Scam Letter(s) from Shannon Smith to Grant (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello Dear , I am so happy to see your mail and i hope that this meeting will be our last and final story ...I have enclose my pics here for you , i hope you will like it ...I hope we'll be able to start getting to know each other now.I should tell you that I am very open-minded I don't ccept anything just because everyone else believes it and I don't close my mind to an idea just because it is strange or unaccepted by the general public.There is no one on earth more serious about finding love and a successful relationship than I am, and you can count on that. i am of a mixed family i am the only lady ..well i will want you to know that my great dream for the future is to find the Man who will be my best friend, my lover, and my sex partner and partner in all life's adventures,at the very least. I want someone to spend all my time with,sharing all the pleasures I've discovered in life, and that's a lot, believe me.i also want someone who is very affectionate, because touching and hugging and caressing are a basic part of my spirit. I will like to tell you that i have my Bsc in the university of california and i have being working for a small firm here in los angelos when i finish my school .. I came back to my country as my visa as expire , so i am presently in Nigeria now , i hope you dont mind the distance as i think distance doesnt count in a good relationship as relationship is a thing of the heart......If there is any thing you will like to know plsss ask me ... I will have to close for now and i will say there is nothin like giving a trial... hope to see your mail soon bye ...
Your Freind



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