Scam Letter(s) from Olesya Korgan to Felix (Serbia)

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Letter 1

Dear friend!
If you only knew, I was so touched by your letter. Thanks, that you noticed me from a huge amount of attractive women. It's a good sign for me. It means I have charm to interest such a nice man. My name is Olesya, but you may call me shortly Lesya. It's better for me, because my parents call me simply Lesya. Though I'm only 24, I know for sure what I want from this life. My credo is to give happiness those around me. It gives me much satisfaction and I feel myself happy. And what is your credo?
Now I'm a student, but in the nearest future I'll be ecologist. I guess, it's very necessary profession now. The environment problem is pressing problem not only in Ukraine, but all over the world as well.
When I attend lectures and practical trainings at the University, I'm very attentive and concentrated person. But in private life, that is quite different.
I am happy having younger sister. Her name is Natasha and she just 14.
We are very good friends with her. I adore to make her coiffure and invent different smart clothes. Sometimes, when my parents are not at home, we organize evening-parties, cooking something tasty, dancing, joking etc. And how do you spend your spare time? That will be great, if some day you could be in one of our hot evening-parties. I'd like you to taste one of my dainty dishes. By the way, what do you like to eat?
I like nature, that's why I often go across the fields or forests. I enjoy nature's beauty and paint a woodland scenery. They say, I'm quite good in painting. I paint woodland sceneries much better, than portrait. But when I see you, I'll try to paint your portrait with my favorite pink color. And what is your favorite color?
Honey, I have so many questions I'd like to know about you... But I don't want you to think, that I'm an inquisitive person. I'd like to look into your soul. I wonder to know, what goes on in your heart and in your mind? I wonder to know, what do you expect from me?
Please don't delay with your reply. I want to feel you near again.
With tenderness, Olesya.
The Russian-English translation was processed by Elvira Belner.
Our official address: Contact us in the case of any questions.

Letter 2

Dear Sir,
I find it very pleasant to see that you paid attention to our business.
Everyone can use the service of our Internet Cafe. Here one can find necessary information in the Internet, play computer games, watch DVD movie.
For people who want to meet someone in the Internet we offer translation service, scanning and taking of the professional photos and so on. For such clients our service costs 98.99 USD per month.
We also have English courses, after completing the study we give official certificate. We also deliver flowers, gift, organize fancy-dressed congratulations.
We sincerely hope that you will be satisfied with our service.
You can get in touch with us mailing to: The address of our Internet-cafe:
International street,17
91022 Ukraine.
As for our we site, unfortunately it's under construction now.
Best regards,
Natalia Mozgovaya

Letter 3

Wow, what a wonderful photos you sent me, thanks a lot!
It's very nice of you for your wish to take care of correspondence fees. The manager of Internet Cafe said, that today she'll send you the details of how to make payment.
Here we are: you and me again. My intuition never fail me. I read your reply with bated breath. I've got so much pleasure reading your letter. Yesterday I told my sister, that I met such a wonderful person as you are. I told her, that we're going to be good friends, and maybe even more. How is your mood today? Let's talk about something pleasant. IF you only knew, how much I like to listen Sting. But I also like Jennifer Lopes, Elton John, Madonna, A-ha, U-2 etc. I adore to watch whodunit and melodrama movies. I'm very impressionable person. So, when I watch it, I cry and laugh with their heroes. My Mom says, that I'm so vulnerable.
Tell me, do you believe in signs? I'm not. They say, black cat is for bad luck. I don't think so, because I have a black one. By the way, his name is Baks. He's so caring and affectionate to our family. I have a wonderful family and faithful friends. But I feel discomfort because I still have no my dear and only man. If I feel emptiness deep inside, then I need love and strong shoulder of only one, who can love me deeply. I guess, I already found the formula, how can I make my future family happy. All I need is to love my second half sincerely and devotedly. We have to understand each other's feelings. And what is your point of view about it?
You know, I even like the fact, that you are older, than me. Your life experience is a great value for me. I'd like you to teach me to astuteness, judiciousness etc. You are a real man and I have so much to learn from you.
I hope, that our meeting will take place in the nearest future. I'll do my best not to be disappointed about me. I have a feeling, that we'll thank our fate giving us a chance to meet each other.
Waiting impatiently for your quick response.

Letter 4

Dear Sir,
I know, that you keep in touch with our client Miss Olesya Boiko. Here is the bank account of our accountant Anastasia Gart'kaeva, where you can transfer money for the correspondence fees with your lady.
Hope you'll be satisfied with our services.
Best regards,
Natalia Mozgovaya



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