Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Felix (Serbia)

Letter 1
Hi!I was looking exactly for you:))) I'm really very interested to know you better and if your intentions are serious please write me to the following address and we will have an opportunity to know each other better: I want to tell you at once that i use the services of the translation firm and i hope you won't be dissapointed to know it:( Yours Katya
Letter 2
Hi!!! It's great to get your letter today:)
I found your profile on lovechaser.
I hope that we will be interested in each other:) And now i think i should tell you about myself:) I live in Donetsk.
I've graduated from the Pedagogical University and now i have the speciality of a teacher but i don't work in this field.I'm 26 years old.
Well,i even don't know what else i can tell but you can ask me any questions and i'd always glad to answer them:) I kiss you,
Yours Katya
P.S.I send you the photo with my best friend:)
Letter 3
Hello my darling, Thanks for the letter.
You know i'm looking for the man who can make me happy,i think it's the main because it's really hard to make the person happy but i can promise that i'll do everything to make my partner also the happiest man in the world. Now i work as a manager in the supermarket,it is a private one.
Yes,i did learn English at school but it was long ago and frankly speaking usually i didn't visit this lessons:)So i just know how to tell mom and dad and nothing else:( I'd like to answer your questions:
At what place you stay?I rent a flat with a roommate in Donetsk You are living alone?With a roommate When is your birthday? -! I asked you in previous mail - can you provide me a link to your profile?Darling i'm not sure abput the site where i found you because the people from the agency are doing eveyrhting for me,but i think it is lovechaser,if i'm not mistaken.
Have you computer at home?No,i don't have,i use the translation firm for it.
Have you a web cam?I don't. I want to know about your past relations.Please tell me about them if you really trust me.I think it's very important. I'll end for now,
Send you my kisses,
Yours Katya
Letter 4

My sweet, Thanks for your letter.
I'm so glad that we've found each other and though i still can't tell that i'm deeply in love but i like our communication, it is very simple and comes from the deepest sides of my soul:) Yes,you are right,the photos are rather expensive but i wanted to become a model some time ago after that i was very dissapointed in this profession.
Yes,sure i have the love story in the past and it's not very happy,i dated a married man and even didn't know that he was married but then i understood it and he left me and bean to live with his wife again.
Darling i'd like to tell you at once that i won't be able to write you very often now because my account is coming to the end and i can't refresh it as my financial situation is awful and i have to pay $90 each month,it's too expensive for me.My salary is too low to allow to pay such an amount each month,sorry:( I want to ask you,please answer me:what do you think is the main in the relations?And if we,people with different cultures can have the future together? Send you my soft and light kisses,
Letter 5
My darling, It's always a pleasure to get your letters.
Darling even if you send the computer to me,i don't have Internet and i'll have to pay for it every month,what should i do? I can't write you anymore as i use the services of the translation firm and i can't pay them now.My situation is very difficult as it seems to me that i'm loosing my job and that's why i even don't know how i'm going to survive now:( If you are interested in me and want to continue our communication, there is the only way to do it,if you agree to help me with the translation firm.
You can write them and ask naything you want : I really hope for you...
I need you... Yours Katya
Letter 6
Dear Sir, Your Lady is very much interested in you. We do not have a web page as we are the translation firm and not the marriage agency.
We work legally and we were registered at 18.02.89 Our registration number is #2.1016\104 AB Our address is following:
Sumskaya 17 Donetsk, Ukraine.
We are sure in our clients, because all of them have to fill a questionnaire, where they write all the personal information, such as a number of the passport and exact place of living. Here is information about our services: -translation and printing of one letter - $5 -scanning of one photo- $2 ---------------------------------------
2 month- $170
--------------------------------------- Unfortunately we receive the transfers only through Western Union and Moneygram system. Hope for the future cooperation. Sincerely Yours,
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