Scam letter(s) from Anna Terekhova to Jan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I've just eaten and again I write to you!
I hope you are fine!
By the way, dear, what dishes do you like? What do you prefer:
Sweets, meat or fish? Tell me. I cook good, my mum cared of it many years ago.
You'll able to check it. I easily do various
Salads, soups, and fish. As for me I prefer
Fish, and I like fruits very much: kivi, bananas, pineapples and
Melon. Today I'm going to cook a chicken by the Chinese recept and vegetable
Salad. Probably you love a tasty foodstuffs? According the russian saying " the way to heart of the man goes through his stomach! " I was convinced many times when looked at my father.
That's why, I'll reach to your heart with the help of mine
Culinary abilities. It is a joke!!!
I wait for your messages!
Yours Kate.
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