Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Semenova to Raf (Belgium)

Letter 1
I want to thank you for, for the letter which I have received from you. For me there was a unexpectedness to receive your answer and words to me. As you has shown interest to my letter I shall hope, that I shall not disappoint you my appearance...
I shall try to tell to you a little about me directly and in the letter I put to you wash a photo that you could see with whom you correspond...
I have gone to Internet - agency to get acquainted with the man for serious relationships. To me gave names of a web-site and login where I could look one million men. I have seen you and have decided at once, not deliberating to write to you on yours e-mail. e-mail I have seen yours on a site and now I write to you. I think you is very much surprised to this, and I too am surprised, because I never wrote to somebody and now I am so keen on the letter to you, that my ideas have got mixed up also I do not know from what to begin the story about me directly...
First, I hope, that my English is clear to you, the English language is not for me native, I the Russian girl, I speak Russian and as I have studied English at school and now I write to you in English...
I modest woman, but I nevertheless have dared to write to you as I think that communication with the person from other country is very unusual! I never communicated with people from other countries and I simply dream to find in your person of the friend with whom it is simply interesting to communicate and share news! You the first to whom I write and I hope, that our correspondence will have the good beginning.
My name is Tatyana. to me of 37 years, my birthday 8th August, 1970. My growth makes 165 sm and all of 57 kg. Nationalities I am Russian. My religion: the Christian. I live in Russia in the city of Samara. This city very big and makes the population of our city more than one million inhabitants, I think you understand about what I speak... Samara really big city. But I think you heard of nothing about my city because Europe and America knows the basically only about the cities of Moscows and Saint Petersburg, these are the greatest cities in our country. But I can assure you, that Samara very beautiful city too... At us the river Volga, it is very big river and is known to all Russia. In days of Soviet Union my city was called as - Kuibyshev, but after disintegration of the USSR to city have returned the initial name - Samara... It a few information for you about my city.
On character I the sanguine person: very cheerful, kind, vigorous and in a measure modest. I easily find common language with strangers and simply I like to communicate on interesting themes!
I'm single. Of course I had relations with the man earlier, but it has ended and now I live one. I do not have children. I love children, but unfortunately I have no own children. My parents - older persons and now they pensioners.
I hope you is not tired to read my letter and it is still interesting to you a little to find out about my life? We with you are in the different countries and our cultures differ from each other a little and I very much would like to find out as you live and during too time I shall tell to you about that as we live here in Russia. If you have to me any questions necessarily ask also I I shall answer you, asking each other we can much to find out about the friend the friend.
On it I today want to finish my letter and I shall wait your answer with your information on you directly. I wish you successful day! Take care... Yours faithfully Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello new friend Raf! How are you? How has passed your day?
Thanks, that you has answered my letter...
I am glad to see your letter again and it means, that you not against our correspondence and the distance between us does not frighten you. When I for the first time have decided to write to you I doubted a little, that you will answer my letter. Between us the big distance and it could frighten you. I think distance it only a geographical barrier and it will not prevent us to correspond... Become possible we can good friends and we shall communicate on many themes for reflection... I am glad, that you liked my photo and I shall try to send you my photo with each letter that you could see my appearance. I hope you too will send me your photos that I could get acquainted also with you closer and to make out your appearance. Please do not hesitate to send me your photos, I shall be glad to see any your photos where you with friends, one, or a photo with your parents, a photo from your childhood, I shall be glad to any picture. I cannot tell, that I am very beautiful, but I like people and interlocutors speak, that it is interesting to communicate with me, so if we shall correspond with you and is farther, I think we shall find a theme for interview...
In this letter I want to tell about my work...
I work as the pharmacist in a drugstore, I hope to you this trade is known. I have finished medical school here in Samara and I have a trade of the medical sister. I was arranged on job in local hospital, in hospital I have worked within 5 years the nurse. But why I have left with this job, all because when I worked as the nurse in hospital, there soaps the small earned payment. Certainly I try to earn many money. But when I worked as the nurse to me there was no money even on livelihood and consequently I had to replace my work a little. I liked to work in hospital, to look after patients. I always felt, that I am necessary for people, working in hospital, but the need in meal has forced me to change my work.
