Letter(s) from Irina Proylova to Ronald (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello Ronald
Thanks for that that you have answered my letter. I hope it not last your message and you write to me again.
I very much hope for it.
My name is Irina. And me 28 years.
My birthday on June, 12. On a horoscope I - Jemeni. My height 167 cm.
I think myself very sports and active person.
I have finished university. And now I the teacher of physical culture.
My predilection for sports promoted a choice such profession.
I work in high school. I like my work. And in general I like to work.
I was never married and I have no children. I in searches of serious relations.
I want to meet the man which me really appreciated, respected me, had sense of humour.
I want to find the man for dialogue with him every day. I want the man was near to me.
I hope you will help my dreams to embody in a reality.
I the sports person. My basic hobby is sport, I are sports the person, my work is connected to sports.
As to music. I listen to various music, but basically I prefer POP and classical.
I spend a free time with girlfriends. We walk on the nature and swimming in pool.
On it I shall finish the small story about myself.
Tell me about yourself and send me photo.
P.S. I think we become friends.

Letter 2

Hello Ronald
Again I thank that you have answered my message. I am pleased that I interest you.
You also are interesting to me also I want find out about you more and more and more new.
I will be repeated that I want to find the man - which would understand me, respected and appreciated.
In Russia I could not find such person and now I am compelled to search through Internet.
The Russian men drink alcohol too much and the some people even use drugs.
It is very terrible problem of our modernity.
I do not use alcoholic drinks and I do not smoke, also I never tried drugs.
My father has died when I was small.
At him the cancer of a liver was. And now I live with mum together.
To her 54 years and she works as the seller in shop. I love mum, she very lovely woman, careful and loving mother. Unfortunately I have no brothers and sisters.
To me suggested will address for the help in marriage agency, but I have refused.
I want to find second half. I think that it probably.
I do not play games in Internet. If you have decided to joke having written to me please don't write to me more. I love the truth. I hate lie in all its displays, I do not like roughness.
I very sensitive girl.
I want to find the man which have given me the love and caress which would care of me and preserved me, in exchange I will give him the respect and love.
I think there are such men in your country. I could leave abroad to to loved, but it only in that case if I shall well know this person, to trust him and to like.
I heard as foreigners entice girls abroad and then force to work as their prostitutes.
I very much am afraid of it.
I want to tell that we begin friends and I do not want to hurry up. I want find out you more.
So write, write and write more about itself and about the your life.
Tell to me what you represent the woman as your partner?
What your representations about the ideal woman?
Well, all right I shall go. I cannot sit here for a long time. I write to you from Internet-cafe because I have no computer of a house.
Tomorrow I will come again and I will read your letters if you write certainly.
I would like that you have written again.

Letter 3

How your mood today? What weather at you?
I am very pleased to read your letter. It seems is small magic to communicate with the person completely from other city of our planet.
Internet-Good creation of mankind.
Today I would like to tell more about the interests and a hobby.
I the sports girl. I try to contain myself in the sports form as well as all modern girls.
I like sports. Every week with girlfriends I go to swimming in a pool.
In general I like water kinds of sports. And on TV I look them with pleasure.
Also I like tourism and tennis. But tennis I seldom play. Sometimes I play volleyball.
At leisure I spend with girlfriends and houses reading the favourite book. I like to read.
In general in books it is possible to find a lot of interesting and useful.
Which I have read last book referred to Eugeny Onegin. It is the novel about the love, novel written well-known Russian the writer Pushkin. He is the most well-known poet of 19 centuries.
Also I like products of Russian writers, such as Tolstoy, Dostoevskiy, Bulgakov, Chehov.
They are good poets and I advise you to read even one of their products.
I like to listen to music, especially classical. Also I like to dance.
From cinema I like comedies and romantic films about love.
I very much loved films Titanic and Gone with the wind.
Also I would like find out more about your tastes in music, cinema, sports...
That else. I like to prepare for a meal. I love the Russian cuisine.
I have learned many recipes from mum.
I have many recipes of favourite dishes and in the future I would like to treat you with them. You prefer what meal?
I could prepare a meal for you. I think my loved will not starve or to eat any monotonous food.
Today you have learned more about me and my interests. I would like learned more also about you.
It is a little about that that I do not like in men. I do not like lazy, rough, careless the man. I do not like when the man drinks alcoholic drinks much.
I do not love roughness and lie, is especial on the part of men.
I want to find devoted, tender, caring about me the man. I am afraid of change.
I would not forgive to him if he to me has changed with other woman.
I want to create the present happy relations.
I hope you have not frightened of the requirements showed to men.
So I'm finishing this letter but I want you to be patient and I'll try to tell you more about me and my life. I pass you a very warm Hello from Russia.

