Scam Letter(s) from Amina Adams to David (Australia)

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Letter 1

hi thanks for the mail , iam doing well and i hope you have a great day .

Letter 2

hi, thanks for you mail but before any other thing to say i have to ask of your health condition,i hope you are feeling well , this is the information you asked of.,
P O BOX 50
and this is my information.
P O BOX 20
but is not that we just have to connect the pc but meeting online is that, which matters alot to me. and i hope that is all you will need for that.
hope to hear back from you soon bye take care

Letter 3

hi thanks for your reply how are you doing and i how ,all things being equal you are doing well, the cost of connection for the first time to hug to african network will cost you $250 and that will be for the first 5 months you will not pay any monthly bill for these five month.
i spoke to the managing director and was able to get his contact numeber if you can call him. 233-208457055 . i hope to hear back form you soon take care of your self



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