I have no children and was never married, I think, that there has come time when it is necessary for me to reflect on creation of family and a birth of children...
I very much love animals. When I was a child, I studied at musical school during 4 years where I learned playing on a piano. I was the winner of many festivals and competitions on music. All spoke about me as about talented the pupil. But I am engaged in playing on a piano just a little now, but frequently I sing in karaoke and always I get the highest results! When I have free time i like walk in the parks which are a lot of in my town. I am absorbed in books as well. Pushkin, Esenin are the great poets deserving to be read by everyone. I take pleasure in reading poems about which I can tell a bit more.
I am very glad, that you have sent me your photo. So I can see you. You handsome the man and you very much like me. I think, that it would be pleasant for me, if you have sent me still some your photos.
I wanted to tell to you about my hobbies and hobby, but unfortunately I have no more time therefore I write to you from library. I do not have house of a personal computer and consequently I had to use a computer in library to write to you this letter and I cannot sit at a computer for a long time. In the following letter I still shall write to you about myself and I hope, that you as will tell to me about yourselves.
On it I today shall stop and I shall wait your following letter... Have a good day my friend.
Your Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello friend Raf!
I am very glad to read your letter again... We really corresponding very soon can find out each other very well and I am glad to write to you the letter again...
In my previous letter I promised to tell to you about my hobbies. First of all I want to begin with my childhood...
My childhood passed roughly and cheerfully, I think as well as any other child. The childhood is the unforgettable period in a life because you do not have problems and you live without what or cares... When I went to school, I always very much liked forest and the nature, there I always felt like perfectly. To live in city very difficultly and harmful, because many people there live and there is a constant turmoil, in city very bad air but as soon as I come in a wood I feel perfectly. I always loved backpackings when we suited camp on coast of the river of Volga and lived in tents. Now, when I became the adult girl I began to go less often to campaigns, all because at me began less free time because of work. But all of us try sometimes, is especial in the summer to us it is possible to find some days and to go in a wood or on the river that at a fire to sing songs under a guitar, it is very interesting and cheerful...
In the childhood I went to a circle of scouts where many children gathered, especially it was pleasant to me, when to us there came children from the different countries (from Italy, Poland, France, Uk and even the USA). Children spoke only in English and I sometimes did not understand them for this reason I have decided to study the English language as much as possible. That I badly know the only thing in the English language is a grammar, but I hope it does not prevent us to understand each other?
As one of my hobbies are a ski, with friends in the winter we try to ski, it is very amusing, but only sometimes we are prevented by burning winter frosts. Winters in our country very cold and when it is very cold it is impossible to take pleasure completely in circulation on a ski.
In my 16-17 I delighted visiting my granny and grandpa in the small city of Zelenograd in 50 km from Moscow in Russia. They reside in a small house but have a big orchard. This is an astonishing place like paradise especially it is beautiful in spring and summer when there flower apple-trees, cherry-trees and apricots. I rollick in waking up early in the morning and listening to birds singing and looking at trees aflower. It is a beautiful nature like nothing else on earth. It is gorgeous and marvelous in coloring. A trifle later our orchard treated us with fruits tasting deliciously. I still remember this flavor. Closing my eyes I see the picture of my orchard. My grandpa comes to my mind catching fish on the lake and we waited for him with impatience. Granny cooked a very tasteful fish soup. What is more? My granny had small goats. She milked them and gave me fresh milk. In evenings I with my friends, get together to read poems. Oh! I am just lost in warm memories of my childhood. I think one can write about them endlessly. It is much pleasant for me to correspond with you about my memories. All this takes me deeply. I enjoy swimming and from time to time I attend swimming-pool. I like going on foot. Active life is generally my cup of tea
With friends we as like to go to dancing club. Yes, I like to dance, but thus we practically never drink alcoholic drinks, the only thing, that I can allow myself it, drink 1-2 glasses of champagne or red wine. I think, that foreigners think, that here in Russia drink ***** much, I can convince, that it not so. Yes, it is valid here in Russia drink *****, but it is extreme losers and people which have any problems and the person searches in alcohol for support, I the supporter of these belief. How you concern to alcohol and what situation with it in your country?
