Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Pushkanova to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love!!!! I will always name now you my love. You not against?
I waited during the moment when I will receive again from you, the letter and this happy moment has arrived, and I can study, that you think of my previous letter.
I so want to you. I, that cannot do with me directly, it is love, it sings in me as a bird in the spring sky, I think, that it is destiny. Your letters are filled by such heat and care, and in me of pleasure tear, sometimes the operated. I think "My God, thanks, that you have helped me to find my unique person, and I hope, that we will incorporate to it, and we will be happy". I dream of our meeting and as we leave on walk with you, to hold for hands as we will care one behind another and as we will be occupied love.
I have remarkable news to you.
I have decided to carry out our dreams. I during long time dream to see you. The dream to have strong embraces and a gentle kiss with you.
I will try to execute my dream.
Yesterday I have learnt, that in one month I will have a holiday.
I have solved at once, where I will bear, spend a holiday.
I wish to execute my holiday in you in the country. I wish to visit you in one month.
It will be better over my holiday. All holiday we should be a line.
The majority of mine o?aieiie dreams, I come true, should be close to you. Our meeting it will be possible only if you want it.
For me your feelings are very serious.
I read each your letter very attentively.
If you do not object rather our meeting, I will prepare for documents for a trip.
Our meeting will be possible, if both from us want it.
I will do everything what to conduct holiday with you.
I would understand that it in our forces what to have a meeting.
If we prepare together on a meeting, our meeting is spent.
You agree? I hope you, also you want a meeting, and you will help me. I trust only to mutual love. Therefore I believe, that both from us want this meeting.
It will be the beginning of our incorporated life.
Concerning this meeting we will inform our children and grandsons.
I will be convinced it the most remarkable holiday of my life because you will close to me. I think of you each hour and each minute.
I wait your beautiful letter, and I send you an air kiss and embraces. With love for ever yours Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Greetings favourite.
I write to you from travel agency. Only today does not work as a holiday. Today I write to you from the girlfriend.
I so waited for your letter.
You can it is not correct have asked. Or you have not correctly understood. To me from travel agency, can make documents the visa and the passport. But it very much costs much. I have only 85 euros.
It is necessary on all 525 euros. You would want that I have arrived to you?
You can help me?
I very much look forward the answer.
Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello my favourite!!
I send you my photos.
You to me can help me?
I so insistently became missing of you!!!!!!!!!!
I awfully wish to be now with you!!!!!
When it will take place???
I love you, and I cannot more without you!!!!
You are necessary for me, you my future husband
And I wish to be with you!!!!!!!!
I wish to love you every minute,
We will go on parks,
To bathe in lake,
To go and run as small children,
And when we will have children
We as with them will play and love them!!!!!!!
Fine deposit!!!!!!!
You only look....... As all becomes fine when we will be together!!!!!
All will be much more interesting and to become bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will have sea of love and ocean of kisses and embraces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I adore you my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wait for the letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope we are fast, we will be together????????????
Yours for ever Ekaterina.
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