Scam letter(s) from Marina to Alex (UK)

Letter 1

I am glad to receive your letter so soon. You are very interesting for me. I want to learn more about you. I want to see a lot of your photos. Be the way I must tell you that I haven't my own computer, I tell this that you not worry if I will not write to you few days, but I will try answer to you as soon as I will can. I will write to you my letters from the internet cafe. And now I want to tell you about myself. I live in city of Cheboksary. This city located on distance in 700 kilometer from city of Moscow. And if you didn't know, Moscow is the capital of Russia. My grow is 168 centimeters. My weight is 55 kgs. My hair's color is auburn. I work as the consultant - seller in the shop. I like this work. There is a very good working collective in my job. Then, my hobby is listening music and reading books. I like to read love novels and fantasy. And what about music, I prefer a lot of different music. OK, what about my city, there are a lot of trees here. In our country very beautiful nature, and in my city too. Be the way, Cheboksary have more then million people, I know that for you it is not big number, but for Russia it is very big. We have only few cities where live so many people. Then, I like to walk on the park in the summer. I like to see on the sunrise. I want to find someone for serious relationship and I hope that it will be you. I never married and I haven't any children. I had the experience of contacts with men in Russia, but they was be not seriously about relations and I just was think that if I can't find right man here I must try somewhere else. I am no smoking and drink very seldom, but sometimes I like to drink in good company not much vine though this can be much seldom. And now about you, tell me please about youself. What you like or not? Tell me about your nature? Cause I want to know more about you. So I will wait your answer, Hope to to receive it soon.
Letter 2

I am glad to receive your letter so soon. I want to tell you about my family. I live with my mum. She is 52 years old. All her life she works as the teacher. She teach children English language. When I went to school, my mum teach me too. I love my mother. She spend a lot of her time and efforts for me. My father has died 18 years back. He was be builder. He built multi-storey apartment houses. He has fallen with 9 floor. I was be 12 years when my father died. I am very sorry that he died cause I loved him, and I still love him. He was be very good man and very nice father. After this, my mother worked so much time, that we might eat and that I might study. Then, I want to tell you that I have grandmother too. She is 76 years old. She lives at the village. She lives on distance of 230 kilometers from our city. I have no brothers and sisters. I have the aunt and the uncle too. All time when they can, they help my mum and me. I very lonely woman. I was disappointed with Russian men. be the way, much Russian men beat their wife. I didn't want create a family with man like this. I am very kind woman. I never refuse in the help if somebody asks me about this. I have many girlfriends. I usually spend my free time with my girlfriends. Sometimes we go to the cinema, we love to visit theatres. And sometimes we go on the picnics (sorry if I mistake, but I am not remember, how I must write this word). But we make picnics in the summer sometimes on the river and sometimes in the park. I like cooking. I like experiments with meal. I prefer various salads, meat, and fish too. How I told you before, I never smoke. I don't drink, only sometimes a wine on holidays in the good company. I am very romantic woman. I like to meet sunrises and a sunsets on a coast of the river. I want looking sunrise on the ocean's coast. When I feel very bad on my soul, I go on the nature and I will be better. I like to walk at the wood and to sit on a coast of the river, looking on the water and thinking about life. I told you before that I am very romantic woman. I think that human's life very interesting. I think that this is all for now. Take care. And I wait your next letter.
Letter 3

I am very glad to receive your letter. In our country very bad life. The Russian men beat women because they are stronger than women. In the Russian family you often can see husbands beating their wifes. When the husband comes home, and he has very bad mood he beat his wife. When his work is bad or his boss shout, husband came home and shout or beat his wife. I know how it sound for you, but this is true. And of course it happen not all time but, who know, may be if I will find someone here, it will be husband like this men that I describle. And I think that you understand that I didn't want life like this. I am never take offence at people. But if any person does badly, I despise him. I am not communicate with people, who malicious. When someone have malicious character it is very unpleasant to have conversation with him. I am despise people who deceive other people. I think that much more better bitter truth, than sweet lie. I hate very much, when someone deceive me. I very strongly trust people. And it is very easy to deceive me, cause I trust to all people. I will never speak with people who deceive and write a lie. But it is very difficult to find out deceives the person whether or not. I have a experience in dialogue with man from your country. I mean that I had conversation with man from your country. I loved him very much, but him deceived me. He has broken my heart. He has offered to arrive to him. I have sold the apartment and have gone to him. He told me that he will meet me in the airport. When I came in the airport, he not meet me. I waited him 24 hours in the airport. I called him on his home telephone number. Then I learned that phone number that he has written me does not exist. This man played a game with me. I lost my apartment because I loved him very much. My heart was be broken. I might not look at men a long time. But I am not regret that this happened with me, because I think that all that is not done, all to the best. I had huge dream, but it was destroyed. It happened with me three years back. A long time I can't forget it. But time heal my heart. And now I search for serious relations. I am not suffer lie. I hope that you not deceive me. I didn't want to recollect the past. I want to create a happy future. Any way I like to looking a movies. I like to look melodramas. I like to look: "Carried away by a wind" and "Titanik". And my favorite film is "A Walk to Remember" These films about very strong love. And I like to look films about animals too. I don't like to look film where are a lot of murders. In our life there are a lot of cruelty, therefore I am not look such film. What is your favorite film? Describe me a nature around you. Do you like a nature? What you like to do at your free time?
Tell me more about you please.
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