Still I very much like to go in sinema. there was a lot of a foreign cinema, but very few the Russian films earlier. Last film which I looked in ninema is "12" directors Nikity Mikhalkov. 12 it really very fascinating and interesting film, I looked this cinema on one breath. I do not know looked you whether or not this film but if you did not look this cinema I advise you to look. In this film it is a lot of about the Russia also that is now created here, people I think only of myself and it is wrong...
Yes, with this letter I send you my old photo where to me there were 25 years. I stand from a right edge. Near to me there is my mum. The young guy, is the husband of my friend Farida. when my friends look at this photo they find out me only on a smile. Friends speak, that at me a beautiful and charming smile. I do not know as far as it is the truth, to you to judge :) it is a photo I has received on a holiday in honour of day of city.
Oh, today I have written to you very big letter and I hope you will not be tired to read it? It is very pleasant for me to write to you letters and I want to tell to you about myself as much as possible. I want to write to you and to write, but I think, that also I for today will suffice shall wait your ideas and your hobbies in your following letter...
With the best regards, yours Tatyana.
Letter 4

Hello dear Raf
I am very glad that you have written to me. I hoped very much that you will write to me. And I am really very glad that you have written to me. How are you? How is your day? I hope you have good day. I am very glad that we have got acquainted with you. Since we have got acquainted with you I think of you constantly. I think often about that you have written to me. And I like it very much. I am very glad to our acquaintance. And it seems to me that it is wonderfully that we can learn each other gradually. Do you think so? I like to learn about you. And it is pleasant to me that you write to me.
Today I would like to talk with you about love. What love does mean for you? I hope that you can tell me about it? Love for me is that when man and woman do not require anybody more except for in each other. I think that if man and woman they love each other that will enjoy each minute together. Also love for me is when man and woman trust each other. I think that trust this one of main components in relations between man and woman. Also I think that the understanding is necessary. I think that if man and woman they love each other that will understand each other from half of word. And I will be very happy if I will have love. It will be interesting to me to learn what you think about it. And I hope that you will write to me it in your following letter.
Now I think I was time to tell to you about my previous relations. think we can tell each other about everything, that we think and that was at us in the past. You agree with me? At me the man was and we liked each other, but in one day I have seen my beloved with my girlfriend in cafe where they embraced and kissed and at me heart was broke, it was so meanly on the part of my former girlfriend and on the part of my former men. I did not expect to see there them in cafe. During a dinner I asked the beloved in cafe, but he has told, that at him it is a lot of work today and he will be late on work and my neigbour to me has suggested to take a walk along the street and to vanish a little, but when we have decided to go in cafe because have very much frozen in the street... And I have seen a picture as my former girlfriend and the beloved kiss in cafe I has begun to cry and has escaped. Since then I do not talk any more with it the man and I try to not meet him even casually in the street.
But I try to not recollect it because it is not pleasant for me, but I nevertheless have decided to tell to you about my previous experience. I am sure, that we with you can become good friends and it is possible more, but now it is not necessary to hurry time and necessary to find out each other. On it I today shall stop and with impatience I shall wait your following letter.
Yours Tatyana

P.S. I send you a photo with my friends. I hope to you it it is pleasant. I very much suffer, about what, that suddenly to you my photos I do not like, hope my excitements are vain.
Letter 5
My dear the friend, I very much regret, that I did not write to you more than two weeks. But it was valid crazy time for me. I was very busy my work and I could not allocate time to write to you my letter. The matter is that I had problems with work. We reformed our business - plan and I had to be on work till the late evening. As soon as I came home I at once fell asleep. Please do not think, that I have neglected our correspondence, you is very interesting to me and I hope, that we again shall write each other. I hope, that you will forgive me. I promise, from now on I shall try to write to you as it is possible is more often. Unfortunately I do not have own computer of a house, but I shall try to write to you frequently. Now my work will not demand from me so much a lot of time and forces. To us there has come spring and I think, that it is present at your country also. The spring is a season of love. I very much hope, that you have not overlooked about the woman who wrote you some time back, that is about me. I hope you has not met the new girlfriend and at you the novel was fastened. But if all of you has met other woman please write to me about it, I only shall be glad for you and your girl. Oh, yes, I send you with the letter one more I wash a photo. Yours faithfully and the best regards, Your friend Tatyana.
