Letter(s) from Rabi Yahaya to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love,i was online but u did not come and i am now goin to market to buy some food stuff and i will be back online to get your message,my love i will like to know if you will send me the money for the passport and visa so that i will start processing on that.Have a nice day my love and i will wait for your respond,byee

Letter 2

you must be online early becouse i need to talk to u

Letter 3

Hello my love,i lost my internate line and i just got it.how are u doin my love,i hope u are doin well as i am.i miss u alot and i will be very glad to meet u online soon.

Letter 4

hello my love,how are u doin?i hope u are doin well,sorry i was not able to meet u online.my love i will like you to know u are the only man in my heart.i truely love and really want to be with u.Jimmy,i am lonely for a long time and looking for a man like you to be with,a man to rest my life with.I really love u with all my heart and i want u to do the same for me.I always thin about u and u are in my heart always.have a nice day and i have been praying for u always.
True love