Scam letter(s) from Olga Pomitkina to Dermot (Ireland)

Letter 1
Oh, what a surprise!!! Dermot, thank you for your letter! To tell the truth, I did not expect! Of course, I wanted it very much, I was thinking if you would write me or not, I was arfaid in my heart that you would not pay attention on my letter, but you answered! Well, Dermot, you just cannot imagine how I am happy!
So, a new person came in my life and we should tell to each other so much. I will begin from the begin from the beginning. You know already that I am Olga. This name is widespread in every country, but not everybody prononce it in the same way. In Russia it is Olga, my mother calls me just Olya or Olechka. And you, how do your parents call you? Well, as you have already understood, I am from Russia, from this cold and snowy country! Dermot, do you have any associations when you hear about Russia (hope it is not only ***** and bears:)? May be you have visited it?
As for me, I have never been abroad, but I am sure that oneday I will make a worldround trip. At first, I will visit some cities that are situated in the bank of the sea. I like water very much and my dream is to swim in the sea or in the ocean. Have your ever donne it? Also I want to swim with dolphins, I think it is very nice, because dolphines are very beautiful and clever animals.
Dermot, what can you tell me about your city? As for me I was born and still live in Kazan. It is not very large, but it has its history and I am proud to be born here. Now I am 27, and soon I will have a birthday, so on July, 24 I will be 28. I am the only child (well, a child of 27 years old: and I live with my mother. My parents divorced when I was 17, and during 10 years already he lives in other family. And what can you tell me about your family? Is it big or not? As for me, when I was a child I wanted very much to have many brothers and sisters, and envied my friends in whose families there were many children. But now I understand how it is difficult to bring up a child, to give him a good education and so on.
5 years ago I graduated from the University, Economics faculty. Now I work as a manager in the restaurant. I like my work very much. I like to creat a holliday for people and it is up to me to organize holliday suppers and other banquets. Well, I do not know if it is traditional in your country to celebrate some hollidays in the restaurant, but in Russia if we have any anniversaries or other great data, people (if they can afford it) celebrate in the restaurant. And oneday I dream to have my own restaurant, may be it will be not very big, but it will be mine and I will do everything as I want in it!
I spend much time at work, and however I try to go out several times a week. For example, it is a rule to go to the sport club and to the swimming pool twice a day. I like to go to cinema very much and I try to watch all the premieres. The latest film I saw was " Casina Royal " with James Bond! Have you seen it? Francly speaking I did not like it very much. As all women I like more melodramas and love stories:) And what films do you like, Dermot?
Do you also play any musical instruments? As for me, I play the guitar. When I was a child, my father who plays the guitar very well, tought me. At first it was just a childish interest to learn something new, but now i understand that it is more than a hobby. For me, playing the guitar is more, when I am sad I play and it gives me positive emotions, when I am with friends it is a nice way to have a distraction. And when we go to the trip, I always take the guitar with me! Sometimes I evencompose my own songs...
So, Dermot, if you are interested in me, in my personality you can write me. As for me, I will wait for you letter in all cases, and i will hope that you will write, ok?
Your new friend from a far Russia,
Letter 2
Hello Dermot, you continue to make me happy with your letters, thank you very much! To read your letter is a real pleasure for me! And to write to you is nice too, but to tell the truth, if it would be possible I were ready to read your letters 20 times a day!
Thanks you as for your photos! I am very glad!
Well, today I am very tired, I had a lot of work in the restaurant. Sometimes even if you have much work, but if your clients are easy-going people, you do not notice how the time flies. But this time everything is absolutely different. They want to celebrate mariage in our restaurant, and whatever I suggest them, they dislike. And they cannot say exactly what they want (menu, decoration). So, it is rather difficult to read their thoughts!
Well, sorry, that I begun my letter from this complaining speech. But now I feel better, because I shared my problem with you. It is nice to have somebody to talk. Dermot, do you sometimes need to talk to somebody when you have problems. I know for sure that it is characteristical for women, and men are not so sensible. And by the way, that is why they suffer for cardial illnesses more often! So, Dermot, if you have something that troubles you, just say to me and i will support you as I can, ok?
