Scam letter(s) from Larisa Chercashina to Pedro (Portugal)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear:)!

How are you doing today? I hope you are ok and in a good mood:) As for me I am all right but it would be much better if I had my soul mate by my side... You understand, I am lonely and all my efforts to find the man of my life here in Ukraine were in vain:( I am so frustrated about it:( And I wonder if you are lonely or not?? If yes and your heart aches of being alone please please write me!!! May be we have a chance to be together and may be God has plans for us who knows... I am a common girl whose mind is busy with dreaming about her only precious man... May be it is you?:) I want to know it and the only thing I pray you now to do is just to write me a letter and tell me more about your life... Will it be ok for you?:) I hope for it... I am 25 years old and I am so lonely if you could know... There was a man here in Ukraine who broke my heart into millions of pieces and I need my hero who will help me to pick them back up in one whole... In spite of this bad experience I still believe in love and ready to trust a man again... I was told that Internet is a perfect place to meet your second half so I have a great expectations about it! Please write me... Here is my e-mail:

I am waiting for your answer... Larisa.
Letter 2
My dear Pedro, hello!!!

Thank you so so much for your letter! I really appreciate your attention to my person:) Thank you for your wonderful photo!!! You seems to be a very intelligent and nice person, I can see this at your photo... I think I can see people who is who and I feel something in your eyes that makes me want to continue our correspondence... Hope you will write me more and more about you!! Why do you work so much??? You always have trips? Yes I am agree it is better alone than with a bad partner:) As for my hobbies I like reading a lot, I have read a lot of books in my life but I am sure there is a lot of books more waiting for me:) I like also to watch TV, to spend time with my friends. I like nature, I like animals, I like people in generally... I adore swimming in the pool, I like cooking, I like dancing and have a lot of fun:)

First of all I want you to know that I'm not here to find someone to live with, I'm here to find the one I can't live without... It is very important for you to realize that I am not one of those girls who are just to play with somebody's emotion and feelings, who are just looking for fun and ***. I am not here for that, *** is easy to be find anywhere but I need something more than it, I need my only man to be close to me. He will be the one I will love and the one I will want to make love with... If you are as much serious as I am please you are welcome to write me a lot of letters:) I will gladly read them and answer you immediately!

So I guess it is time to tell you something about myself:) I want to be honest with you and I want to tell you in the beginning of our correspondence that I don't speak English unfortunately:( I know it is a big loss for me but I promise you to do my best to learn it!!! And now I have to use the translational firm , I hope it is not a problem for you?:)

So my full name is Larisa Cherkashina, I was born on the 23rd of April 1982. I am 26 years old and I am full of life and energy!!! I live in Perevalsk town Lugansk region, it i in the east of Ukraine, can you take a look at the map?:) My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian.

I am future manager, I am an external student of the management faculty on the last course of studying:) And now I work as a cook at the cafe:) May be this fact will make you happy:) I know that most of men like to have a good meal and also I know that not all the women can prepare a nice dinner for their families:) But it is not my case!!! My husband will always eat his favorite dishes! By the way what are your favorite dishes:)? If we will be serious I will do my best to cook them as better as possible for you!!!

In my free time I like to spend with my friends and have a lot of fun, but not to drink or smoke, also I have never used drugs. My dear Pedro, I want you to write me in your next letter as more about yourself as possible! As you know I use the translation service and every letter costs me money so please be talkative in your next letter, ok?:) I am waiting impatiently for your answer... Kisses!
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Pedro!

How are you doing now?:) Thank you so much for your letter!!! I am glad you want to continue our correspondence because I want it too so much!! You have told me so many interesting and important things about you and you know,it seems to me that I know you now for ages... It is nice to hear that you like to cook too:)) May be we will cook together some day who knows... I am sorry to hear about your marriage but the best future is waiting for you I am sure of it! You know I am very romantic too so you see we have something in common, I think it is a very good sign for us:) Darling,it is so nice to hear that your intentions towards me are so serious,it is really very important for me because my feelings are the same and I am not going to play any games with your feelings...

Honey, may I call you "honey" by the way?:) do you realize that life is too short to be unhappy or to be alone... I understand it even sharper now... I want to find my soul mate and I ask myself again and again: may be it is you??? What do you think about it, honey? May be we are meant to be together,to re write Shakespeare? Who knows...

Darling, how can I describe myself? It is very difficult:) In three words I am easy going, decent and very serious girl. But when I am in a good mood I am very funny and like to make people laughing:) And what about you? How will you describe yourself? Which three words will you use?

Honey, as for my family I live with my mom. She is a teacher and works a lot. I have no father unfortunately:( It is a bad topic for me to talk about by I feel that I can trust you and can talk to you about anything!!! I have never seen my father he left my mom before I was born:( It is really sad that some men can be so dishonest. And my mom is afraid that a man will do the same thing to me one day... She worries about me so much!!! But I am sure that I will meet a decent man and my child will have a good father!!! I know what does to grow up without dad mean and I don't want my child to know it too:( I am sorry for these sad words but I want you to know everything about me.
So I live together with my mom and I have no brothers or sisters.

