Scam letter(s) from Elnara Mamedova to Kevin (France)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend, I'm very surprised to hear from you and I am sure that you are the one I need by my side! I do know that we are looking for: real feelings, understanding, care, repsect, honesty, seriousness, extreme, relations, and of course LOVE! I am a common woman and I do not need swelling selfloving man! I do know that I will meet my Prince soon and as all your character traits are just perfect, I do believe it is YOU! So let's not waste our time and make friends! You can write me at: and I will tell you everyhting you want to know about me! Sincerely, your Princess Elnara.
Letter 2
Hello Kevin, Elnara is here. I see You are fast. You don't waste time. And You are absolutely Perfect. I wanna **** Your enemy - Mr. Loneliness, I wanna make Your bed warm. Nevertheless I guess this is one of the hardest things that I have attempted to do, so I will do my best. This is me as I know myself. I am a very kind-hearted woman, who takes it very seriously, shy at first but warm up quickly. Giving, to the one that I'm with, loving only one, which there is nothing I wouldn't do to see a smile on my men face every day. Caring: to the feelings and emotions of the one I choose to share my life with. Listener: listen very close to what my man has to say. Opinionated: of course I have an opinion. Lonely: because I have no one to share my life with. Honest: I tell the truth about every thing I do. Loyal: to my one and only man. Sense of humor: well some say funny, some say sarcastically funny, but either way there is one there. A few more things.I am 26 yrs old, I weigh approximately 58 kg and my height is 168 cm. I have long black hair and deep brown eyes... Enough of that for now, if anything else please ask. My PAST Well let's see. I was born on June, 16th, 1981 in a town of Troitsk where we have been living till nowadays. As far as my town is concerned, it is very small town and it has no places of interests but coal mines and a plant producing glass. So it is 700 km from Kiev and the nearest big city with airport is Donetsk. But I used to live here from my childhood and I have not had an opportunity to move somewhere else because I have to look after my mother(she has problems with health). But I hope that one day I will live in other country or city with my beloved. What do you think, sweety? PRESENT Trying to live life as happy as I can and prepare for the future, having the watcher and with him by my side, there is nothing I can't accomplish. LOOK to the FUTURE Currently working in the social sphere: helping disabled persons, orphans, pensioners; of all things I have been through in my life to bring me to this point and time, there is always HOPE. Hope, that I will find my soul-mate. Hope, that I can make my house a home in the near future. Hope, that the man I find will treat me as I treat him. Hope, that I am not left alone in this big world. Well I guess that's enough for now, please feel free to ask any and all the questions you'd like to. Hope to here from you soon. Elnara
Letter 3
Surprise for you Kevin! And I was very surprised either to see your reply with great and amazing photos! It took me a while to find suitable pictures of me. :-) You can find them attached. The pictures were taken last year and in different seasons but exactly this way as I regard you will be able to get to know me better and from the different sides and views! There are my girlfriends too: Elena and Olga. In addition they are my neighbors in the dormitory where I live. Attached You can also find picture of my house. I have lived there since 2003. Inside there is 1 bedroom which is also a living room, kitchen, a toilet within shower room. My family is tiny I can say! There is only me and my mum! You will ask where my father is... Unfortunately he died when I was a newborn infant, so I do not even remember him but it is very sad topic and I do not feel like talking about it again! I was brought up by my lovely mum and she taught me a lot of good things and I am grateful to her. Unfortunately now I live alone in the town of Troitsk because my mum wished to stay in the country and devote herself to gardening. On the week-ends I visit her regularly and we spend wonderful time together. LIKES: Talking Novelty and the unusual Variety in life Multiple projects all going at once Reading DISLIKES: Feeling tied down Learning, such as school Being in a rut Mental inaction Being alone I am looking for a man like You are to be my life partner and maybe father of the beautiful kids. I would like to take care of You and be Your lover. I am looking for ever last love and passion. Don't laugh because I am serious. What about You? What are Your hobbies? I used to dance and to collect post-cards. I am so tired of it and now I am looking for a new hobby. Maybe swimming or knitting or You tell me? I wished I could take part in Olympic Games one day... that is just a dream. But You've got to have some dreams in Your life. An other dream of mine is You standing beside me... all my life. Sincerely, Elnara.