Letter 6
Hello my Raf May be it's sounds funny, but I just getting joy reading your mails. I
really understand your letters perfectly, and I like to do it. May be I image fairytale for me, but I feel very very good about. I tell about you to my mama when we have pie with tea and I tell that you really my good friend and I like correspondent with you. She tell to me that if I like it I must continue our relationship because she agree with me that Russian man don't well and I must find man of my dream from other country and then have happy family. My mama sends to you Hello.
I always try to create comfort home, and make it sweet especially at holidays. I really miss for man who will enjoy things which I creating, and who could surprise me with something too :-) I dreamed how we could sitting all together someday, and just enjoying to be together! I really miss for my only man, and I almost believe that I have met you already. May be it's silly, but I just have that feelings and want you to know it!
In your previous letter you asked to inform you my telephone number. Unfortunately I cannot give you my telephone number because I at present do not have phone. Houses at me are not present phone, and to mobile phone I have awful things. First my phone at me was stolen by teenagers in the street and I have bought to myself new phone, but more recently I have dropped my phone in water and now phone does not work. But I think that in it there is nothing terrible we can while to correspond with you on e-mail and as soon as I shall buy new phone I shall necessarily inform to you about it and we can speak by with you to phone.
Ok, I have to finish this letter now. I just want you to know how I already miss you and constantly thinking about you. While writing this letter I discovered again that I am very romantic person. I completely falled into that tale that I am telling now. My imagination already in future, and it's seems that we became very close. I started this letter putting feelings to words, and now I even not sure there is the feelings and there is the words.
Ok, I know that I can't explain it rightly, it's hard for me even at Russian. You are already my friend. And i happy be your friend. Obviously you have many virtues! I want continue our relationship. And I really just happy that I have met you. You made my life brighter! Your friend Tatyana
Letter 7
How are you Raf? Today I thought of you very much, because now I am here in Samara. As though I wanted to be born not in Russia, and in your country. We have got acquainted here on the Internet some time back and I have got used to you, I like to write to you of the letter. I very much would want to write to you much more often, but I have no personal computer and I should use Internet - cafe or library, but in it there is nothing inconvenient. I present myself, that if we with you were born in one street and between us there would be no such huge distance, all would be possible in another way. And very much it is pleasant to me, that we have got acquainted with you here. You and your letters help me to forget that insult with the previous guy. Up to a meeting with you I was very lonely also to me there is nobody was to speak, but now there are you and I know, that you will read my letters and to think of me, it heats my soul. With you I again feel desired. I did not know as you will react to my last letter. .. I think *** is necessary concerning the man and the woman, but it not and does not need to be spoken the most important much about it, you agree with me? *** is necessary not only, to take pleasure, but also is necessary for continuation of a sort. Yes, I would be happy to have the own child or two children sometime. You want children? You want to have children from the Russian woman?
We are on distance of 1000 miles, but I feel your heat and interest to me, I do not doubt of it. Today I very much hoped again to receive your letter and your warm words. Certainly through e-mail for me it is difficult to find out what character from you and your habits a little. I think of you very much frequently when I lie down to sleep I think of you when I on work I too think of you. I am afraid once I shall not receive your letter and you never will write to me. I very much am afraid of it because we never met... Please write letters to me always because if I shall not receive it I I shall worry very much, I hope you understand me.
Today I have found out, that we can communicate with you in a mode of real time. I do not know, probably you can use yahoo messenger and if you will inform me yours ID that we we can incorporate to you and chatter during some time. So we can discuss interesting us a question and it is very fast. Only between us the big distance and to us is necessary to choose time when we can chatter with you... What do you think of it?
