Scam Letter(s) from Lubov Maltseva to Christian (Switzerland)

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Letter 1

Hello Christian! For me it is pleasant to receive your letter. I want to tell about myself. My name is Olga. You already know it? To me 31 year! I live in the city of Samara. It in the south of Russia. I have decided to write to you so I want to find to myself happiness. I very much want that we with you could write each other more. . I to think, that you not against to receive my letters. You can tell to me about yourselves. About your family! You have a son? It is fine.. You can send me a photo. I love children. You wish to have still children? Where you work? Than you to be engaged at leisure. I shall wait very much for your letter. Olga!

Letter 2

Hello Christian! How are you doing? I'm fine.. I Hope, that at you all is good. Every minute I to understand, that the our friendship for me is important. As any person requires, in the friend. In the person which can always be a number. When I need to consult. I always to think of you. You for me the close person. It was pleasant to speak by with you to phone. I shall call to you this week. You can send me your new photos? What do you think? Today for me the important day. As at my mum birthday... I at all do not know what to give a gift? What to present? To my mum it is executed 55 years. For me it is the big holiday. Today I want to congratulate mum and from your name. You not against? What do you think? I shall tell to mum, about you. That you from other country! You like me also we with you we write each other letters. My mum will be glad to your congratulation. Forgive me, that I write to you the small letter. As I need to buy a gift still. I shall send you a photo. This dress which I want to dress per day a birthday of mum. What do you think? I hope, that you can write to me your letter today. I would be glad. I am very glad to our acquaintance. I to speak you is serious. I shall wait for your letter.

Letter 3

Hello Christian! For me it is pleasant to receive your letter. How you there? I'm fine. Know, I very much like our correspondence. And to you? I very seriously concern to you. I to think, that the friendship on the Internet differs from usual friendship. You so do not think? You can write your ideas. As for me it would be very interesting to learn your opinion. Remember I spoke you about birthday of mum. It was for me not overlooked day. I long to think what to present mum. Also has decided to present mum a dress. I shall send you a photo. My mum in a dress which I has presented. What do you think? Mum was glad. And it was pleasant for me, that my gift is pleasant to mum. Mum has invited me in restaurant. And we well celebrated birthday of mum. Tomorrow I will have trip to other city of Rostov. The chief has sent me in business trip. It will be not long. I hope, that I shall come next day. I hope to receive your letter. Olga!

Letter 4

Hello Christian! It is pleasant to receive your letter. How you? I'm fine. I hope, that at you all is fine. Now I am in the city of Rostov. I have found the Internet of cafe and have decided to write to you. I ask you, that you did not experience. Tomorrow I shall come home. I am very tired, as to me to have to visit many places. It is tiresome... Only ideas about you allow me to behave in hands. I to make a photo, can to you it is pleasant. Write to me.. Thanks for your photos. I to not demand from you the child. The answer to a question will show time. You understand? Forgive, but I cannot write the big letter. I now need to go. As soon as I shall come home I shall write to you.

Letter 5

Hello Christian! How are you ? Today good weather. And what weather at you? Know, I all time to think of our correspondence. You can answer my question. How you to concern to me? You have plans for the future? What do you think? Your answer for me will be important. I shall ask you, that you to answer me fairly. As I trust you... This trip to Rostov was very tiresome. As I have lead a lot of time in a train. And strongly to get tired... In Rostov I have uncle and the aunt. At leisure I to visit them. I to tell about our acquaintance. That we with you write each other. Also that you live far from Russia. My aunt long to listen to my story about you. The aunt asked, that I to send the regards to you. You have very much liked my aunt. My aunt has told to me an interesting history. 15 years back my aunt before a vein in the north. And to them to come fishing court from the various countries. My aunt will get acquainted to the Norwegian fisherman. It was the love at first sight. My aunt has told, that it is destiny... You to trust in destiny? That each person in a life has pair. And in a life gives chance to be happy. Now my aunt is happy and they have children. It seems to me, that it is an interesting history. What do you think? I now should go home. I hope, to receive your letter. Your Olga!

Letter 6

Hello dear Christian! For me it is pleasant to receive your letter. How you? I in the order. Know, you can be in earnest to my letter. As this letter is important for me. You know, that you like me and even more. And I would like, that we have met you. What do you think? I to speak with the chief on work and to ask holiday. To me have told, that I can take holiday at any time. Well? What your decision? Yesterday I spoke with mum about you. I have told to mum that I shall write to you today the letter and I shall speak about a meeting. My mum has agreed with me. I to think, about words of my aunt about destiny. And it seems to me, that the life gives us with you chance. Chance to be happy. I do not want to lose this chance. I want that we with you could meet and be happy. Believe, that it was difficult for me to dare to write this letter. Do not force me to experience and give me your answer as soon as possible. I hope, that you understand all gravity of my letter. I hope for your prompt reply. Your Olga!