Letter 4

My wonderful Kevin, So here we go... I am Gemini by zodiac so everything I am going to tell you is tightly connected with me, my behavior and my feelings! Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory. On the one hand it produces the virtue of versatility, and on the other the vices of two-facedness and flightiness. The sign is linked with Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth, and its subjects tend to have the graces and faults of the young. When they are good, they are very attractive; when they are bad they are more the worse for being the charmers they are. Like children they are lively, and happy, if circumstances are right for them, or egocentric, imaginative and restless. Most Gemini have a keen, intuitive, sometimes brilliant intelligence and they love cerebral challenges. But their concentration, though intense for a while, does not last. Their mental agility and energy give them a voracious appetite for knowledge from youth onward, though they dislike the labor of learning. They easily grasp almost everything requiring intelligence and mental dexterity, and are often able to marry manual skills to their qualities of mind. Their intellect is strongly analytical and sometimes gives them so great an ability to see both sides of a question that they vacillate and find it hard to make decisions. But their intelligence may very well be used to control and unify the duality of their natures into a most efficient unit. If faced with difficulties, they have little determination to worry at a problem until they find a solution – they will pick the brains of others. In their intellectual pursuits, as in other departments of their lives, they risk becoming dilettantes, losing themselves in too many projects which they follow until they become difficult. In love they are fickle, not intentionally so but because of the basic inconsistency of their emotional nature, which has an amoral aspect to it. There is a side to Geminians which can become deeply involved emotionally, and another, hostile to sentimentality, which stands back from a romantic situation, laughing at it and the protagonists in it, including themselves while analyzing it intellectually. Gemini subjects take nothing seriously. So, in love, in spite of their temporary depth of feeling, for the intensity of involvement lasts only while it is new, they are superficial, light-hearted, cool, flirtatious and unimaginative in the understanding of the pain they may give others. They like intrigue, the excitement of the chase, but once they have caught the prey, they lose interest and look around for the next creature to pursue. In less serious situations they make witty, entertaining companions, good acquaintances rather than friends. Even at their worst they are never dull - there is usually playfulness below the surface, and they can be brilliant conversationalists - but they can also be quarrelsome, prattlers, boasters, liars and cheats. Gemini and *** The Twins aren't asking for much, just someone who will stimulate their mind for a great time. Of course, those mental hijinks need to have a bit of follow-through, so a lover with variety on their mind will score a perfect 10. Face it, this sign is versatile! Most of all, though, *** is a mental sport for Gemini. The act begins in the head and works its way down and around. Gemini is always in search of the perfect lover and the perfect ****** experience. Once they (hopefully) find it, they will want, and give, stimulation to all the senses, for sight, sound and touch are all important. Bottom line: The Twins want something different and something complete. Not too much to ask, right? My zodiac sign absolutely responds me as far as Relationships are concerned! A union with Gemini is many things, but it is certainly never boring. The Twins, above all, seek a partner who is mentally stimulating, and once they've found them, sparks will definitely fly! The Twins' lover must be able to keep up in the fast-paced gamed of life, lest they get bored and move on. Variety of expression, a certain openness and a searching quality are all things which will stimulate the Twins and keep them around. Those born under this sign love to dazzle with their intelligence and quick wit and are consequently the star of any party. Jealous lovers will find themselves tested by Gemini's magnetism, and often it's the Twins themselves who are giving the test, to see if a lover is really true. The lover who can keep the Twins feeling comfortable yet give them space will win themselves a lover beyond compare. At the end of the day, the ideal Gemini soul mate has a Ph.D., and is a world traveler with countless tales to tell. Therefore you got to know almost everything about me! Now tell me about yourself, please! Looking forward to your next letter! Faithfully, Elnara.