Dermot, what do you like to do when you are tired? As for me, when I feel tired very much, I prefer to have a rest, but an active rest - not laying on the sofa before the TV-set, but doing sport or something else. In summer, I like jogging just in the open air. There is a grove near our house, and I jog there. In winter I ski there. But I prefer summer. Just imagin - warm summer morning, you run along the paths, listen to the birds songs, look at trees and flowers. Then when you are tired you go to the pond and swim there, feeling the coolness of water... Dermot, agree, that this sport is a real pleasure! So, whatever I do I like to combine business and pleasure. For example, last week, I begun to attend massage courses. My girlfriend Sveta and me, we decided to learn it in the special center of health in our town. There are about 20 persons in our group, and we work in pairs. I work with Sveta. At first, the teacher reads lectures and then we have practical courses. Very soo
n I will become a professional massagiste!!!:) By the way, Dermot, do you like massage? I think it is the best way to get relaxed. Do you agree?
Also I like to cook. I remember my first experience in preparing food with smile. I think it will be funny for you too. When I was 14 my parents came in the business trip, and I stayed alone during 5 days. So, I decided to invite my friend Sveta (we are friends from school) and to prepare a supper. Oh, my God, what a supper it was!!! I spoilt all the products at home and we stayed hungry. I do not remember exactly what I was preparing, but it was some exotic dish. And after that bad experience, I understood that I should begin with simple dishes. So, now I am very good in cooking and like to do it very much. I do not like to each already prepared food from the supermarkets. I think it is not very healthy, and try to find time to cook something tasty: fried chicken with apples, stuffed fish, pizza. But I like fruits best of all, and my favorite fruit are apricots and melons. And you, Dermot, what do you like to eat? Do you like to cook?
So, on these questions I will stop my letter, because I can speak about myself for hours, but it is more interesting for me to know about you. I wait for your answer.
Your friend Olga who is very interested in everything coneccting with you!
Letter 3
My dear friend Dermot!
Every your letter warms me on this cold weather and they are like the sun that shines in my life, and everything becomes very brihgt! If you only could imagine how impatiently I wait for them, and how much I am happy to see warm words from you! I am interested in everything about you, and every detail is important for me, so write me more, ok?
My dear Dermot I as wanted you to tell concerning that that you have written to me in the letter. My dear Dermot I want to tell that first I have removed my structure itself as I think that I have found that whom searched also to me it is not necessary except for you anybody. As has thought that you will be very glad to accept me during the life. So my dear Dermot do not think of anything bad and money resources it is not necessary for me from you.
Today I feel better after work. My colleguaes were surprised to see the english book in my dag today. So, I explained to them that i am in correspondance with a nice man who speaks English, and there were so many questions about you:) . And I take a book in english just to read when I have a free minute, I want to improve my language, because i know sometimes I make mistakes in English. But, Dermot, if you do not understand something just ask me, ok? And do you friends know that you are in correspondance with me? Is it very popular among your friends. I ask it because in our town it is not developed very good and some people from my work found my idea not very nice. But I do not lisyen to their oppinion, I know that with the help of internet I have found a good friend and it is the most important! Among my friends a lot of people are very conservative, well I do not want to say that I am very progressive. I just mean that if you have a possibility to do something just try and do it!
For example, today I went to the zoo and it was very exiting! To tell the truth I do not like very much to look at the animals in the cages. I think that they should live in the wild nature and sometimes it is so pity to look at their sad eyes. Dermot, and you, what do you think about it? Do you agree with me. Anyway sometimes I go to the zoo as i did today. So, I have many emotions after keeping in my hands a snake! I have never done it before!!!! And I will never do it any more!:) I always liked to look at snakes, there is something magicien in these reptuls: their movings, their behaivour that are very stange for me. So, today I was so brave that took one of them on my hands! Are you proud of me?:) And have you ever taken a snake, Dermot?