Letter 7

Hello dear Christian! I am glad to your letter. You can't present yourselves at all as it was difficult for me to look forward to hearing from you. I experienced that you can not understand me. I am glad, that you want that we have met you. It is simply wonderful. You simply think, you see such big and we with you could meet the world each other. It is destiny. I think, that it could not be casual. And you as think? I want you to ask, that you have written me your full address and your airport. That I could learn in travel agency All conditions of my travel. What you think of it? I am very glad, that we with you well understand each other. Also we want to be together. Don't worry I can call to you in the beginning of week? Hope we can speak with you. I now shall go home and I shall tell to the parents, that I soon shall go to you. I am sure, that they will be very glad for me. I am sorry, I now can not write to you the big letter, but I shall look forward to hearing from you very much, your Olga!

Letter 8

Hello dear Christian! For me it is pleasant to receive your letter! I want to meet you. I was thinking about our meeting so much! And I imogened how we will meet at the airport, how we will find out each other when we will be together! And when I was thinking about it my mood is good! But just now I was in the travel agency and I have found out conditions of travel to you! To me have told, that all wash documents will be ready in 10 days! And I will travel by tourist visa! Because it is fast and I can get this type of visa without problems! But I have problem! Costs of the ticket to 732 euros! It is big money for me! I could't think that it is so expensive! I asked why mine ticket is so expensive! Tourist agent has told me, that Russia is not included into the European Union! And so ticket is expensive! I don't know what to do and how I will pay my trip! I want to come to you, but it is difficult for me because I haven't money! I think, that I can't buy the ticket and come to you! I understand, that we want to meet each other, but I can't come to you! It is a pity! I am strongly upset! It is difficult to me to write to you this letter! But I understand, that you should know it! I shall look forward to hearing from you, Olga!

Letter 9

Hello dear Christian! It is pleasant to receive your letter. How are you doing? I have read through your letter and have been surprised. Why you so badly think of me. Christian I when to not deceive you. Who such scammers? I don't understand... In December I to correspond 2 men. I received good letters. But then naked photos asked to send me. I refused. To me have told that will bring mine e-mail in the black list. I do not wish to have such friends. I to not answer letters. You understand? That is why you to find mine e-mail in the black list. Christian I was glad to acquaintance to you. I hoped you the fair person. Christian I did't ask from you money. I have told that I can't buy the ticket. I work as the assistant to the lawyer. In a month I to develop 9000 roubles (280 euros). How I can save 732 euros? Now I have 100 euros. I can spend this money for my ticket. You to give me money when I will arrive to Switzerland? What for to me your money in Switzerland? How I to pay my ticket? Sorry for my bad English. I have not correctly written a word of parents. I wished to tell about mum. You understand? I have an idea as I can receive the ticket. You can pay my ticket from Switzerland. You will not send me money... Travel agency have the bank account. I can give you the bank account of travel agency. You can send money to travel agency? What do you think? I can give to travel agency the 100 euros and the passport. What do you think? Christian I wish to meet you. I hope you trust me. It is important for me. Today I shall call to you. Hope we can speak with you. Your Olga!

Letter 10

Hello dear Christian! Thanks for your letter. Why you did not write to me. I worry for you. You understand? I thought of you much. Now in my house repair. I to not have phone of the house. What for to you my phone. I can call to you. Christian I to not deceive you. I really to not have phone. Christian you thought of our meeting. What have you solved? Write to me... It is important for me. I hope to receive your letter in the evening. Your Olga!

Letter 11

Hello dear Christian! Thanks for your letter. How are you doing? Christian sorry I could not write to you the letter. The Internet of cafe did not work. I had no opportunity to write to you of the letter. You understand? Christian my mum sends the regards to you. I have told to mum, that we wish to meet. My mum is glad... Christian when you wish to meet me? I think the end of March. This good time for you. I can order flight to March, 25th. What do you think? I could arrive to you for 15 days. What do you think? For you it will be good? Write to me. Christian 732 euros are my cheapest ticket for me. You understand? I cannot find the cheap ticket in Russia. Christian believe to me. It is cost: the visa, the ticket, the medical insurance, the passport. Christian if you will buy the ticket from Switzerland it will be difficult to me to receive the visa. You understand: And if we can buy the ticket in Russia. Then the travel agency will do for me the visa. You understand? I think it will be better. Christian I thought all of us it have discussed by phone. Now I go for work. I hope to receive your letter in the evening. Olga!



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