Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Medvedeva to Jan (Netherlands)
Letter 1
Hello! My name is Kseniya. I'm new for this online dating. I have found your e-mail adress in the message. Probably you satisfy criteria of my search. And support service send me a message, as you can be my mutual partner. I`m 32 years old. And I'm trying to find my soulmate. But at first I want to tell you the main. Unfortunately, I live far from you. I live in Russia, Mariy El republic, Medvedevo town. If we decide to meet I hope it won`t a problem for us. I travelled to Europe some times. I`m such a kind of women, that if I love man, I`ll go to him even on the other side of our planet. And I think traveling isn`t a problem in our days. Therefore we always can choose the most convenient place for meeting. I don`t worry, that I`m meeting with the foreigner. It`s very interesting! It`s other culture, traditions, other sights at different things. I like new places! Also, you`ll can know more about Russian woman. I hope you don`t afraid! And we can continue our meeting. If you are interested, write to my mail: And I will answer with some pictures. Have a good day! Kseniya
Letter 2
Hello Jan! It`s a nice surprise to get your letter. Thanks for writing I hope you`ll have time for our correspondence, and we`ll can know each other better. I have received the message from dating site. In this message has been written, that you can be my mutual partner. And there was your e-mail address. I do not remember the name of dating site. I searched for many sites. I did not think that on the Internet so much dating sites. I'm sorry. I am new for this. And now.. something about me. I`m 32 years old. My name is Kseniya. I live in Russia, Mariy El republic, Medvedevo town. I`ve never been married and I live with my parents till now. I`m an architect in the building firm and also I advise our clients. Tell me about your work. Do you like your work? I`ve a lot of friends and we like to spend our free time together. Usually, we go to the cafe, cinema, concerts and many other entertainments. As well, I prefer the healthy style of life. I go fitness three days a week and keep my body in form. And also I send my pictures for you. I hope you`ll like them. And I want you to send me some your pictures. Tell me about you Jan, what do you like to do, do you have a hobby? What about your character? I wish we`ll have time to write interesting letters to each other. Please, write me, I`ll be waiting for your letter. Your friend, Kseniya
Letter 3
Hello again, Jan! I`m so glad to get your answer to my letter. Sorry I was ill last week, and could't write to you. But you didn`t send me your pictures, I asked you about it. Please, do it in your next letter. Your letter means for me, that you are interested in me. Do you like me on pictures? Well... I`ll send other picture for you in the next mail. Jan, I`ve some questions and I want to ask you in letters. I hope to get answers, ok? It`s necessary for me to know your opinion about some things. I`ve the serious intentions, and I`m looking for serious relationship. I try to tell you a little about my character. I think I`m very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people, it`s pleasantly for me, I like a good humor. Also I like honesty, loyalty, understanding and patience. I believe in love. I think love is important think, which needs protection. I like to get compliments It`s necessary for me to keep my home clean, therefore I clean it very often. I like comfort at home and I enjoy silent evenings often. Also I`m able to cook different tasty dishes. I`m patient a lot. I think I`m a nice woman Probably, all women dream to find nice man and to have wonderful romantic relationships, but these relationships finish quickly. There isn`t only romanticism, but the realism too in relationships. I don`t want to kill time with these relationships. I don`t meet yet such man in my life, but I hope to find him and I hope to have a family in future. To my mind, the main thing is happy family and lovely man, but not career. Tell me please, what do you want in your life? What woman do you want to meet? Excuse, Jan, that I ask you to discuss so frank things with me, who meet with you only some days. But it`s very interesting and important for me to know it about you. I`ll be waiting for your letter. Yours Kseniya
Letter 4

Hello, Jan! I`m very glad to get your letter again. We`ll learn more and more about each other, and it`s very interesting. I`d a usual day, but when I got your letter, my mood became better, because it`s really pleasantly for me to get your letters. Thank you for some of answers my questions. It helps me to know and understand you better. I send you my other pictures. Hope, you like me on this pictures. Jan, tell me more about your family. Do your have a lot of relatives, don`t you? Do you visit them often? I have a nice family, we have wonderful relationships. As you know, I live with my mother and father. We live in comfortable flat, there are three rooms, kitchen, bathroom and balcony in it. I have my own room. I like my parents very much. I`m a single child in my family,and I always want to have younger brother or sister for taking care. My parents are very nice and kind, they always understand me. They love me very much, and I love them more else. My mother`s name is Victoria. She`s very sensual and kind woman. She`s 55 years old. She worked pediatrician some years ago, but right now she`s the pensioner. My father`s name is Alex, he`s strict, but fair man. He`s 58. He`s dentist. I`m fond of my family very much, and we often spend our time together. I`ve got an emptiness in my private life. I`ve never been married. My last boyfriend was a man of the same age. We`d been together for two years, but he turned out to be liar. He pretended that he honest with me, and I think he loved me. And as a result, he only played with my feelings. His friends were more important then me, but our relationships were only toy for him. And so, I told him `Goodbye!` I don`t worry about it. I find the adult man for more serious and hearty relationships right now. I can`t find them among the men surrounding me. I`m tired of disillusionments. Probably, I decide to find in the internet so. May be I can find a man who can love me, value me and understand me there. His money and his job are not important for me. I hope to find a man who can take care about woman. I`ll be ready return all of me. To my mind, the main in woman is devotion. Jan, write me, what do you think about it. I`ll be waiting for your letter. Yours Kseniya