By the way, Dermot, do like animals? And what animals do you like best of all? As for me, I have a a dog. He is so nice! When i bgought him at home, he was very little, and now he is growing day and night! Little pets are like children, do not you find? They need cares and attention, you should play with them, and when they become big, they resemble you, because you brought them up! So, my dog is Balonka (well, may be in english it is not spelled like this). He likes to play with my shoes and with all other important things that he manages to take! But I am not angry with him. At last it is my fault that I forget to get away something and not his one. And on the other hand it is so pleasant to come home from work very tired and to see this wonder! When I look at him I am always in a good mood! I send you a photo where I am on walk with my dog!
Well, I write too much about animals. It is time to stop takling about them, because you can get bored... So, Dermot, I wait for your letter!
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Dermot! Thanks for your fine photos!
Thank you very much that you do not forget about me - we are so far but communicate every day! It is a good start, do not you find? Well, how are you going today? May be something important has happened in your life? But, Dermot, agree that everyday is full of many many events and just not evrybody wants to see it. We want some global changes and do not notice pleasant little things. It is the human nature!
As for me, I try to see only positive sides of the things. I believe that I am a very happy woman - in my 27 years I have enough: nice work, my mum, good friends (you too) and a lot of positive energy! I do not understand people who like to complain on life. I always ask them in this case: " What have you done to change your life? " And they cannot sat anything. We are masters of our life and it is up to us to to change it. Dermot, may be it is a little bit strict, but it is just my oppinion. Do you agree with me? And you, Dermot, are you content with your life?
we, do you remember that yesterday I told to my colleguaes about the internet cafe? So, today one of the women, my good friend, came to me and asked where I go exactly. She is interested in this idea, but hesitates a little bit. So, today we are together in the internet club. After it we will go to have a cup of tea together and discuss our emotions
By the way, Dermot, I do not remember if I had asked you about other foreign languages. Do you know only only English? Because I know also French, but not as good as English. I learnt it when I was at school, and in the Universty I learnt English that's why I know it better. Anyway I can speak french - but i do not write very good!
Yesterday evening I found boxes with my old things, sometimes I like to look though my dairies that I wrote when I was a teenager. It is so funny to read them now - first poems, notes about love, postcards. Oh, I have a big collection of little calendars! So, I was looking at it and remembered my childhood, my friends. Now we are very far from each other - somebody has gone in other parts or large Russia, somebody created families and we do not have much time to communicate. But now I can say that I was a happy child and had very good friends. At school if we played truant - we did it together; if we organized a party - it was prepared perfectly and all teachers were very content. I remember my first experience of smoking:) Well, it was at 15, I think. Boys and girls, we gathered not far from school and tried to smoke, and our teacher (tutor) saw us. We were so fools that decided to run away on her eyes! The next days all our parents were at school in the cabinet of the headm
aster, can you imagine? After that I have never smoked in my life!!! And it is not because my mother made a scandal, no on the contrary she acted very well in this situation - she takled to me and was very calm. I felt so shamed and was crying all night long. Then I promised my mother that i will never do like this. Now my mum and me, we remember it and laugh! But I think that every person tried to smoke in his life and it is not bad - the main thing is to understand do you need it or not. I understood that i need not smoking, that it is not for me. I do not juge women who smoke - there are many of them among my friends and they are wonderful women. But as for me, I do not think that it is ok, I am a woman and I want to have a healthy baby in future. And you, Dermot, how do you find women who smoke? i know that some men are very critical to them even if they smoke themselves. And in general, may be you had simular situations, i think that everybody has something to remember:
So, I shall stop my letter, or I will tell you all my secrets!
Your Olga.
Letter 5
Hello Dermot,
thank you for your letter! Dear, I read every word written with you and try to imagine that you pronounce it yourself! I try to imagine your kind voice, I think you have a kind voice?