Yes, I want to wish you of good luck on your work and to have always good mood. When I see your new letter my mood rises not looking that in the street now autumn and a little coldly I am happy reading your letter.
On it I today stop and with impatience I wait your answer to me... Have a nice day my dear Raf Yours Tatyana.
Letter 8
Hello, my dear Raf
Thanks for your very warm and pleasant letter for me! So... I think of us and about our future much. I constantly think, that will be farther. How our relations will proceed. My feelings every day become it is love...? I when before myself so did not feel. In the beginning I did not understand, that to me occurs. I thought, that it simply interest... There can be still something... Dear in your letter you spoke about your life and was afraid, that you to disappoint me. No, I shall not cease to write to you. It only your truth and your life. Everyone has problems and it is necessary for person to tell about it another that to him it was easier on soul. Be not afraid to tell to me any things about your life. Know, that I always shall support you my letter... But now I confidently can tell, that my feelings is not simple so. I feel, that I every day more and more and need in you more... At me in a head constantly ideas about how we shall meet you... Likely it will be very happy moment in our life? How you think? I dream, how we with you shall be spends a lot of time together. It will be very fine... My mum as is very glad for us with you. She speaks about you, that you very remarkable person. I too so think. I have asked mum once again, that if we with you shall sometime meet in the future as she on it will react... And she has answered, that she will not have that against it. She only will be happy, if it to happen. Tell please, that the true love is for you..? For me it is very difficult for describing... This such condition oppress, which is very difficult for transferring in words. It is possible to feel and express only it to the favourite person when he is near to you in a reality... I am very happy, that I have met you... Well... I think, that while I shall finish this letter.... I shall wait very much for your answer.
Your Tatyana
Letter 9
Hi darling Raf!!!
I am happy to hear from you.
I have bad news. Yesterday on my work I chief has told to me, I should leave my work, he has dismissed me owing to instability and reduction of
the working personnel. I will not have not enough work with patients, but probably it is destiny so has disposed with me?
From this trouble I am am helped only by ideas about you, all is probably and should happen, now at me will be much more time for our dialogue with you and we can speak with you in messenger, I shall not hurry up to go for work or home, mine the free time begins more.
After your last letter I feel perfectly and I think that there has come time for our meeting, I have grown fond of you and your letters, now only I have not enough of it, I want a meeting with you. I feel your strong man's hands and your attention to me. When I wrote to you for the first time the letter I knew, that I am not mistaken in you. You fine the man, at you warm soul and hot heart.
You can tell, that it is too fast and it is not possible to fall in love with the person, after several letters, and never having seen a lot him!!! You will is accomplished are right!!! You should understand, I love you such to which I now present you, such which you have described yourselves in letters!!! And consequently I want an our meeting. You should understand, that it is virtual love!!! And I want to check up feelings and it can show all our first meeting!!! I want us to be together so much, that trying to do something for us to see each other at last.
Today I have found out about documents which are necessary for arrival in your country and I think, that I can make it for our meeting, it will be necessary for me to pay a few money for the visa and after that I can arrive to you. Whether but I have solved it independently and I am sure really you want our meeting? Or it only my dream to which cannot come true? Please write to me your ideas about our meeting?
Certainly it only my plans and to us will be necessary to check up our "chemistry" each other, and then to plan on the future... Please inform me in your following letter the name and a code of the airport and city where it will be most convenient for you to plan our meeting and I shall try to find out most in detail how and when we can meet...
Write to me I shall wait your answer darling Raf
For ever yours Tatyana
Letter 10
Hi darling Raf!!!
How are you? I'm fine! I am very happy to see and read your letter again. I am full of determination to meet you. Today I have done the big way and have have found out about that as I can arrive to your country.
Today I have come to travel agency and all have written down, that is necessary for arrival in your country. First for me it is necessary to receive the international passport for travel which by the way I already started do and within 5 working days my international passport will be ready.