Letter 5
Hello Jan! I`m glad my letters are interesting for you. Usually I don`t speak about deep thoughts and opinions, but I wrote you because I feel the desire to open it for you.I`m an independent woman, but probably sometimes I need a man who I can entrust to. Sometimes it`s happens! I`m glad it found your understanding. Thank you very much, Jan, for some details about your family. It helped me to understand you and your life. You are becoming the close man for me. Jan, it`s a time to go. It`s necessary to work and after my work I have to meet with my friends. By the way, I told them about our meeting and my parents know about it too. Have a good day, take care! I`ll be waiting for your letter. Yours Kseniya
Letter 6
Dear Jan, thank you for your letter. It`s always pleasantly to get your letters. Right now I`ve new theme for thinking about, and this thoughts are exciting. I don`t sure about you, but our correspondence is very important for me. There are new wonderful emotions in my silent soul. It`s unusual for me to begin the relationship from letters, and my dreams aspire to you. I understanded, if I`ve a little of difficulties for reaching my purpose, that desire to reach it increases. Probably it`s the thing which makes me thinking about you. I think I shall to keep your heart and you`ll can`t resist woman`s charming What do you think about it? well... Dear Jan, I want to ask you again. What values are main in your life? What about your plans for the future? please write me, what do you think? I`ll be waiting for your letter. Yours Kseniy
Letter 7
Hi my dear Jan! I`ve read your letter. It`s interesting for me to know your opinion about my last letter`s thoughts. I think I`ve a notion about your character. Thank you again for answering my questions. I hope it didn`t tired you. And if you are agree, we`ll can speak by telephone. I want to hear your voice very much. Write, what do you think about it? Hope, you like this my pictures as my other pictures. And I want to see your other pictures. Darling, I want to know about your free time. How do you spend them? I`m very merry and I always think up different entertainments for me and my friends. It`s may be dancing, cinema, party or going to the nature. I like help them to make their life more interesting. But to tell the truth, entertainments give me less pleasure right now. I often dream about romantic evening with my loved man. It may be the supper, or simply walking. I think it`s wonderful. Do you think about it sometimes? Jan, excuse me for the question, Do you have any woman now? To my mind you are very good man, and women think about you the same. I like you. What about your private life? Please, tell me about it. Write me more about your feelings and wishes. I always like to read, when you tell me about you. I`ll be waiting for your letter. My embraces and kisses. Yours Kseniya
Letter 8
Hi my lovely Jan! I`m very glad to get your letter. I couldn`t write you yesterday, because I have`nt internet. I send you my letters from my girlfriend. I go to her, because she has a telephone, and therefore internet. My parents bought a flat in the new district of our city. We wrote a statement for installing home telephone. It will be during a month. I wish there is no possibility to use internet by chosen line without home telephone. And I must wait a telephone. My girlfriend wasn`t at home yesterday, therefore I couldn`t write you. I hope, you didn`t lose me. I missed without your letters. I think about you at work today Jan. I`m glad to realize, that there`s man who think about me too. And what about you? Did you miss me? I want to have a rest with my friends today. They want to go to the restaurant or night club. I wish you are so far right now.. I think we can spend a wonderful evening together. I hope we`ll do it in the future. I`m sure, it will be good time for us. We`ll drink a vine and dance. And after that we`ll go to some other place and we`ll make some things.. Thoughts about it excite me and I can imagine a lot of intimate details.. I think it`s the time to finish my letter. Otherwise I`ll write a lot of extra things, and after that I`ll feel embarrassment. I`ll be waiting for your letter, my dear Jan. My embraces and kisses!!! Yours Kseniya
Letter 9
Hello my darling! Jan, I`m glad that we have success in our relationships and we got closer. I often speak my parents and friends about you and they hope to meet you someday. My parents even persist on meeting with you I said them, that my relation to our correspondence is very serious and you are good man, Jan. To my mind, the parents always wish their children only good things, and they are very glad when their children are happy. By the way, my father is fond of fishing. And now he says that he has a man who can be his partner in fishing. I was laughing for a long time and said him, that I don`t know do you want it or not. My father says that he can make a qualitative fishing tackle for you and teach you to cook a very tasty fish soup. Jan, do you have any plans about our relationships? I think it will be nice for us to spend some time together. It will consolidate our relationships and it will help us to know each other better. I think we shall meet in the nearest future. For example, in Europe or at the other place. Understand me correctly Jan, I can`t invite you to me, because I live with my parents. More so we had never met and I`ll feel myself uncomfortably a little. But the main, it will be our first meeting and we must spend our time only for each other. I want to be with you in private, I want to see you, touch you! We can spend wonderful time together. We`ll know a lot of new things about each other. We`ll simply enjoy our life! Let`s discuss it, Jan. I`ll be waiting for your letter. I miss you. I kiss you. Yours Kseniya
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