Letter(s) from Beatrice to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1

thank very for reading this very mail from me.
there is time for everything and i hope if your my man you will come back to me but if your not mine you will go away from me.
i do not need any money from any man ok, i work to get my own money.
i am a nurse and i am happy that i work.foe i do not want to put all my problem on a man to solve them for me.

there is a lot of some guys who call them self women and you have to very careful not to get into their trap.
all i need from you is your love that is all i Beatrice need from you at this moment.i need a man who can change my life for me and that man should be some one who can love me with his all heart.my pictures are real.
i live in a town call sunyani in the brong ahafo region of Ghana.i am not those types of girls who ask men for money.
i will only ask you to help me when i went to come to and as for that one i can not only use my money for that.
honey can you shear all your life time with me?because both my parents are died and gone.i live with only my brother, he is called Alexander.if you love me then you have to love my brother too for he is all i have in this world.my parents die in an accident 5 years ago and i have no one in this world that is why i plan to get some one who can stay and make me happy in life.get to me and lets plan for our life.
till then please let me pen you hear and say have a nice day and take care of your life.
i love you and i need you in my life.
take these pictures of me and add me too and fizar20@yahoo.com
please try to add me now for i am waiting for you online and chart with you,