Scam letter(s) from Natalia Chigileychik to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Matts!
I'm young woman, looking for such perfect feeling like love. I believe, every human wants to find his or her lover, because it?s a sense of life to find your second half. All people all over the world can't live without love, without these warm arms in the morning, without such passion kisses in the night and such process, when woman and man become unified whole.
Maybe you've herded an ancient Greece myth where the ruler Zeus had unusual creature, who had four hands, four legs and two heads.
One time this creature was guilty of something and the great ruler decided to punish him. He divided the creature in two different parts. These parts became woman and man and since that time the main sense of life is joining with your second and the one half in the world. I also want to find my second half. « Love appears suddenly and irrationally. It?s enough of one attractive trait to astonish heard and to solve our destiny » J.Labruer I believe, you're agree with such expression. So if you're interested in serious, strong and lovely relations, I'll be very happy to contact and communicate with you.
Please write me here:
With best regards, Katya.
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