In me it will be necessary to go to Moscow to receive the visa of the tourist (Schengen visa) and I am ready it do immediately. Now at me it is a lot of time also I want to begin do my documents as soon as possible. I do not want to wait a lot of time. As registration of the visa is carried out within two weeks and during this time we can talk about much. Unfortunately now I have no time to speak with you on yahoo messenger but as soon as at me free minute will appear, darling we shall necessarily have chat on yahoo. for now nevertheless to us I is necessary to correspond on e-mail. hope you not against it. Oh I am full of determination and I am afraid, that I again shall overlook something important to ask you or to write to you. It is necessary for me the international passport for travel which is already done and it will be soon ready. Most important it will be necessary to receive the visa of the tourist for which to me a lot of patience and time is necessary. For reception of the visa I shall go to Moscow and I think, that I shall go this week. I shall not force to wait for you for a long time. Please darling wait our meeting. In Moscow it will be necessary for me to write the application on reception of the visa and to fill in many papers. As I should pass interview and examined by a medical doctor and given a series of medical vaccines.
Oh as I am happy, that very soon we shall together darling. I very much I hope, that you on all an extent of my trip to Moscow will write to me letters. I want to warn you, that I can not write some days to you of the letter therefore I shall go to Moscow and I do not know, when I can write to you the letter. It will be necessary for me to find Internet - cafe in Moscow to write to you the letter. I shall necessarily inform you on my plans. I once again want, that you have specified the information on the airport where you can meet me. Today I have counted up all my saved up savings for some years and I hope, that to me will be enough to legalize all papers for my travel. I the independent girl and I do not want to ask your money. Money always spoil human attitudes and because of money there are wars. I do not want any misunderstanding and I shall not ask your money. And if to me there will be not enough money I shall ask the help my aunt and I think she will help me. By the way my aunt lives outside Russia. Once in a youth she has met the man of the foreigner and they have got married.
My love, at once I want to answer your questions. Certainly I can work as the translator. As you understand I know Russian, well I understand and I write in English. But it needs to be improved to work as the translator. Here in Russia I have finished medical school, by a trade - the nurse. As for a long time I want to arrive to Belgium, I want to meet you, and then we shall in common decide to remain how many to me with you. You wrote, that you build the house and nobody helps you. In it I can help you, I very much love work and I hope you will not refuse my help in construction of a house.
Please write to me, I shall wait your letter... If my plans will come true, already tomorrow I shall go to Moscow and the letter I shall already write to you from Moscow...
Darling wish me of good luck, success will be necessary for me on trip to Moscow...
For ever yours Tatyana
Letter 11
Hi darling Raf! How are you? I hope at you fine mood...
Today I already write to you from Moscow and it is fine. I never was in Moscow and for me the big pleasure, that now I am in Moscow and I do documents for our meeting. You cannot imagine as far as the city of Moscow is huge. Sometimes I even stray also the only thing that rescues me it is the underground. In the underground there is a board with a direction of stations and it helps me to orient in this huge city. This city is very big. Do you know that the a tower in Ostankino is higher than the Eiffel tower?
Now I want to tell to you that I have found out in detail about our meeting in embassy. As we meet with you for the first time and it is very long-awaited meeting to me have told there is no necessity to hurry up and it is necessary to plan our meeting. Yes, certainly I have already submitted the application on registration of the visa and now it is necessary to wait within two weeks and my visa will be ready. My passport will be already ready in some days so our meeting every day moves ahead and to wait already completely not for a long time...
I want, that you have sent me your latest photo that it helped me to move ahead to our meeting. I shall print your photo and I shall always hold a picture near to myself in my wallet.
For me it is necessary now from you some exact data and the information from you which will help me to receive documents. For example, I shall write to you my information and I ask, that you have written to me just as I have made it, that I did not have any questions and anxieties.
My information: the post address and a full name:
The country: Russia And your information: The country:
City: Samara City:
Street: Krasnoarmeyskaya, 76/13 Street:
Zip code: 443041 Zip code:
Full name: Tatyana Semenova Full name:
Place of work at present: the doctor, idle. Place of work at present:
Phone: no phone Phone:
My love this information is very important for me...
On it I today shall stop and with impatience I shall wait your following letter...
