Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Eric (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Eric !!!!!!! I am really happy that I got your letter. I want to tell you something about my enthusiasmes. My favorite colour is white the symbol of the cleanest. As you know I like to rest on the nature. Also I like pets. I have got a cat her name is Asa. When I come home from the work I sit my cat on the kneesand hear nice music. What music do you hear? I like to hear classic music, reggy, soul, pop. But the choice of the music depends on the mood. In the summer evenings I and my friends roller in the evening town. The best plase for roller skating is quay. I like to spend the time in the kitche too, where I make experiments with new dishes. I like to cook russian dishes most of all. Have you ever eaten russian borsh, pelmeni, pancakes with honey? I am very happy and sociable and I have a of friends. We often gather together and sing songs under guitar. I play the guitar very well. How did you rest this summer? In man it is important for me following characteristics: his kind heart and romantic soul, the age or nationality difference isn't important for me. I am interested in what's inside of his heart. I need in best friend and faithful partner I will devote my life and love to. I am looking for intelligent and strong man who is able to protect and support his beloved woman and be a faithful partner for her. I am looking for a man who doesn't drink and doesn'rt bit a woman. I want to build strong and loving family. You seem to be an intelligent and interesting person from your letter so please tell me more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, interests, expectations, desires. I'd like to know more of you. It is really important for me to have an idea of the person I am going to correspond with and build the relationship.
I am waiting for your letter. Ekaterina
Letter 2

Dear ERIC!
ERIC this very beautiful the child! She such nice! You love children? I very much love children! I dream of it him!
Thank for very beautiful photos!
I want to be frank with you. I want you to know that I like you very much, I like to communicate to you. I thik that you are frank honour to me. I write you and I cannot belive that we could to find each other on the distance of thousands miles. We live on the different ends of the world but we have an apportunity to communicate through the Internet.
I often see dreams that we together walk in the park under the moon and stars, how we seat near the fire and tell each other funny stories. We laugh loudly and look to the eyes of each other like only we live in this world.
You may think that it is silly and you may laugh. But I think you will understand me and will not laugh at me.
But every morning the the dream finishes and the daily life began wich are not semiliar to the dreams wich I see.
I have to go to the work again where I get tired. But I do not despair and I with my friends decided to go to the pool, becauce I like to swim. In summer I with my friends went to swim to the lake. Now it became cold. And we go to the pool. Do you like to swim? How often do you swim and go to the pool?
Write. I wait your letter.
Kiss you Ekaterina.
Letter 3

Dear Eric! I think that we know a lot about each other. But there are things which we can tell not to everyone. I think you have something which you cant tell anybody. I want to tell you why I find the man in the internet. You may want to know it. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I dont want to make a mistaken one more time. In my life there were men. But they were not those for whom themselves gave out in the beginig of our acquaintance. They could tell me lie. But there was a man whom I wanted to married. But the time gave me to understand that it isnt the second part of my life. I dont meet to the men for a two years. I was sure that there isnt plase for the man in my life. I have understood that I need a man which will love me with whom I can inform pleasure and trouble. I think I didnt make mistake this time. I will wait for your letters.
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