Scam Letter(s) from Jessica Brown to Franco (England)

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Letter 1

I wanted to tell you that I miss you so much!
That I get up every morning thinking about you, and our life together.
I am going mad here without you.
You are my love, my happiness, my future!
I want to be your family, I want to have children with you, I WANT THIS!!!!!
Tell me, are you ready for this? Do you also want a family with me?
Just think how wonderful it would be, how life will be interesting when we are together, making our own business.
I will never betray you, I will you be your power, and you will be mu power, together we will be a big great power.
Dear, tell me, does your heart starts beating faster as you read this lines of mine???
As for mine, yes.
Tell me, if you want to meet me in Kiev and help me with the tickets.
I can fly to Kiev and back to my town only by a plan. The tickets cost $110.
Tell me, when can I come to you? When will you arrange my trip to you with the agency? I go there every day in order to know the news.
Baby, please, lets start making the documents for my trip to you these days.
I kiss you 10000000000 times.
I love you,
your lady Elena



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