Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Alekseeva to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In beginning of many thanks for reciprocity in my interest. For me it is very pleasant that you answered on my message. :)
It really very has raised my mood.
When I wrote to you, I did not know as you will react, but I hoped for reciprocity. And I see that was not mistaken. :))) I shall try to be completely frank with you and try to tell you about myself maximum.
It is pleasant to me if you will always show reciprocity too.
I like tell about myself and I like very much when my interlocutor tell me about itself. I like listen or in our case I shall like to read about you in your letters. :) I hope you will try to tell me about yourself with big interest too. I am from Russia, I live in town Yoshkar - Ola. It is in Mary republic.
It is small city, but enough attractive. Yoshkar - Ola is the capital city of Mary republic. I am 27 years old. I was born in July, 12, 1980. I am 170 Sm tall.
My weight 53 kg. My work is seller. I sell DVD and CD. I am fair-haired. My eyes are green.
My body is slim. I am single now and I have never been married. I live healthy life. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol. But sometimes I drink wine and champagne. Sport is my hobby. Sometimes I go fitness club. And I like to run. I like to visit cinema, theatre, walk in the park very much. My character is appeasable. I am cheerful, sociable, sincere and fair girl. I try to never despond and all difficulties in my life I am overcome with smile on my face.
I tell always people, that I think about them and their actions. I do not like liar. And I hate cunning. I use internet to meet man with which I will have long relationship. I hope it is realy.
It my first dating by in the internet. You are the first man with I have correspondence.
I hope we will be happy about our dating. I speak English very well. So we will not have problems with understanding each other. Tell me please about yourself??? Hope you will not complicate to answer on my some questions. :))) Do you use internet dating for long time???
Do you had relationship in internet????
How did it ended???
Do you have corresponded with many girls???
Were their serious relationship in internet??? Have you ever written to girls from Russia??? How do you concern that I from Russia??? I hope that you will answer on my questions. I wait your letter.
Write to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))) Svetlana
Letter 2
Hello Matts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy to see your answer on my letter. Many thanks!!!!!! :)))
You done pleasant surprise for me having written your answer.
I am really very glad to see your letter and I hope our correspondence will be prolonged further. How are you???? How your day???? I think for you will be interesting to learn more about me and about my life. And I hope that it only will increase your interest. :)))
I shall try to be frank with you and I hope you will be frank in your letters too. I do not know how to begin. The possibly you have interest my work.
I think you would like to learn about my work very much.
I already wrote you in my first letter that my profession is seller. I sell DVD-disks and CD-disks.
My work completely don't bewitching and don't allowing me be realized creatively.
But it is stable earnings for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My work allows me to conduct an independent way of life. My work allows provide myself.
I am not rich, but I can contain myself. :))) I have the economic diploma, but on this speciality it is difficult enough to find work.
It very widespread profession.
So when I having received diploma economist I have faced the big problem of employment.
Therefore I should work far not on my profession.
This frequent phenomenon for our country.
But it does not upset me and does not force to be disappointed in my opportunities. The work is don't stand on the first place in my vital purposes.
Naturally my the first purpose this creation of happy family in which reigns love and understanding.
I very much wish to find man and to construct with him is long attitudes.
So in choice between career and family. I shall choose undoubtedly family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is very important thing in my life. I very much wish to find sincere love!!!!!!!!! I live one in one-room apartment. I rent this apartment. My parents live in Yoshkar-Ole too.
But I live separately from them. I conduct independent way of life.
I have with my parents very warm attitudes and we always find understanding :))).
I have good parents very much, they kind and sympathetic people.
So I do not live with them only because of desire to live independently. I am clever. And very modest... :)))
I have special priorities in a life and on the first place in this list is a love.
I sincerely trust happy life is impossible without second half.
Without man which will always near with me.
So my representation about a happy life associates with sincere love.
You support me??? I in my soul is romantic, and I want romantic relationship.
I like try to do my relationship is romantic. I like to doing surprises and pleasant things for my favorite man. :))) My favourite color is green. My favourite flower is lily. I adore aroma of lily. I love animals and I love the nature very much.
But unfortunately my work does not allow me to contain any pet. I like to listen to music and a choice of music depends on my mood. I can listen at times completely to alternative music, all the reason my mood. :) My favorite season is summer. I love warm weather. In weekend I and my girlfriend go in fitness club.
I like to look well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I arrange jog. My favorite books is novels. I like to read.
It allows me to be forgotten sometimes from many unpleasant things of modern world. In the school and in the college I loved studying foreign languages very much. My favorite language is English.
I achieve good success in English. I can freely talk and write in English.
And I know a little German, Italian and French. :)))
So I can quite free to talk in English. Probable for you will very much interestingly to learn my search in internet. I wish to construct long relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not search something short and fleeting, I want meet man with which I will be all my life.
The man with which we shall live in the consent and understanding, in love and in passion. I think it is really.
The modern world is in avidity and mutual benefit. But I sincerely trust that there is big love.
The love which doing flame of passion in hearts of people. The love which pushes at times on mad acts.
And I very much want it. I want find man with which I will be all my life. I want a gift to it man myself completely.
If I shall meet such man, I shall be completely to belong to him.
I will belong this man my soul and my body. And I will be ready for the sake of him on any acted.
The man which will love me madly, is never be disappointed in me.
Because I never shall allow it an occasion to doubt in my feelings, in my fidelity, in my love to him, in my sincerity.
I shall be completely with him in my ideas and dreams. I am possibly too romantic and I live in my dreams. But at least I listen my heart. At present I have not met man with which is possible all it. But I know that I meet necessarily such man once.
Or already meet... :))) Time will show... You are very interesting to me and I pleasant to write you letters.
Possibly you have noticed that I do it with greater interest. It is very interesting for me express my ideas in letters for you.
I like that we have found with you a way of acquaintance very much, this is internet.
I think that our correspondence quite real way to learn each other better. :)))
And it is probable to approach somehow. To me it will be very pleasant if you always will sincerely with me. You can??? I hope that you not weariness to read all it. And I hope this was interesting you. :))) I shall wait for your answer on my this letter.
And I hope that you will not keep me waiting long time.
I wait for it with greater impatience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Svetlana.
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