Letter 4

Hello Ronald
Now I with confidence can name you the friend. At me still never was friends from abroad.
I am very pleased that you do not cease to write to me. I also want more and more and find out more about you. I feel that something grows between us.. I think time will show.
It is pleasant to realize that someone thinks of me and writes letters far from me.
Weather today not so good, and I was in bad mood. But when I have seen that you have written again, at once it became easy for me on soul.
Today I was visited with an idea on that that I want to see you. Yes, really I want to look at you alive. Let it sounds a little strange, but I as well as any person can dream of the fine moments of a life. I would like to meet you and to talk in alive because letters cann't transfer all that that I want to tell. Who knows, can we and we shall meet sometime.
It is very strange to understand what feelings people test when write completely from the different countries. It Internet. I do not know who have created it, but I want to tell to him thanks for that that with help Internet I not when would not get acquainted with you.
Today I want to tell to you about the most long serious relationships which was in my life.
Earlier I somehow was confused to tell about it in detail. I have decided it to make today.
I have found out you enough that about it to tell.
It was approximately 3 years ago. His name Sergey. We were about identical age.
We have acquainted in park during a holiday. We have liked each other and have started to meet.
There were we about one year and all at us was wonderful. But on work to him have offered increase and he should leave to work to Europe and to live there..
He accepted that monetary income which he had, but he wanted more. I spoke that will suffice us, but he answered that will not suffice him. Sergey has told that will leave for Spain and will live there. Him very much interested money. I could not understand him in it. He has exchanged me for career. He has left. I cannot recollect it without tears. He very much injured me. I have almost forgotten him. And several months ago from him again news. He writes that is happy and has found the girl in Spain and wants marries.
I any more do not want to recollect him and about other Russian men. I any more do not trust them.
On the TV I looked telecast. In it it was told about the Russian girls which married foreigners and now they live happily. Have children. And I have asked myself:
and whether I can be happy also as well as they? And consequently I began to search for the future husband through Internet.
I hope not so have bothered with the histories. I wanted that you have found out me better.
And now I would like find out: what your opinion on women living in your country?
When your first serious relationships was and than he has ended? Do not become angry because of my questions, simply I want find out you better.
OK. On it I shall stop and I shall wait from you for the answer. I promise will think of you, now I frequently think of you. I present you with me together....
All the best.

Letter 5

Hello Ronald!
I am very glad to see your letter. At reading your letter I have a joyful smile and is very happy, that We have met each other. Now I am precisely sure, that I not one, though we far apart yours The letters bring a lot of heat and pleasure in my life, that I feel yours The presence at my life is constant. Honey, I constantly think of you where I would not be and that I would not do. You always with me in my heart. I miss without you each day. I sat on a bed home and read the book, but I have understood, that I can not concentrate The attention on it. My ideas came back to you again and again. I thought as far as it will be wonderful it to wait for you from work, to meet You with a sensitive kiss and embrace to prepare tasty supper for you and to give To you all love and care. I want to give you everything, that I have, I want to do you very happy, As you make me. I feel myself very well, because We soon shall meet, but I am afraid to lose you. I hope, with all by mine By heart, that that will not interfere with our happiness. I hope, that for you our relations as roads as well as for me. And I never shall lose you. Dear, I today could not descend in agency. I was late on work and when it was released that agency have been closed. Tomorrow I necessarily descend, Well? On it I shall finish the letter. Please inform, that you think of all it.
I whole you...
Your Irina.

P.S. My adress
Counry Russia
City Izhevsk
Street address str, Krasnoarmeiskaya 15-96;

Letter 6

Good afternoon, my dear Ronald!
I am very glad to receive your letter. Thanks for your words sensitive to me, is very pleasant to read me your letters, I like them to read, they very strongly inspire me also to me it seems, that I can thaw from them. I love your letters.
Today at me very good news. I communicated with best girlfriend Svetoy and spoke with her. It has told to me as I can contact Agency. I was very grateful to her for the help. After that I began to go to Agency and to find out detailed information on arrival to you. The Agent helped with this to me. It has told to me, that the tourist visa will be necessary for me (for 2 months) she is done from 5-6 days, she will cost to me 100 Euro. The passport is required to me, he prepares from 2-3 days he will cost to me 50 Euro.. Insurance is required to me, he prepares day which will cost to me 30 Euro. My Agent searched for the cheapest tickets for the near future (flight) in your city. The ticket will cost to me 590 Euro. It has told to me, that it is the cheapest and reliable tickets up to you.
Ronald, I do not know, that to me to do. I can pay mine only: the Passport, insurance and the visa. I could save some capital for this purpose. I do not know, how many I still should save funds on the ticket, but it seems to me, that I shall save approximately as early as a year on this ticket. At me good work, but greater funds pay to me not. I do not know, that to me to make. I called to mum and tried to explain to her all situation. I wished to borrow at her some capital on my ticket, but she has told, that she very strongly would like to help me, but she to not have the capital what to help me. I really love mum and I trust her. Dear mine, Ronald I do not know, that to me to do!!! It seems to me, that you now at present my savior and certainly my love. Since yesterday, I really very strongly wanted to you. With me, that that occured. Earlier I when did not feel this. Ronald, it seems to me, that it is true love which I waited. But now I cannot divide my time with you. It is a pity to me, that you now not beside with me. I very strongly grieve without your caress and heat to me. I do not wish to be one on light. I wish to be with the favourite person, Ronald, with you and with anybody another. I have understood, that you my heart-felt and best friend, yesterday I have understood, that you washing the special person. I feel all this. I do not know, to feel you too most or not. But, Ronald, you began to play very important role for me. You are in my heart and I do not want, that you have broken him. Every minute, I think, that does my favourite, Ronald, I very strongly to be jealous you. I do not wish to see you with other girl. I LOVE YOU, Ronald!!!!!!
Ronald, at present you my unique friend who can help me with my ticket. I do not know, to trust you to me or not. But I trust you therefore, without trust it is impossible to live. Trust, this main thing in a life. I do not know, there can be you laugh at my feelings or not. But I very strongly respect with you and began to trust you. I have fallen in love with you. I all time think only of you and there is nobody the friend. Other men who every day drink are not necessary to me and do very bad things. Ronald, from your letters I have understood, that you very good and kind person, you wish me only kindly and a happy life. I wish too most to make for you, whether not so? Also I want, that you would make me very happy woman. All time reflecting on you.
I with impatience shall wait your letter and the answer on my small questions.
I require you, Ronald!
Please, Ronald do not leave me from this life!!!!!
Always with you,
Yours Irina