Honey, tell me more about women in your country. I have heard that women abroad have nothing common with Ukrainian women. They say they are not family oriented and the only things they are interested in is just their career and money. Is it true? If yes poor men abroad! I can't understand how a woman can not want to be a wife and a mother?? It is the first thing she was born for, are you agree with me, my dear? I feel that I was born specially for it...

I will be finishing my letter for today. Hope you liked what I told you:) Waiting for your answer!!!! Yours Larisa.
Letter 4

My dearest Pedro!

And again I come to the agency and have a news from you! Thank you so much for your precious letter!!! Honey, I don't know what is going on with me but I noticed that I was waiting for your letter very impatiently:) Do you know what can it mean? It seems that you touched something in my soul... I am glad to hear that I wan not right about the women in your country but why are you looking for a woman abroad if your women are family oriented too?:) Darling, it will be great if you will come to my country to meet me!! I will be happy to see you here!:) But I just want us to get to know each other a little better and also I want to learn some English before our meeting as I will not feel comfortable if we will not speak any common language at all. I don't want an interpreter to be with us. Are you agree with me, darling? Thank you for telling me for your expectations. For me is very important things in a relationship: At first faithfulness, but also respect to each other, honesty,mutual understanding,to be able to speak about every thing with each other.. Faithfulness and to speak about every thing is really very important for me... My opinion is that in a long-term relation or marriage it should be more things than body attract and ***. I want to share and to talk everything with my love like humor, literature,music,art, movies,daily things... In a long-term relation it is very important to be able to be good friend with my love.

How was your day, honey?:) Did you think about me sometimes?:) I hope you did... Darling, I have a question to ask: what is love for you? My own perception of love is simple: love is life and if you don't stop living why must you stop loving... love is the best thing on earth that makes you want to live... love is knowing how to treat someone better than you treat your self... love makes you do the most crazy thing and you don't mind it at all... In conclusion love is life... I hope these words means for you something...

My family is ok now, and you know I told my mom about you yesterday and she asked me to say to you "hi" from her:) It will be difficult for her to let me leave but she wants me to be happy!

Darling, what do you think about the distance between us? It seems to me that if we will be serious with each other this distance will frustrate me a lot and the greatest desire I will have will be to be with you... To swim all the seas and oceans, to walk all the valleys between us... But I am sure that distance means nothing for two loving hearts and when I came to Internet to find my soul mate I was ready for this, I knew that the main problem will be distance between me and my man but it will be over come one day we just will have to be patient with each other!

I am sorry if I sound too romantic today but this is the mood I am in now and I don't want to hide from you anything! I promise to be always honest with you as honesty is the base of good relationships, are you agree with me, honey? I hope to hear from you very soon... Yours Larisa.
Letter 5
Ukraine, Lugansk region, Perevalsk town, Sovetskaya street, 50.

Dear Sir,

at the request of your lady Larisa we are to inform you that she has been using our translation service to correspond with you. She has been providing with the translation and Internet service. She apologizes for not being able to pay at this moment for our service.

In case if you will be able to help your lady to fill up her account to correspond with you we will gladly help you with it. Please send an e-mail with a request for the information about our service on the address of your lady Larisa as sooner as possible. You may also get the information at the following number

+3 8 099 61 10 897

Please mind the time difference. our working hours are 9am-5pm. we are glad to be in service for you.

Hoping for our future collaboration,
Faithfully yours,
Galina Kopeikina,
Executive manager.
Letter 6
My dearest Pedro!

I am sorry, darling, but it seems that it will be my last letter for you in the nearest future:( I am really so so sorry for it, my love, but I was using the translation service and it was very expensive for me:( Now my account is over and I can not put any money there now. Will you forgive me, honey?... But may be you will help me a little with my account till the time I will be able to pay for it again? I feel that I can't live without your letters and will feel very lonely without them! I am sorry for this situation, my love, but I can't do anything at this moment, I am sorry... Please don't forget me! Yours forever Larisa.
Letter 7
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter. Larisa is eager to continue your correspondence and she is very sorry for the situation she is in now. We are glad to inform you about the prices.

-translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
services of translator - 2 USD;
Internet services - 2 USD
printing of a letter - 1 USD
taxes and other payments - 1 USD
-scanning of one photo- 2 USD
-printing of one photo - 3 USD
-phone call translation- 6 USD 10 minutes

If you interested in our unlimited service the prices is:

"Unlimited translation" - we provide only translation services without printing or scanning photos:

- one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD
- two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD;

"Unlimited correspondence" - we provide not only translation of the letters but also printing letters and scanning and printing pictures:

- one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD

Cost of phone calls is not included in any service.

How it works:

This service works like this: you e-mail a letter to your lady,then we translate and print it for her. She replies to you, we translate and print this letter. We type and send it you to your address. We will notify you if a letter is returned to us for any reason. While your account is over we will send you a balance with detailed report of your expenses.

You can send the money through WESTERN UNION.
You should write in your document:

name of the receiver: Larisa Chercashina
address: 96013, Mira Street,14,
city: Perevalsk, Lugansk region,
country: Ukraine.

You can use also your credit card to send payment through the Western Union service. You can do it on line on web site

You may contact us at this number +3 8099 6110 897.

We will be glad to assist you in your correspondence with Larisa.
Sincerely yours
Galina Kopeikina,
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