As my dear Dermot I want to tell to you concerning that that you have written to me in the letter. I to you want to tell that actually is real. As I would not want that you spoke me for swindle. I do not concern to this.
I read somewhere that about 80 % of people all around the world to 2009 year will marry and create a very
nice relationship with help of Internet! I think that it is possible because with help of Internet we can
know the person in the way which is not really possible in our real life! Communication on Internet gives us
a chance to show us in the deeper reality because we do not afraid say what we really think and we do not feel
any shame! We tell each other what we feel and share our dreams.
I want to say that I very glad that I've met you! I really interesting with you and now I can understand
that hole my life before you was not true, just without any point. I know now that I missed you, missed the
man like you are.
And you, how are you doing? I hope you have a nice time and of course do not forget about me! I as write to you the home address where I live! You can send through post office to me a card and I very much shall be glad to this! Write to me as the home address what and I could send you a post card!
And here is my address:
Kazan (city)
Ibragimova house 44 Apartment 32
You know, Dermot, I think more and more about you every day! I cannot live a day without your letter! I could not imagine that our friendship will become so strong and important for me. And you, do you feel the same? I do not know may be I invent something, but it seems to me that we are very close to each other!
So, I wait for your letter, and hope that it will come very soon!
Your Olga.
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Dermot!
Well, as usual I have recieved your letter and as usual I am very happy! Dermot, whatever bad I will have in my life, I feel ok because I know there is a man in my life who can support me!
Today I stayed all day at home. There is not much work in the restaurant and I can have a weekend. Today is an ordinary day, I did no important things but I am so happy. I was very tired these days and sometimes you need just to have a rest from everything. So, in the morning I went to the grove to have a walk with my dog. He is so funny! He run after the birds, brought me the brunches. I took the thermos with hot tea with me and then had tea. Now I feel so relaxed, I was with the nature and it is the best rest for me! And you, Dermot, do you like to have a rest in the open air? I love nature till my childhood when I used to spend vacations in the village with my grandmother.
And now I have also a nice time because I communicate with you and try to make you happy with my letter! Do I manage? By the way, Dermot, do you remember I had told you about my friend who decided to find a friend in the internet too? So, now we go to the internet cafe together and she is very content! She talks me so much about her new friend!!! He is from China and now she is crazy about this country!
Sometimes at work they ask me why I decided to begin correspondance with a foreigner. They say there are a lot of men here in Russia. Yes, there are, but I do not see honest people among them! I do not want to tell bad about people in my country, but to tell the truth, I look for a man who is close to me by his spiritual world, and I have found it in you Dermot! Russian men who wanted to be with me were drinkers or those who wanted only intimate relations, can you imagine? I know many women who were married and now they are divorced with children and their former husbands even do not want to help them. And, Dermot, beleive me here there are a lot of these examples. I do not want a life like this, that is why I do not hurry to get married and I look for a good man, who would really love me.
When I was in the University I met a pregnant gipsy, she looked at my hand and said that there will be only one man in my life, I will love the only time in my life and he will be very far from me. Then I did not beleive in these things, and I did not pay attention on her words. And now when I think about it I beleive that she was right. I am not sure of course, but who knows? Everything is possible in our life and sometimes we live like in cinema! Do you think so, Dermot? I say about it because even 6 months ago I could not think that I will write to a man from other country, and now this man, his name is Dermot, is my good friend, may be more than just a friend!
So, Dermot, please answer me as soon as possible, Ok?
Your Olga.
Letter 7
My dearest Dermot, my angel!
I call you like this because last night I saw a wonderful dream about you! Just imagin, you were like an angel in everything white - in a white costume, in white shoes, with white roses! We were talking about something and dancing. Music was so beautiful and we felt so nice! Dermot, you may think that I am very romantic, yes, I am! But I like this quality in me! And I think that with you I became even more romantic than before! ou write me so wonderful letters, you pay compliments and say many warm words to me. Dermot, you can not beleive me, but I have never heard so many compliments before!!! You attracted me from your first letter and I understood that our relations may become very serious. When I read your letters, I feel that my heart strikes more quickly. Dermot, I have never felt like this in my life and my mother smiles looking at me! I am like a young girl of 17!