Letter 5
NOW TAKE MY HAND AND FOLLOW ME ... We are sitting at our home... Nobody will bother us... We are absolutely relaxed and pleased with spending time together... "Please light the candles", I ask. "I notice a full moon is rising in the east." You observe Yes that is the best thing for a time of magic, I smile... As we finish you notice that it has become quite dark outside. The shadows add an air of mystery to the room. The flickering candle light throws interesting shapes on to the walls and makes my eyes quite luminous. "Before we rise to clear away the dishes," you say. "Let me tell that this was truly a magnificent meal." "Thank you, but we haven't had dessert yet!" "So far this has been marvelous" "But we still haven't had our dessert," you reply. We take the dishes over to the sink and I turn to me and say, "I need to freshen up. While I do that will you open the champagne and set a match to the fire. It gets cool here after sunset this time of year" The big masonry stove dominated the end of the room. You opened the fire box door and put a match the fuel. In two minutes, the fire was roaring merrily and you turned your attention to the champagne. When you popped the cork I emerged saying, "Part of the pleasure of champagne is the sound of the cork popping" you didn't say anything, you was struck dumb by my beauty I had changed into a silken, lavender wrap fastened only of a slightly deeper lavender. The material clings to my body revealing, and at the same time obscuring the lines of my body. The candle light dances over my figure. My hair which I had worn up at dinner had released itself into glossy waves which cscaded over my shoulders... As you caught your breathe, I said, "Could I have a glass of champagne?" You could see that I had noticed my effect on you as you silently poured the champagne, I said: "Thank you," as I took the glass from your hand, "Please bring your glass and the bottle. You know, you compared the act of love to a shot of *****, but I will tell you that with me: it is the finest champagne." "Now take my hand and follow me..." You did and you found i was telling the truth.:) to be continued ... Yes I think I prefer to eat at home - the dessert is much nicer. Yours Elnara
Letter 6
My sweetheart, Unfortunately it is the last letter I was allowed to send you because I was using the services of Translating Company as I do not speak English and have no access to the Internet and my limit has run out. Unfortunately, I do not have enough funds to pay for the bonuses(letters) but I would be really glad if you help me and pay for my letters. So, darling do not let me down and let me know about your feeling and intentions. We have created such strong relations and you will break my heart if we will stop our correspondence... I will feel hurt and it'll upset me very much. Please send me just few lines about your attitude to me and our future because I am waiting you to fill up the bonuses and continue our correspondence. I need you badly!!! Do not make me wait and tell me the true, my love! If you agree to continue our relations, the Translating Company will send you all the necessary information, my honey. Just let me know as soon as possible! Lots of kisses to you, my dear. Only yours, Elnara
Letter 7
Dear Sir, Let me introduce myself. My name is Dmitriy Myshin, I am the principal of Company of Internet & Translating “Amfiaray” and I'm glad to know that you want to use our services. So here is the way we work: • a client comes to our office in order to find a soul-mate
• we leave a few profiles to her/his choice
• a client makes the only choice and is allowed to try a few letters free of charge to get to know adverse party better
• when these bonuses run out, we suggest the client to open account with bonuses
• after the bonuses are filled up, the client renews correspondence with adverse party In the document attached you can see the prices for the bonuses. Money can be transferred with the use of international systems of transfers such as: Western Union, MoneyGram. Using these services saves up your time and let your Lady restore communication with you in a faster way. To make this transaction you should go to the nearest office of Western Union and fill in the form using the necessary information:

Receiver: Elnara Mamedova
Copuntry: Ukraine
City: Troitsk
Region: Luganska
Address: Sovetskaya Street, 56
Zip code: 92100 You can also use your credit card to send the payment through the Western Union service; you can do it on line on web-site:

After making the transfer you are to send the letter to the e-mail of Elnara with the following information: 1. Money Transfer Control Number consisting of 10 digits if Western Union is used and 8 digits if MoneyGram;
2. Exact amount of funds sent to the Lady;
3. Full name of the sender;
4. The country where from the money were sent. Thank You for the cooperation. Have a nice day.
C of I&T "Amfiaray".
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