, if you find no letter from me, please forgive.
I will have to go there, and I will still be thinking of you and waiting for our meeting which has to be a little delayed.
Take care of yourself, Mandy and cat, try to be happy with or without me.
I am always thinking of you...
Yours forever, Oksana.
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