Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to James (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear new friend James, thanks a lot for your answer and for sharing your e-mail address with me, i think it is really better to communicate in our e-mail accounts, it's much more private and safe here and here i can send you my photos :))) i can see that you are a very smart and intelligent man and I would certainly like to know you better and to tell you more about me. Internet has become a real power in the area of finding a second half, so I also decided to try my luck. I am 28 years old but unfortunately haven't found the man who I could connect my life with. I do not think that I am too demanding, i just want to love and to be loved. I am working in the Human Resources Department in the "Candy Factory" and I adore my job because it is connected with communication and giving people job. I live in Ukraine in the city called Kharkov. I am lovely and lively. I am a very optimistic personality and in any situation try to find something positive. My friends say that i am easy-going and very communicative, i just need a loving, caring, faithful, kind and honest man near who I could spend my whole life with and then I will be absolutely happy. and what are you searching for? I am very curious to hear your life story!!! innocently yours,
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