As I wanted you to tell concerning ours with you of correspondence. My mum very much even is pleased with that that sees the daughter happy when she communicates with such good person as you my dear.
I do not know, may be it is only my fantasy but I think that you are not absolutely indifferent for me... Am I right, Dermot? Do you beleive that our relations will grow in something ****** and more serious? It would be nice. Dermot, may be I am funny now, because I have never said to anybody about my feelings. From the childhood, I studied, then I spent all my time at work and my soul was closed for love. But on the other hand, I have already told you, there were no honest men. And, dear Dermot, now I am like a bird, it seems to me that I can fly in the sky, high in the sky and tell to everybody that there is such a wonderful man in this world whose name is Dermot!!! May be now you are shocked to hear it from me, yes, dear, I think you did not notice yourself how you wan my heart! When I tell to my mother about you, she lestens to me very attentively because she understands that you are very important for me, and she wants to give me good advice. And you know, she approves my choice. But of course it is not impossible to tell about human's nature, and I see that she is affraid if you feel the same to me. And I am affraid too...
I cannot say that it is love, the word "love" is very important for me, but, Dermot, it is a big sympathy that was born from a strong friendship, and this is the most valuable in our relations. Agree, that they are founded on sincere feelings. Well, remember, when we got aquainted we new nothing about each other, only favorite colours!!! Yes, it is funny, but it was exactly like this! Nobody from my work and from my friends beleived in the perspective of our relations but I did not listen to them, and I was right. I like you very much and I am sure it was a great chance that oneday we met each other. My angel, do you agree?
I wait for your letter as much as never and hope that now you do not laugh at me but take it seriously...
I kiss you,
Letter 8
My Dear Dermot!!!!!
The day when I met you was the happiest in my life, because it was my destiny! And reading your every new letter I assure in it more and more! You know, I begun to notice that I miss you very much, and without your letter I feel bad! Dermot, what have you done with me? I am caught in your networks and to tell the truth, I do not want to go away from them!
Yesterday I could not sleep, because I was thinking about you. I imagine what would be with us if I lived in your country and in your city. Dermot, we could be best friends and we would see each other just every day. Or we could love each other and no distance would not prevent us from our feelings! Just imagine, sweety, you and me, we are so close to each other. To see you ever day, to spend time with you, to talk to you as much as we want, it is my greatest dream!!! And you, dear, do you want it? Would you like may be to live near to me?
But, Dermot, on the other side, if we were not so far from each other, we would never get aquainted. There are many people who live near you, but you do not know everybody, are not you? In our house there are neighbours whom I do not know and see very very often. So, everything is possible in our life! It is possible that we can meet oneday and I am sure it will be a very happy time for both of us. What do you think about it, Dermot? Would you like to see me?
I ask it because today they told me at work that I can have vacations this month if I want because there is not much work. So, I thought why not to ask you oppinion, may be you will like my idea. And besides, I am very tired this year, because I worked really very much. And I am sure that the best rest for me will be time with you!
I think about married people and wonder how different and interesting were their stories of love. For example, my parents, got aquainted in the train, can you imagine? They were students, and mother was coming back home from Saint Petersbourg. When my mother went away (earlier than he), she left his keys in the compartment. And before it they had exchanged their addresses. Month ago, after vacations, my father decided to return her keys and went with his friend to her. Mother was very surprised, she was sure that he had forgotten about her! And from that day they were unseparable, till the divorce... You know, Dermot, when I was a child I suffered very much because of the fact that my parents are divorced. And even now, when I am an adult and it is high time to creat my own family, if they ask me what is my dream - I will tell " I want my parents to live together... " Another my dream is to creat my own family with a husband who would love me very much and who would never lea
ve me, with children who will be our joy and happiness! Yes, I want just to be happy, to be happy with my family. Somebody look for happiness in money, others in work or in popularity, etc. But I am sure that the most important in the life for every woman is family. It is so banal, but for me it would be very pleasant to prepare dinners and suppers, to clean house, to make it beautiful and cosy. May be you think that I am too simple? But, Dermot, I am sincere with you, if I do not tell you my real character, to whom I will tell it? My love Dermot I tomorrow shall go to visa agency to find out about my arrival to you
Also write to me please the airport where to me to arrive as I shall plan arrival to you well? And as my dear would write to me please the phone number that I could speak by with you to phone well?
