Letter(s) from Ludmila Kalinina to Jan (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello dear Jan!!! I'm so upset.... I have unpleasant news for us.
One problem which prevents us will meet.
Today in the morning when I to go aboard the plane at the airport, the employee of the airport stop me and informed that for passage of customs house I will need money, it is 1240$. At me is 840$. And still it is necessary for me 400$.
This money are required that I shall show in customs house that I to have funds on life ( payment of habitation, meal and other charges) and I shall not ask you in the country an alms.
These funds only are required to show them at passage of customs house.
If I shall not have this sum that I can not take off from Russia.
I have nobody to ask except for you more. I shall not spend cent from this sum.
I don't know about it. But I have found out it only today.
I change air tickets for 3 May. If I shall not have this sum that I can't fly to you.
I ask you to send me this sum. I shall return to you these funds at our meeting at the airport.
Once again I shall repeat that I shall not spend this money, these funds are required only for passage of customs house.
I shall wait for your fast reply.
Yours and only yours Ludmila.

P.S My lovely I believe in you. Any difficulties should not prevent a meeting of two in love!!!