And I shall continue to master Moscow. I want to visit the Moscow Kremlin and the Red area.
For ever yours Tatyana
Letter 12
Hi my love!!!
I again also am again happy to receive your letter. I'm sorry, that I cannot answer you at once. I know, that you worry for me and wait my letter every day. And I want you to please, I'm fine. Process of registration of the visa is in full swing. I only think days up to our meeting. Time goes imperceptibly because at me has much put.
Tomorrow I shall pass medical inspection. By the way this obligatory condition of stay in your country. I even did not know about it, that is very strict with reception of medical insurance. It will be necessary for me to receive some vaccine and full inspection of an organism from ears and finishing my foots... Tomorrow it is necessary me difficult and long day...
Yes, by the way you imagine I has lodged not in hotel, and at the elderly woman from whom I went in a train in one car. She very sociable and pleasant woman who has suggested me to live at her for the period of reception of my documents. You at all do not imagine as far as dearly here in Moscow to live in hotel and if I have lodged in hotel I only would spend all my money for hotel and at me did not remain money. But the destiny and my angel - keeper always helps me and cares of me. darling you will care too of me when I shall arrive to you?
And now, while I receive documents of travel, and these are the whole three weeks to us necessary to continue to find out each other, I think you agree with me...
Now I want to ask you about the most important is a date our meeting. Your advice in it is necessary for me. I cannot plan all independently. I need to know approximate date of our meeting. I plan my flight in two weeks, considering from today. And I wanted to know, do you can meet me at this time? I understand, that you can be busy at this time, therefore it is necessary to plan date of our meeting. I shall hope, that you will write to me about it in the following letter.
On it I today shall stop and with impatience I shall wait your following letter...
For ever yours Tatyana.
Letter 13
Hi my love!!!
I regret, if I have kept you waiting my letter. I understand, you wait my letter every day, but at me it is impossible to write to you at once. I all this time care of my trip to you. This first my trip and me it is necessary to plan and to not forget all up to the smallest trifles about something...
I very much miss on you. Every day without you passes for me very tiresomely. I am so tired to be here without you. Besides I do not want, ever to lose you. The life without you will not have any sense for me. I very much love you.
Last time I wrote to you, that it will be necessary for me to pass medical inspection and I have been very much surprised. Has spent money to reception of these documents really much. Very expensive vaccination and service...
My documents will be ready during several and it is necessary to wait very little up to our meeting. Today I went to the airport here in Moscow. The airport refers to Sheremetyevo. and today all the day long I spend there. I tried to find out about all cost of the ticket up to your country. And now I am in small difficulty. Cost the ticket is made approximately 380 Euros. unfortunately by me have no all sum because I did not expect, that medical inspection and insurance are so expensive. Now I do not know that to me to do. I have counted up my finance and I have only 60 Euros for the ticket. But me not enough this sum of money. To pay completely the ticket to me does not suffice 320 Euros. me it is very a shame to speak about it, but your help in our meeting is now necessary for me. I wanted to pay all cost of trip to you independently, but I did not expect for expensive medical inspection and now I am in an inconvenient situation. My documents very soon I shall are ready, but the problem in reception of the ticket now has appeared. And it is a shame to me to ask your help, but I do not have other exit. I hope you can help to pay to me the ticket of the plane. I have already reserved the ticket and back way is not present. I very much hope for our fast meeting. My love it is necessary for me 320 Euros to pay completely the ticket aboard the plane. I very much hope and hope for your help. Please write to me and help to me to solve this arisen problem. I now am in a panic, at me hands fall, I very much worry about happened and I wait for your answer....
I love you and very much I wait your letter...
For ever yours Tatyana.
Letter 14
Hello my love.
Your letter for me was valid unexpectedness. You has a little written and demanded too much. First, I shall not send you my frank photos with any inscriptions. It is ****** and uncivilized. I do not love these ****** games on the Internet in which teenagers play.
In my letter I only can send you a copy of my passport, the visa unfortunately I have no in hands. As soon as all will be ready for my travel, including the ticket. To me will give out my visa.
I hope you will satisfy my passport.
Yours Tatyana
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