With impatience I wait for the answer?
I kiss you and wish you a good day!
Olga with love.
Letter 9
Hello, my dearest Dermot!
I am glad to receive from you the letter. My dear Dermot thanks you for the information of the airport where to me to arrive and your phone number. Concerning my phone number that it is at present broken and demands repair. But anything terrible I can call you from a pay phone and let it will be not much expensive but it is better that I shall hear your voice and as you too can hear me.
My love, do you like to dream? As for me, I am a strong romantic. When I miss you much, I can even cry because I cant see you at the moment. Not everything depends on us in this world and sometimes we shall wait for something that we want very much. So, dear, I think that before going to bed you often remember me. As for me, I always do it, I wonder what you are doing at the moment. When the night is coming and you are going to sleep, remember about me. I am always with you, even if we are far from each other, I feel you! So, sweety, when you are in bed close your eyes and listen to the sounds of silence. Imagine that I enter your bedroom. I sit down at the head of your bed and whisper your name. I tell you the warmest words, touch you? hair and you are falling asleep... When I was a child my mother always told me different fairy-tales before going to sleep. They were about princesses and princes. I still remember one of them. It is about a beautiful girl who was waiting for her love. Her love was from a far country. They loved each other very much, and nothing, even the great distance could not prevent them from being together. It remindes me about us. And as in all fairy-tales, our story will have a happy end and I am sure that we will be together.
By the way, today I went to the travel agency and they said me that I will need to do the next papers to go abroad: passport 130 euros, tourist visa 160 euros, tickets 320 euros, insurance 120 euros and solvency 600 euros. The tourist visa is available during 3 months, but then we extend visa. My friend works in the travel agency and she is ready to help me. We know each ather from school, so I will have no problems with papers.
I have already said to my best friends that I am going to you. They are shoked! But they are happy for me and they even have proposed their help! I am very glad to it, they are my true friends. But, dear, even with their help, I cant pay all papers myself. I have 750 euros and believe that it is much for me, I will not be able to find more money. It is embarrassing for me to ask your help, but I have no choice. Dermot, may be it is in your forces to help me with solvency? I need money for solvency only to show on the customs of my country and to enter your country. The authorities of both countries must be sure that I will have enough money to live during 3 months. So, I need money only to show them, I will not spend them. When I come to you, I will return 600 euros to you. Please, dont think that I want your money, I really love you and want to be with your. It is really a difficult situation for me, and I hope, Dermot, you will help me. Just understand that to pay everything is very much for me, my wage is not very big.
So, sweety, wirte me what do you think about it? Is it possible for you? My friend said that she will try to prepare papers in a week. Of course it will be more expensive, but I am redy to do everything just to be with you as soon as possible.
And as my dear Dermot I shall call to you today from a pay phone and we shall talk to you about my arrival to you well? I love you, dear, more and more each day.
I kiss you. Olga
Letter 10
Hello. Dermot I have received from you yesterday the strange letter. Dermot you that I look that do not think at all that you speak!!! I have looked yesterday in Google as you spoke and have found only this reference and I would send her to you that you a ****** head have thought and did not do hasty conclusions. Thanks you certainly for insults caused to me. I hope that you will burn in a ****. Also look all these references. I hope that you will understand that have made a mistake. And as I would like to tell to you what you have sent me the reference where I have found that any there the swindler.???
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