Scam Letter(s) from Jennifer Monica James to Joe (USA)

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Letter 1

To: A Beautiful King!I just want you to know that I very much appreciated receiving your letter every moment I check my mail. You are a very special person who I SERIOUSLY want to explore the possibility of building a long term friendship withthat will in time turn into a marriage and family. That is my dreamand I hope to make it come true with you!. In my heart I feel you have all the qualities it takes to make me very happy...

About my past relationshipI was cheated onMy Ex cheated on me and I just have to let go...Its happened one Saturday morningi was to travel for a business trip to Egyptand he dropped me at the airport and left...But suddenly I couldn't make my flight that day causemy flight was re scheduled to be the next Saturday and I have to go back hometo get him informed that flight was re-scheduled....Getting to his placei couldn't find Him in the sitting room so I have to check him in his living roomon getting there...I couldn't stand what I saw!!! I CAUGHT HIM MAKING LOVE TO MY BEST FRIENDAll was made and crazydon't know what to say or to do..So I just started crying and he was trying to make me understand that its the work of Devil and not his intensionand ever since then I was singleI was lonely and far from sex for 2 years plus till date. My reasoning which I understand is very strange in today's worldbut my belief is my heart and souland the passion that is in it is very unique and specialso I made the decision and made a promise to God that I would not be sexually active for the sake of just wanting sexor to have sex for someone elses own self gratification. Knowing the passion that is contained in my heart and soul is very uniqueI made the decision to abstain from sex because I want this special gift to be shared with the person I am dedicating the rest of my life toas his Wife and the mother of his children ...
It is very important for me to build a life of stabilitysecurityand opportunity for the special person I hope to share my thoughtsfeelingsexperiencesdreams and fantasies withand to offer the best in opportunities for any children that might be included in my life and that is my focus at this time and I also do enjoy my job. Professionallyi have once been a sales rep in Uk for Wendell huffin gold source .The company was own by my Dad family.After the dead of my Dad his family got to know that my Dad left some urge money for me and I'm gonna have asscess to this when I get to 30 years old they wasn't happy with this and I have to relocated before facing the carier I have always prayed for (self employed).I do travel outside of the States to buy goldjewelrystonebeeds etc and ship it into the States for sales. This have make me travel aloti have been to different Europian countriestwice in Australia and this is my first time in China for a special shopping for some latest jewelry.

Honey in me you are going to find a woman that was blessed with an over abundance of passion to give to the ones I share my heart and soul with. For you to really know me you will have to experience meas the love that makes up my heart is like a waterfallwhere the water never stops flowing down. In this case my heart is the waterfalland the love and passion that flows endlessly is representing the water. I am a very unique person for many reasonsbut one of those is the fact that I can never get enough of romancing that special someone.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to build this special friendship with you!. You will be rewarded for it through the passionate love that makes up my heart and soul!. I am so excited to be able to do what I do best and that is romance you with all the passion that makes up my heart and soul!. My special friendship with you is something I want to make permanent and eventually build into a family to call our very own!
Directly from my heart to yours!
Your Future Queen! (I hope!)

Letter 2

Hello Angel

Thanks for the Warm Heart mail.How are you doing today good I Guess anyway I'm doing fine here as well...I just want to tell you More about me.I will like to get to know all about you as well.. Here Are some More about MeI am a single female never married and have No Kidsam ready for serious relationship but looking for a true love we Could be the one of my heart after I receive your reply.I am new on This Online dating stuffsCos a friend of mine introduce it to me.. Have been Hurt many times and I have a lot of experience in RelationshipBut I don't want to Get Hurt anymore cos it was a very Bad thing ever Happen...When dating or getting to know someone for the First time I reflect to a quote form one of my favorite movies "Hope Floats""Little scary at first...little sad in the end...but it's what's in the middle that counts"Now I guess a question will come to Your mind(Why is she Single)isn't it...ok okI used to have a Boyfriend but I broke up with himI caught him on bed with my best Close friendyou know how that isit's a SHOCKlol. And that's Make me Feel Sad and I don't think I can be Love anymore. But I have to give Things a try Just to know where it will lead this led me to Break up with himwas I right by that decision???I seek for a complete Honest manwho will come home to melove meadore mea strong man with A strong heart who will want our relationship to last forevera Comppassionate manone with good heart and know how to handle MattersI want a lover not a fighterlol I am committed life to living To the fullest and in growing as a person.

My family has always been very caring and supportive of my dreams and Ambitions that I have challenged myself with.I am a OrphanI was born In IrelandMy dad is from Polland and My Mum is from NigeriaI don't Know the Relatives of my Father cos I choose to the Citizen of NigeriaI do Live with My Parent in States and we Live in a Happily Family..not knowing I will lost them..before they died in Auto AccidentI am the Only Child of my Parent..I am 10yrs when my Parent Was dead..It make me Feel so Sad and Cry anyday I remember My parent Dead and Since when I lost my Parent things have been going to hard For me and also I do not have nobody to take Good care of me



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