Scam letter(s) from Rosemond Oparebea to Wayne (Canada)

Letter 1
My Dear Sweetheart WAYNE,
Hello, how are you?I hope everything is okay for you just as i am here in GHANA. Well i,ve just read your mail on the net and i thank you very much for responding to my mail to you at the DATEMEFREE.
So here i will give you details of myself. I,m not exactly 25,at the moment i,m 24 and will be celebrating my birthday on the 30-5-2008 when i will be exactly 25. I come from a family of 5 including my parents,elder brother,myslf,and one other younger brother.I,m brown in complexion with a very nice hair [permed]sometimes rasta as you saw in the foto in my advertisement,and a very lovely **** eyes,slim but not thin and i do have a **** African buttocks.I hope my 3 fotos will give you a clear insight of the real person behind this mail. I have already finished school but at the moment i do not have a job,so it,s my family who takes up all my financial responsibilities .But it ,s very terrible because at my age sometimes i feel very shy to ask my parents for money to buy things such as brasier,underwear,cloths,shoes,etc.But what can i do,i have no option. On hobbies i like to go out to the theater for a good movie or drama,parties,canlelight dinners, going for a walk at the beach or river side,as well as relaxing at the parks&gardens.But i will also like for instance to stay with you sometimes at home and cuddle with you in the sofa while watching T.V.kissing each other and making a very sweet, ******,hot and passionate LOVE{sex] with a very soft gentle and romantic music in the background. Also i,m a young woman who is very romantic,caring,respectful,trusted and very responsible for the one i love.And i,m looking for a man who possess at least 2 or 3 of these qualiteies to share with him the rest of my life.Can you be such a man for me?If yes,then you can sraight away win a place very deep in my heart.We can therefore arrange to meet as soon as possible.This is very important because we cannot stay on the internet forever and ever.We can exchange 1000 mails on the internet,however if we do not meet it will be useless,because we cannot know each other only from exchanging mails on the internet.When we meet,we can talk,eat,sleep,make love,and do everything together.This will help us to develop sronger feelings for each other and then enter into a marriage.Therefore i think both of us should consider it as a gamble and decide to meet as soon as possible,as for me i do not have a problem.If even for some reason you can,t come to Ghana now maybe because of your job,no problem since i do not have a job now i can easily join you wherever you are,i have the freedom and liberty to visit you as soon as possible if only you like.The only problem for me is how to get money to buy a flight ticket and also money for some important documents such as passport,spintser certificate,vacine,visa fee etc.I mean if only you can sponsor my visit to you.I will be very glad to come to you for us to celebrate my birthday together under a candlelight. So as soon as you receive this mail please write to me as quickly as possile.So goodbye,if possible let me wiew your foto or fotos on the internet. I remain in sincere love and send to you sweet kisses in the air.
PS/As promised in my mail to you at the DATEMEFREE,I am sending you 3 nice and hot fotos with this mail,and will send you another 3 wicked fotos in my next mail too.So let me hear from you immiidiately you receive this mail so that i can send the fotos to you.I just want your views and comments concerning this very mail.I do hope you will understand me
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