Scam letter(s) from Irina Kolyagina to Bjorn (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello, Bjorn:) Spring is coming and here we have a wonderful weather today! the same weather is inside my soul! Thank you for your letter! With your letter my day is much brighter now! May be it is trifle for you, i dont know but for me it is very important as i am serious in my search. Well, my name is Anna, Anya is how my friends call me! I am 28 yo and on the 5. of June i will be 29. I live in Schast'ye , a small town in the east of Ukraine. My town is nice and it has a wonderful name because if you translate it into English then you will get Happiness:)
I am 170 cm, 55 kg. I think that Life is kind of a book and we are both authors so lets write it together:) Do you mind? I will gladly answer your questions, so you can ask:) My first question for you: Are you serious:)? What do you search here! As for me, I am serious in my search! I would love to meet a nice reliable man who will support me, who is passionate and caring, who loves life and at the same time down to earth man! I will be happy to give love and passion. To make his life stable with a bit of adventure and holiday! I work as a laboratory assistant on a plant. I make water analysis.
It is not the work i was dreaming about. I am dreaming to work as a manager. I would love to have my own family, my beloved husband, to take care of him and enjoy the life. Well, I need to close, i will be waiting for your letter impatiently,
take care yours Anya
Letter 2
Hello, Bjorn, thank you for your answers! I appreciate! Thank you so much for your reply. I was in a bit of suspense waiting for your letter! i hope everything is fine and my letter will find you in your best spirits! Thank you for telling me a bit about yourself, i think that it helps greatly to learn more about each other. I strongly hope that our communication will into something very good and special,My first impression about you is very positive. So how was your yesterday? As for me just fine, I usually my working day lasts for 9 hours, i work 6 days a week, I go to work at 8 am and go back home 6 pm. So yesterday as usually i was at home around 6.30 and then had a light supper. And enjoyed a nice movie!!! You know I was dreaming about special days when we spend with my man watching a movie, cuddling and kissing ..... Are you affectionate and passionate? I am. So I wanted to tell you one thing. I was married before and I am divorced for one year. Oh To be honest I dont like recalling those times, i think we are both adults and we have history but it is necessary to be honest with each other. So I am. I have no kids. The man I met we dated for two years and then got married, may be e were young but anyway we lived so good together, i did not notice hi wish to meet with friend usually and he drank socially i thought! Then it was more often and often, he got ***** and always abused me, i forgave him because i loved him, but finally i could not bare it and we got divorced. It was an awful time. I hurt in many ways and the only thing i was happy about was i did not have kids, because i dont want so bad man be my kids' father, no. So i forgave him, i did not old grudges, i recovered from that life and i just did not want to date any man from here. Then one of my friends told me about Internet dating! So here i am:) Today I will send you some more pics of me: once i am before leaving for work, before my breakfast. Another one is with my close friend, in the evening we wanted to go dancing, It was nice evening then, i look happy i think on that photo:)
well I need to close yours, kiss Anya.
Letter 3
Hello, dear Bjorn! Now that i have read the lovely words that you have wrote to me,my day can't be broken. It is so strange, but every day my feelings for you are ****** and ****** and we dont have seeing each other.

I need to know you better! I think that we have a lot of in common, but first i need to know that you are the man i can be with, make happy!
This is so importnat for me. Dont ask me why, but i think that it is no accident that we ave meat each other on the Internet. it is or destination.
What is your opinion about this:)? Well how was your day? Mine was a bit hard and now I am quite tired!
So i will rest i think and will take a bath. I enjoy bath, when you can relaxing, use aromaoils and let the body enjoy the water. Do you like taking bath or shower? I think that our life consists of trifles and the last one is very important. tell me about your likes, dislikes:)? today i send you two of my photos. Again one with my ***** friend, We are very close and true friend, i am glad i have her in my life! I believe true friends are very rare. Another photo is made at home. I hope you like.
take care, yours Anya
Letter 4

Hello, Bjorn! Thank you for your letter! I enjoy hearing from you:)
I hope all is well. I am sure everything will be fine with Nina. Yesterday my day was a bit hard, work and i was tired, but i have found some strength to go to the gym and then it was late but i went to the swimming pool!!! Oh it was really amazing to swim and enjoy the water that caress my body!! I was swimming on my back and enjoying the relaxation that the water gives to me!!! Oh my Dear I imagined us swimming together, it was some like or sea I dont remember but there was much water around, it was sunrise and none at the beach just we alone!!! We came to the beach left our cloth and stayed *****, mmmmmmmmm it was really amazing i noticed you watching me, while i was coming into the water, i noticed that you are full of desire, so I invited you to come with me, You joined!! we were swimming together, your arms around me, they are so caring and gentle, I could not resist but felt so ***** because of your presence, i felt you o close to me, It was amazing feeling!!! I my heart was singing and my body wanted to be with yours as one!!! You start kissing me and i was melting like an ice crea in your hands!!!! Oh my Dear It was an amazing morning:) I am really waiting for being close to you!!!! Kisses yours Anya
Letter 5
hello, Dera Bjorn, Thank you for your winks:)
I am happy to hera that you are fine and everything was fine with Nina also:)
I have such a good feeling when i get your letters.
I have never had it before but definitely it is great and i feel wonderful when i have your letters! It is so great! they bring comfort and warmth in my heart! It makes me feel great!

my Dear I wanted to tell you one thing! I dont want you to be surprised one day if i dont write you, the thing is i live in a very small town, kind of village and here we have only one Internet cafe, it is quite expensive, i have no my own PC and Internet at home that is why i use the services of this cafe, but it appeared to be really expensive for me as the salary is quite low and i need to pay flat rent, food and transport so i hardly pay it. So i wanted to let you know beforehand. I hope you will understand, i know it is hard to understand but life here apparently is different.

One more thing, i hope that i am important for you as you have become really important for me and I am so much happy that I have met you, i know i can make You happy and give you what you want. yours truly Anya
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