Scam letter(s) from Kate Clement to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Thanks for your email, you have a nice profile and I think you are a real. I can only write little about me, if there is any further things you need to know about me.. ask me and It will be my pleasure to give you an honest response
My name is kate, 29yrs young from UK. I lives Nottingham to be precise
I consider my self to be determined, ****, open minded, honest and submissive. I am single with a son who is 6yrs young. I desire a long term relationship full of love, affection ,happiness and trust. I want a man that will treat me like a lady, appreciate me for been a woman, reliable, **** and romantic, also honest and very faithful down to the heart. I work per time as a receptionist in an Hotel. I am also doing a master programme in the University of Nottingham for the award of Msc in Applied Economics. I desire to be a successfully lady and not a liability to my dream man. I have passion for my discipline and it will be nice to be an Economist soon. I am simple but always careful to make friends and never in a rush into a relationship.
This little I can write about me for now..... I will wait till I know more of you and see if we are compatible and have the same desire.
more pics of you will be ok as well. I will be looking forward to read from you soon.
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